Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A nice little lunch date with my husband, a new level in swimming for both boys and Noah's routine cleaning at the dentist last Friday! : )

Last week weatherwise it was cloudy, gray and it rained on and off during the week in bits but nothing too major. The actual temps also seemed to drop too. It almost felt, chilly some days last week. Hmm. Anyway despite the weather things were heating up around here ; ), last Monday the hubster took me on a date to an Indian restaurant, things heated up because that food was surely spicy and delicious (mind outta the gutter you guys, lol j/k).:P With both boys at their schools. We enjoyed talking and just enjoyed lunch. We could hear the guys slapping the handmade naans together with their hands as new customers came in to eat at the restaurant. The restaurant was empty when we arrived, but full and packed to the gills by the time we left. For what it's worth, this is the same restaurant I went with my yochien mom friends. : )
Still in getting ready for "rainy season" mode in bits here. @_@ With the windshield wipers now both done for both cars. I packed away Noah's same raincoat in size 3T. And pulled out the same looking one only in a size bigger, my mom had bought these for the boys last year and so I pulled out the 4T.
4T. On my list for other things to do for rainy season. I need to make sure, we also buy Branden a new pair of rainboots pronto. He really needs a new pair. He's outgrown his last pair. And to add to that, Noah needs a new umbrella. The stuff kids needs is endless isn't it? Ha ha ha. : ) Noah was using Branden's old umbrella but then it broke all on it's own, last week (just one of those things) and I was all, gah!!!! About it. So have that written down now as well. And with B's growth spurt he needs the new rainboots. Aw well, they keep me on my toes, is a positive way to look at things. :P
Last week, I walked a lot on my treadmill. Clocked in at least 10,000 steps a few times last week. Funny. Last October or November when we started this walking thing, I was very gung ho about it. I didn't really take a day off, I was really focused all October- November and December. And then as I expected, I fizzled out big time in January. Sorta got refocused in February and started in faithfully again. Then seemed to lose all interest in keeping it up in March. It was like grasping at straws in March. It was also half hearted attempts at exercise in March, meaning I wasn't putting my whole self in with it. Not at all. And then April came and I was some days good, some days blew it off. And then May, and I sorta got refocused all over again. How long will it last? *Knowing me, not forever.* LOL! So, for now.....as long as I am in the mindset where I am "into it". I am doing it. I think that's where my attention is really going these days. I am just trying to stay focused for as long as I possibly can. : ( Ha ha ha. : )
I took this picture on the way home from the restaurant. Look at that gray sky. Funny the week before it was lovely and last week it was gray. Like night and day difference between the two weeks. And this week is lovely so far.
A few of the misc. things I had to get at the store. 2 hankies for Noah. Branden has like 12, just because he's been getting them since his yochien days (you know, a few here, a few there they really do add up through the years). And Noah's been only using 4. Either he would reuse one that I rewashed again during the week or he'd borrow a clean one of Branden's. So, last week, I just bought Noah 2 more and now I don't have to worry anymore about it. Load off my mind. LOL. What else? B needed some new summer inner shirts in 130cm. And 2 toothbrushes for Branden, 1 for home use and 1 for school use. Orange Dove face wash for me. I usually use the green tea one but wanted to give this one a shot. And VHS tapes. I have been getting ready to send off some video tapes of the boys. 1 video to my dad, 1 video to my mom in California and 1 video to grandma Mitsuko. I have taped all sorts of stuff, just the kids singing, talking, meal time, running in the backyard is on tape. I also brought the video cam to swim school, so that way even though they can't be here in person they can at least see them swim and sorta feel like they are here. : ( I should make DVD's, they'd be better and send them instead but I am sorta too lazy for it. Whoops, ah well the VHS are good enough, they enjoy them and that's what counts. : )
I hope to get those videos made and mailed off by this Friday. I'll try to make 1 copy a day. I also make a copy for us to have here at the house so the boys can have it when they are older.
Cheap price, I love the price. : ) I sewed his name on these already. : )
Last week the boys each passed a new level in swimming. They each worked really really hard at it, and they really did deserve to pass. : )
Noah, you're improving, keep it up kiddo!!! : )
And Branden, you wanted SO badly to pass to become a level 6! I know firsthand how badly you wanted this honey! Each week I watch you swim the butterfly! Going in and out of the water like you do, working so hard at this! Well done, you earned this!
This time table sheet was attached to your certificate Branden. Your time is for the 8 years and under category on the left, since you're only 7 years old. Good luck baby!!!! I know you can do it. Good luck in level 6 today. You can make the time, I have faith in you! : )
Last Friday, Noah got out of school at his regular 1:50pm time. And we picked up Branden at 2:30pm. We picked him up 20 minutes early. And headed to Narita. Friday was Noah's every 6 month's teeth cleaning. Like most kids, both of the boy's get their teeth cleaned every 6 month's at the dentist office and get a thorough checkup. The boys dentist is awesome because she's a specialized children's dentist. Though there's nothing wrong with a general dentist I am sure, but we just like that kids are her specialty, the mini kid's size door the kids go through to go in the back to get their check ups is cute. Her happy yellow waiting room that's filled with as many kids books and magazines as there are "mama type magazines", and the waiting room even has an electric car and mini kids sized chairs as well as normal sized chairs for us adults.: ) She's also really really good. Besides her waiting room, she also has state of the art dental equipment. Like for example she doesn't even have a drill because she feels the noise scares kids so, she has a laser (not that the boy's have ever had any cavities needing to be filled but she's just really modern like that, really up to date with everything and this puts my mind at ease a lot). I remember when we first saw her a few years back. When she first saw both the kids for the first time. Like she said to both B and Noah, this is what I am going to do and squirted the water on their hand with her weird water squirting instrument and she said "now I will squirt this water in your mouth, is that okay?" And then she said, this is a suction and it just sucks up excess moisture in your mouth and she suction cupped their hands first with it and said now I will do this inside your mouth. She was very detailed and her care for the kids was amazing. Her whole philosophy is she doesn't want the kids to have a bad dental visit or to grow up hating the dentist. I admit, when we first met her I thought, okay she has a philosophy?@_@ I almost did an eye roll. But then after seeing her with the boys and how excellent she is and also how gentle and kind she is. I totally like her! Trust her. All of my husbands coworkers go to her too for their kids dental check ups too. She's like the best in this area. Sure there's about 50 other dentsits about 10 times closer to our house but the quality of her care and the way she is with kids is amazing. So yeah for us it's worth the drive. Noah got a big thumbs up from the dentist for his check up last week and loved his cleaning, he will see her again in December. And Branden's cleaning is at the end of this week. Neither of the boys have ever had a cavity or anything yet. Knock on wood they won't. : ) Anyway as soon as B gets his cleaning this week we won't have to think about the dentist until the end of the year, phew. : )
The pic above this pic, was of us at Don Quijote, we went there after Noah's Friday dentist appointment. And then after that we went and had Chinese food for supper. Friday's are awesome because I feel like I was busy during the week. Doing whatever I did, whether I cleaned, or visited with friends, went to swim club or whatever. I feel like Friday, I feel relief, relieved in that I survived another week and now my weekend is my reward sorta, dykwim? I don't have to wake up early the next day. The kids don't have to go to school. Everyone can sorta take a load off for a while. Let our hair down so to speak. So yeah, I really look forward to Fridays. Okay now I feel like a giant nerd for just saying that, but it's honestly how I feel.
Oh and we didn't really buy anything at Don Quijote, we walked around. Don't they always have some of the coolest stuff? Anyway we just bought, these curry senbais and I bought a bottle of my favorite lemon water, called French Kiss. I really don't drink water as much as I should (shame on me!!!) but I drink this a lot. I *really* like it.
Do you know what this is? In America growing up, after I'd see the dentist, my dentist would always let me pick a toy from the treasure chest and he'd always give me a new toothbrush with a mini toothpaste and it had a few of these tablets that if your teeth weren't brushed properly they'd show a darker pink color. Anyway at the boy's dentist, they also get toys and you have a choice of the red tablets or this red liquid, it's the same stuff but this bottle lasts longer. Meaning this tiny bottle of red/pink stuff last a full 6 month's, much longer then the tablets do. And I let the boy's do this once a week. It makes them aware of, IF they are brushing properly or not. They love this stuff. Go figure. Actually every night they ask, "can we use the red stuff?" I am kidding you not, they love that stuff. @_@ Ha ha ha.
Saturday, was a chilly day, so why not make chili??!! It also rained off and on in bits. So we stayed home and just enjoyed the weekend. Saturday, I made cornbread and chili. Toppings of red cheddar, and sour cream. Hubby likes his with sour cream and I just like mine with cheese. :P
A pic of the cut up corn bread and the cake the boys and I made Saturday. : )
Just a simple yellow box cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. It was pretty good. :P
I really like Jamie Oliver's cooking shows a lot. I don't think I have seen them all granted, but I have seen most of the older "The naked Chef" series he did. Then the other newerish ones, forget what that show was called. Was it called, "Oliver's Twist"? Anyway I watched that one too and really enjoyed it. Also caught the show where he trained some kids to cook. And lately, thanks to satellite TV here in Japan, I am now catching the newer show called...."Jamie at Home" I like his simple way of cooking, simple is definitely more my style. I watched him the other night, make a dressing with just olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon, salt and pepper. His simple non fancy shmancy way in the kitchen inspires me a lot.
Jamie at Home. Watched episode #7 and #8 on Saturday evening. Before throwing the boys into the shower and tucking them into bed. And hubby and I meanwhile got ourselves ready to enjoy American Idol.
A little blinded by the sun, he was! But sure enough June 1st, summer uniform was ready to go!!!!
Also, June 1st, I made niku jaga, it was just a great simple meat and potatoes kinda dinner. : )

Tuesday June 2nd, I went to Mayuko's house. There were 6 of us yochien mommy's total. Noriko-san, Mayuko-san, Jogo-san, Miyuki-san and 1 lady that is so nice and wonderful and funny and it is killing me I can't remember her name right now. All of these ladies were the ladies we went to the Indian restaurant with a few weeks back. Geeze, it's driving me crazy I can't recall her name right now. : ( She's on the calling tree, she is the phone number right before mine. Oh lordy, I am drawing a blank, gomen, gomen.: ( Because I can't for the life of me remember her name. Watch tonight long after dinner and I am flipping through the TV channels is when I will recall her name. And by then it'll be too late to add here. :P So out of 6 ladies, there was moi, Noriko-san, Mayuko-san, Jogo-san and Miyuki-san and then the lady in front of me on the calling tree, the lady that is so funny, she always makes me laugh so hard. :D

Anyway so how was the mommy lunch yesterday? In a nutshell it was awesome. These ladies are real fun and not stuffy at all, they're honestly though.... *really* really funny all of them, they have me in stitches most of the time. So down to earth, these ladies they don't put on airs at all, they're all just really a normal bunch of gals and I always have such a good time and feel happy just being around them. And I click and mesh with them real well, we always have fun. So how was going over there? It was very cool! First time I had been to Mayuko-san's house was yesterday, it was really beautiful, sorta like a European style of house, it was gorgeous. She had a chandelier in her living room and everything. A stunning home. We (Noriko-san, and Jogo-san and I all rode together) met up at 9:15am at city hall and left our cars there, rode in Noriko-san's minivan. And arrived at Mayuko's house around 9:30am. She lives in the countryside too, well duh obviously, ha ha ha, lots of rice and stuff surrounding her place. We had brown sugar senbei's. These are from Okinawa? I think someone said. We had drinks. Some had green tea, hot coffee and I had iced coffee. many many snacks on the table, we sat chatting from 9:30am until 1:20pm when it was time for us to leave and go back to the yochien. We talked about the upcoming summer festival. I will be working the games, so will Jogo-san and Mayuko-san. Talked about observation day this coming Thursday and next Saturday which is already marked on my calendar. Talked about what blood type we each are. In Japan this is common. : ) Talked about houses, (who was your home builder) all of us own homes and so it's a topic that comes up. And then we talked about, "what was the strangest thing you've eaten" again gosh this is a fun game! :P One said she ate, kangaroo while in Australia and we asked, did it taste like chicken or pork? LOL! And she said it tasted like lamb. Now I have never tasted kangaroo so I don't know. : ) Another said she ate alligator and that it tasted like chicken, and I asked, white meat or dark meat? LOL! Everyone laughed when I asked, but I prefer white meat so was sorta curious, ha ha ha. : ) : ) Another one said she likes eating crickets.: ) It was a pretty cute conversation we all had. Just ladies chit chat, nothing major. Miyuki-san has a daughter that is young, maybe she is 2 years old? She went with us to the Indian restaurant that time and she came today. She's so kawaii. She was singing. She's, a real charming little girl. Noriko baked homemade cookies. We snacked and munched and snacked some more. Around noon, they heated up the gratin that Miyuki brought. Hers didn't come from a box like mine do. Ahem, shame on me.:P Ha ha ha. Her gratin tasted fantastic! She also used all white meat, which I just loved. The flavor of her gratin was really great. After lunch the snacks came right back to the table. Man, I snacked myself to death I think!!!! )*_*( I had 3 iced coffees. Geeze louise. After we thanked her, all of us left to the city call. We got our own cars and we all followed each other into the yochien parking lot. After we parked. We all got into our yochien mom cluster and chatted until the kids came out. Ha ha ha. Waved good bye, mata ne~ and that was it. Oh and we are going to Costco, the day was decided today. Last week of June is when we will all be going together. The date is marked on my calendar.
Any other bits? *thinking* Hmmmm.
Today is observation at Branden's school. Noboru and I will both attend the music class. That's the class B said he wants us to come visit for. And of course tonight is swim night in our neck of the woods. So we should be out for most of the day and evening.
Tomorrow is observation day for me at Noah's school.
Next Saturday is dad and family observation day at the yochien. Branden will get to see his baby brother in the classroom for the first time. : )
Also got 2 notes from both the boy's school regarding swimming.
Branden starts swimming at the elementary on June 16th. Noah starts swimming at his yochien on June 22nd. So, sometime between now and those dates that are marked on the calendar. You should see my calendar, *holy smokes* does it have the stuff written down! LOL. I need to get their swim bags all ready for school. It isn't really too hard but gotta make sure I get those bags packed up and ready to go.
TV Talk, what's everyone watching these days?American Idol. If you didn't catch it in Japan last week please don't read ahead. Allison left American Idol last Sunday. Now it's just the guys. Danny, Adam and Kris are left. Poor Danny on the last bits of notes on the " Dream on" song he did by Aerosmith. Adam's version of Led Zepplin was fantastic though!!! Dexter season 3 started, I have seen the first and second episodes so far and they are fantastic!!!! Season 3 looks like it's going to be fun! : ) And season 3 for the Ghost Whisperer started for us and I caught the first episode and it was pretty good.
Anyway I better get this thing posted and up before I have to start getting ready to go to Branden's observation day!!! Have a great week everyone! : )