Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bits from the week!!! : )

Not a whole heck of a lot going on over here!!! Just regular daily living type of stuff! But that's okay, right?! : ) Sunday evening, my husband made us dinner! He made us ebi chili!!! It was so good and I enjoyed sitting in the kitchen talking with Noboru as he cooked. A very good way to end the weekend. : )
Can you believe, I am still at it, you guys? I almost don't want to mention it in fear of ruining my current exercise *mojo* that I have lately. Ha ha ha. : ) : )
Monday hubby took me out to lunch. Since there are no restaurants or anything like that in our tiny town, we settled for the small city-ish type place where Noah goes to yochien at, and we went to Coco's. I had the quesadilla and fries and drink bar. It was good.
Hubby had the hamburg lunch combo. : )
After lunch, we stopped off at the "mom and pop" type grocery store in the smallish city and Noboru bought some small type of eels? Errr or are these fish. Look like eels though to me. Good grief they're ugly though, (shudders) I do know that. LOL. Sorry little fellas!!! :P Anyway he uses these as bait. He saved them for Tuesday when he went fishing for sea bass! : )
After picking up Noah from yochien we swung by a local little canal, this is where Noboru has been keeping his crawfish trap. Now I am not really into the whole fishing and catching stuff category myself, but my husband loves this sorta stuff and so do the boys. Usually I just have one of these types of faces @_@. But no complaints from me though. : )
Yup 2 were caught that day! @_@
Last week when I went to Noah's observation day thing, everyone in the "games group" was handed this.It says the meeting/get together is this coming Friday. So, I will indeed be there this coming Friday at 9:20am to help put some prizes together. Marked on the ol' calendar already. Check, check, check!!! : )
Also Branden's ensoku/tiny country type field trip to the back of our yard. LOL. The rice fields back there is coming up next week, so I picked up some stuff that Branden might be needing for that day. Just some things for the field trip is all. : ) I bought him a nice metal handled net at Beisia/Cainz Home. He has a bamboo one now, but I thought he might need a stronger sturdier one. This was only 250 yen, so it was a great deal. And I know since we live in the inaka, he will get a lot of usage from this, so I am happy about the purchase.: ) Also picked up a see through type plastic bucket for whatever he catches. For the ol' catch of the day!!! : ) This was just 99 yen. And a straw hat, this was right near the fishing and nets. I think this will be good for him to wear. :D
Just the basics. : ) Keeping it simple as always! : )
The hat was a great deal at that price. That's $3.00 for you in America. : ) And with all his playing in the fields they do anyway, he'll get good usage from it anyway. : )
Good to get things crossed off the list!!! Am I right, or am I right?! : ) : ) Let me see, I had Noah's umbrella and Branden's rainboots on my list, right? Well, I bought Noah this basic for school yellow umbrella. It has reflectors and a great place to put his name. And the size is small enough for yochien age.
The price was fantastic at only 498 yen. I felt really smart with this purchase. : )
I pulled out one of my computer made name stickers and stuck his name on the umbrella in 2 places. This place where the name tags go was the first spot. : )
And the handle part was the 2nd place, I placed a name sticker. That way when his umbrella is facing down in the umbrella stand with heaps of other kid umbrellas, it will be easy peasy for me or the other parents to tell which umbrella is which. Anyway, may sound like peanuts to some, but I was pretty glad to get this crossed off my list.: ) Just in time for rainy season! Yay!!! : )
Monday after both the boys came home. I made some cookies and started in on Monday nights dinner.
Branden helped make the Rice a Roni! He actually made this 90% himself. He is such a great kid. Very very helpful. : )
Cookies now done. And oven turned off. Meanwhile I am steaming the broccoli and getting plates served up when I clicked this pic. I made 8 pork chops total. : )
Monday nights simple easy dinner. Again no bells and whistles here. Just simple basic meals. What did we have? Fried pork chops, chicken rice a roni, and broccoli. Some iced mango tea and that was that. Oh yeah and homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies for dessert. : )
Tuesday morning after B left walking to school with friends, and I waved him good bye from the front porch, I went inside, and started in on obento. Leftover city for Noah-chan. And that's okay because it was great. Rice a roni, a fried pork chop that I cut into bite sized pieces, some steamed and buttered and salt and peppered broccoli and some diced up apple and 2 jelly's. The rice a roni I microwaved and placed in there and from start to finish, it was done pretty fast.
I make weekly menu's and sometimes I let the kids choose from the already chosen menu what they would like. Monday night they both agreed the next night we should have..... tacos. So, I said, okay Tuesday night will be taco night then. Tuesday after school, Branden played at Saya-chan's house until 5pm Tuesday. Meanwhile I got dinner all made. Noah meanwhile napped after yochien. At 5pm, Branden came home and we four all had supper.
Beef for the hubby and the boys. And chicken for me and the boys. : )
Dinner at our house last night. Tuesday night's taco night. We have so much leftover that we will be having tacos tonight as well. This is actually a great thing though, because tonight is swim night for the boys. So tacos again will take a load off my mind "dinner wise" tonight. Phew! : )

Any other random bits? Well, we purchased Branden's rain boots online they should be here this week. He got bright yellow Crocs rainboots. They're called, Crocs Georgie. LOL. Anyway glad to have gotten his rain boots crossed off my list as well.
Umm Observation family day for us this coming Saturday at Noah's yochien.

My Friday "games gathering" is this coming Friday.

The Terminator 4, starts for us in Japan this coming Saturday!!! We *love* the Terminator at our house. The whole family does. Branden's whole class at ninensei has been gabbing about Terminator 4, for weeks now too. Anyway our family will be going to see it opening day. So this Saturday we will be spending it at the movies watching the Terminator!!! I think they said The Governator wasn't going to be in this movie. Ahhh no....no Arnold! LOL! But that they used computer graphics and added him in a few scenes. I will be curious to see if that's true or not. : ) We will be buying our movie tickets this evening on our way home from swimming. So we have the tickets in our hands and that way we will know we will be able to see the movie opening day. Yay.
Anyway that's basically what our family has been up to over here! Just normal basic, every day type stuff! Nothing too major or anything, but just wanted to touch bases with you all anyway!!! : )
Have a fantastic week all of you!!! : )