Thursday, May 07, 2009

Stuff brought back from Guam, May 2009. : )

Here's a pic of the majority of the stuff we brought back on the table. However the frozen stuff or stuff in the fridge isn't pictured and neither is the mail box pole/stand and backyard bug repellent for summer. But for the most part, this is the most of it.
Four body washes and 2 hand soaps. The Dove says Grapefruit and something else but if you ask me, it smells like lemons. And I know what grapefruit smells like and this does smell more like fresh lemony but clean, and it will be perfect for the hot Japanese summer months. And the Dial in cranberry also smells fresh a bit tart but not overly tart but it will also be perfect for the hot sweaty summer month's in Japan. And the Johnson's in the purple bottle smells fantastic, it's really relaxing and we will use this one at night. And same for the Spa one, they both will help us unwind in the night time. I think we picked four good body washes. All four are now sitting in the shower and bath area and we can each pick our own, whatever we want to use for the night.
Odor neutralizing lemon lime kitchen fresh hands smells fantastic. This is in the kitchen and the pomegranate mango will be used in the kitchen after we finish the kitchen lemon one first.
Tampons. Rolaids (antacids), that lovely purple Johnson's in the purple bottle but lotion, I use this on the kids and on myself each night. We even buy the same kind in Japan because it's available in Japan too thank goodness because we love this stuff. :D Ponds wet face cleaning cloths for me. And 4 lemony Dove deodorants, I sniffed and smelled all the Dove's at the Kmart while in Guam and even all the lady Speed Sticks, lol. And this is just my favorite, it smells fresh and clean, not all yucky and perfumy and heavy.... just light citrusy and clean perfect for hot Japanese summer. I am so glad I picked up four of these suckers, enough to last the summer. :P
Two tubes of toothpaste for us adults in the house, the kids still have 2 bottles of their own kids stuff. And 1 box of Gain dryer sheets. I still have Downy Mountain fresh a whole box and a half of that left. So the Gain will be in case we run out.
We told each son they could pick 1 toy or game but it had to be $35US or under. And Noah chose these 2 toys, one was 10 bucks and they other was only $15. So he was well under his limit. And he loves throwing the football outside a lot and this one is for age 4+, so it's good for smaller hands. : )
Branden's game was $35.00 coulda even gone over a bit by a few cents but we let it slide. He's been in Pokeman heaven ever since. : )
Baking goods. Not gobs not hundreds just a few. 1 box of Blueberry muffin mix. 1 strawberry cake mix, yumm-o! 1 yellow cake mix and 1 coconut cake mix. 1 box of choco frosting easy peasy. 1 #4 for Noah's birthday that will be coming up in July. And 1 bag of Nestle Toll House choco chips for a batch of cookies. Granted I already have 1 strawberry cake mix in the pantry and 3 boxes of yellow cake mix and 1 bag of choco chips already but this way I won't run out of stuff to bake with the boy's on the weekends or whenever. : )
2 packages of the 100 calorie snacks for me. Because I am still watching what I eat and walking. And although we do sell Oreo's in Japan, we don't sell all the flavors here. And they were on sale 2 big packs for 4 bucks. and they boy's wanted the golden ones with choco in between so, we figured why not and picked up 2 packs since they were on sale. We also got ready made pudding for the boys too. And some Nutter Butter's and chips ahoy. Just snacks for the kids to last them a while is all. : ) Nothing major.
Pina Colada cookies for my two friends who live near me, Noriko and Jogo-san.
5 packs of the San Francisco treat, lol Rice a Roni. Meal helpers basically and this one is our family fave!
Sauces and dressing. 2 bottles of Tony Romas BBQ sauce for the ribs we plan to BBQ this summer. 1 big bottle of Italian dressing. Lawry's teriyaki sauce for BBQ this summer as well and some Hawaii's Huli huli sauce. This is so good.... makes good stir fry, and also makes a great marinade.
Pinto beans because I like to make tostadas once in a while, yumm. And the jalapenos are for guacamole dip and nachos.
Noboru wanted these car shades for our cars for summer and they were so cheap they were actually worth us lugging them back to Japan plus they were bendable and light in the suitcases. And Noboru wanted this banana holder, don't ask me why, I am not sure but he saw it at Cost u less and said we had to have it. And the wood polish in the tropical scent. It smells so good.
Frito's and cheesy jalapeno dip and also Burger King chips and onion rings. Just snack stuff. Good for munching while watching TV on a weekend or something.
The gum is for the hubby and I to share. And the mango is for the boys and so are the gummy Spongebob crabby patties.
More popcorn, still have some from last month as well and still have over half a case of the kind we got at Costco. So, we have popcorn to last us a while for sure and it's a great snack for movie night so it's all good. : ) Hot Tamales and taco seasonings. And Kraft mac and cheese. Again nothing major. : )
I love Valley Girl, I have the video and when I saw the DVD at Kmart in the sale bin for $4.00, I picked it up. Hubby picked up his favorite cereal but they didn't have the one in the blue box so he opted for 2nd pick. And the cheese crackers snacks the boys dig a lot.
Two giant size lasagnas, as the box says it's party size, yes it is. Not that we're throwing a party but it's perfect for fast family dinner on a night we are just exhausted, whack the lasagna in the oven, make a quick salad, make some garlic bread and voila fast meal. We brought 2 back with us and by gosh it was still frozen and hard as a rock by the time we got back to Japan. Very cool.
6 pounds each lasagna. It's huge. They are now sitting nicely in our freezer as we speak errr type. :P
Frozen ravioli again quick fast type meals. Pasta sauce, love American fast type pasta sauce.
Corn tortillas for already mentioned tostadas or maybe even enchiladas. :P
Frozen burritos for quick meals between school and Kumon or between school and swim school. Just a quick bite. Branden loves these.
Oscar Meyer sliced thin lunch meats. 4 packs of the honey ham and 1 pack of the roasted turkey breast. American cheese for grilled cheese sandwich, Swiss and provolone for the ham and turkey sandwiches, Miracle whip and thin sliced pickles for sandwiches. Just basic sandwich stuff is all. Nothing too fab or anything.
Crescent rolls for dinners and the cheese is for said tostadas and enchiladas and another pack of pepperoni for pizzas even though we already have some in the fridge, but just making sure we don't run out. : (
Went to Macy's again. The kids aprons they had last month were sold out, was happy I got the boys their aprons last time.
Picked up 3 bras for myself at Macy's, 2 Bali and 1 Lilyette, they are good bras but expensive. I usually stock up at the outlets in the mainland but needed them now, so just got them. They were having a sale though buy 2 get 1 free. I picked up 2 black ones and 1 white one. I also picked up a 6 pack of affordable undies at Kmart, I liked the patterns and stuff on those.
I had to check out the cooking stuff upstairs at Macy's and I always stay there for about a half hour just marveling and drooling all over the Martha Stewart higher priced line at Macy's. I bought this apron for myself I really liked it and figured I could use it in the house for baking.
Had to stop at the Polo shop at Macy's too for the kids. I wanted to get B the tee in yellow but they didn't have his size 8-10. So, B just got the orange one in size 8-10 and Noah got the orange one and the yellow one. But B did get 2 polo shirts from there last month so it all, more then evens out.
Noah had this same exact shirt in orange in size 3 and lucky for us they got them in stock again so we could get it in 4T. And the yellow one was the last one in size 4, so we were happy to get that.
I started my *ahem* the day before we left Guam, I wanted to get the travel size of Advil but hubby bought me the bigger size of 50 tablets even though I told him we had a giant bottle of like 150 tablets already at home of Asvil/ibuprofin. Ah well, at least we have lots of ibuprofin.
These Old Navy flip flops are the only thing from my package I didn't open while in Guam. However I can explain what I received though but since I wore them and washed and dried them it's weird to take pics now. So bare with me. :P 1 navy blue very preppy dress, it's cotton and comfy it's knee length, so it is conservative and preppy, I love it and I wore it in Guam with white flip flops and a 3/4 length sleeve white thin weight summer cardigan. I also picked a red dress knee length to be worn with same white cardigan and white flippies. And a black preppy dress knee length again to be worn with my thin 3/4 sleeve black summery cardigan and black flippies. And I also picked a yellow sheeth type baby doll type dress from Gap that I wore with my white cardigan and white flippes too. Just summer dresses. Only 4 but I'll wear them tons this summer for sure, I love them. I also picked 1 Tee that had Old Navy written in silver foil, I will wear that with a jean skirt and black cardigan and black flippies this summer as well. Just some basics basically. : ) Nothing all fancy or anything but I dig them. : )
Hubby bought this mosquito repellent for the backyard. He used it last year too and by gosh we didn't have a single mosquito in our backyard. He sprayed it twice last summer once at the start of summer and in mid summer. It works and was cool. His coworker also picked up a bottle of this too. Lol. : )
Our mail box came from the US and our pole did too but our pole got rusty and so we bought this one, it's nicer then the pole we have now and it even has that lattice trim in it. And it's anti rust so, hopefully it lasts a long time. : )
When we got back from Guam, a notice was in our mail box saying my Amazon Mother's day things I picked already arrived. Dang ships stuff fast. : ) I picked Return to Oz. I liked this movie a lot when I was younger and hoped the kids would too. They *loved* it. So did Noboru. And I also picked up 2 Jillian Michaels DVD's. She's the trainer for the TV show, the "Biggest Loser" in America. She's tough but gets results. I know a wonderful lady online who has been really liking and using the Shred workout DVD. So it inspired me to give it a whirl. And then the other DVD is one of her newest ones. called "Nore More Trouble Zones" This promises to banish your muffin top, love handles and wobbly arms for good. It has a bunch of good reviews so I picked that one too. I have done the shred once, but then I barely got back late Wednesday night. It's hard but it's good and I love it and it lasts only 20 minutes but it's very effective. And the other DVD, No More Trouble Zones, it's *so* awesome. I really love the No More Trouble Zones DVD a lot. I am really enjoying my Mother's day gifts this year. Ha ha ha. : )

And for my own mom, I sent her a lovely Mother's day card last week and am having some flowers delievered to her home in California for Sunday via online ordering. And for my MIL, we sent her a telegram to be received on Mother's Day, from the four of us. : )

Anyway these are the things we brought back from Guam, I know nothing too fab or anything but this is it. The fellow foreign mommy in Japan who asked me to bring her a copy of "Marley and Me", I shipped it yesterday. So you should be getting it in the mail today, please email me when you get it. And if any of you other fellow foreign mommy's or ladies in Japan ever need something when I go to Guam, please just let me know. I'd be willing and happy to do so. : )