Saturday, April 04, 2009

Our Guam trip for March, including the new movie, Monster's Vs. Aliens!!! : )

The day we left Guam and sat at the airport, right near our gate waiting for our plane to begin boarding, I went through my digi cam. Could barely believe it. How could I go to Guam, visit with my dad, be gone for 5 nights, 6 days and end up only taking 30 pictures? 30 pictures? It's a complete mystery to me. Ha ha ha. : ) We were so active while there. We ate ourselves silly, yet only 30 pics. Amazing. Ahhh, well. The few pics I do have will have to do. : ( And I'll try my best to fill in the blanks. : ) One of the days we were there, my dad and I took the boy's to see, the new kids movie, Monster's vs. Aliens!!! It just came out on Friday, the day we arrived. Meanwhile, we saw it on Sunday, so 2 days after it opened in America. It's in 3-D, but not the older 3-D that I'm used to, it's called, "Real 3-D" no more 1 lens is blue and one lens is red. They were all black and plastic, we got them at the movie theater. They are so realistic, really really realistic. Anyway it was an excellent movie. One I would buy, because we liked it so much. Also it was as good a movie for us adults as for the kids. The people in the theater were all laughing like crazy. My dad was and the kids too. The previews we caught, there is another movie coming in 3-D called "Up" should be coming late May. Looks funny and Ice Age 3, Dawn of the Dinosaur's is coming out, July 4th. So, was glad to see some previews for those. Now I don't feel so totally in the dark over here, ha ha ha. : )
Sunday night, after watching, Monster's vs. Alien's, we all went to Tony Roma's for some rib dinner, some mozzarella cheese sticks as our appetizer and some baked potato soup. Yup, diet on pause when on holiday, sorry. : )
On yeah, that was some mighty fine soup! : )
Another day we went to the beach, we had stopped off at the Taco Bell drive through along the way and took it to the beach and had lunch and then played on the beach, watched some medium to bigger crabs running in and out of their holes real fast. Meanwhile Branden found a few tiny hermit crabs as well in their shells.
A Crocs wearing grandpa and Crocs wearing grand kids, ha ha ha. I think right here in this pic, you can see Branden is skipping rocks. Each day we kept active and did something but it wasn't a stressful trip it was actually the opposite, we all felt really at peace. Really relaxed being there. Each day a new adventure of something new or fun to do. And each night of throwing the boy's into the shower so they'd get squeeky clean. A quick tuck in bed every night and that was it, they were out like a night so fast every night. My dad's condo, is a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom, plus big living room and kitchen, patio etc. So, the kids and I have our own private bedroom and private bathroom. We bought 2 brand new double beds, for the spare bedroom bought all new bedding and new linens for the bathroom while I was there. And so whenever we wanna go to Guam, we can stay at grandpa's if we want. Also dad bought himself a 2005 SUV cash, so he can cruise all over the island. His vehicle is near perfect condition and no real reason to buy brand new really, we thought. So my dad's all set up now. And it was nice to just visit.
One evening, we headed to Mc Donald's. I had the grilled all white meat chicken club combo.
The boy's each had a happy meal. The toy they got was for the Monster's vs. Aliens movie that just came out.
And here we were taking a stroll after Mc D's trying to walk off some of our calories. Ha ha ha. It was my idea to walk down the main street. My dad's condo is right in the heart of Tamuning.
I had an Icee while there, they sell them at Kmart. And would you believe that's all the pics of food I managed to snap. Sorry.: ( Let me think, what did we eat while there, I'll just have to type it since I was obviously taking a break from taking pics. : ( We had Denny's for breakfast one morning. I had a veggie and cheese omelet, hashbrowns and white toast with hot coffee. Both the boy's had french toast and bacon. I forget what my dad had, oh wait, Belgium waffle. We went to Chili's for dinner one night while there. We're lucky in that, Guam has 2 Chili's. Also in case you're wondering....Guam has.....TGI Friday's, Tony Roma's, They have Cappriocossa like in Japan and even Pietro like in Japan too, ha ha ha. Weinershitzel, Wendy's geeze you name it? They got it. Subway, Blimpie, Tacos Del Mar like in California. Taco Bell. Sbarro pizza, Pizza Hut, California Kitchen, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood. And more. The food alone is a good reason to enjoy Guam. Ha ha ha. : )
My favorite Korean restaurant at the food court at Micronesia. So cheap and so good. marinated chicken on skewers, rice, kimchi and macaroni salad. I had this twice while I was there during the 6 days. :P
The kids eating at the food court. Noah and his Taco Bell, and Branden and his Burger King. By the way Burger King now makes teeny tiny little white castle sized type hamburgers now, ha ha ha. Not sure why I am mentioning those, none of us had them, ha ha ha. Anyhoo! :D
Okay so what did I bring back from Guam? I'll dish, I'll share. I'll spill the beans. :P The night before I left, I went down to the grocery store and in the bakery section bought these 4 apple turnovers. Just looking at that crisp green apple on the pic of the box of them, looking all tarty and stuff, I wanted badly to eat these, but I had will power and brought them all the way back to Japan. For our family of 4, we had 1 each. Boy they sure were pretty darn good. Ha ha ha.
And this box of chocos went to the Kumon sensei. We got back Wednesday morning, we took the early morning flight, so Branden could attend his swimming Wednesday evening. So, he didn't miss 1 single swim class, he was here in Japan last Wednesday and was here for swimming this Wednesday as well, by all accounts nobody except you guys reading this blog, even knew we were gone. Ha ha ha, isn't that funny?! And with Spring break happening. No omiyage for elementary teachers or for swim coaches. Kumon sensei knew since he missed Monday's lesson, so that's why we brought her the chocos. But really no one else had the faintest idea. And it's okay. : )
The Dvd's we brought back from Guam. Bolt and It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown came from Kmart, everything else came from Blockbuster. So, while I was waiting at Kmart for the lady to open the glass locked case where the DVD's are, another mom was waiting for her to open the case too. She had 1 little girl in her cart, and I had Noah in my cart, Branden was standing next to me. When the Kmart lady gave me my movies. the lady, fellow mom says to me, "oh my gosh, I remember that movie (pointing to our Easter Charlie Brown and Snoopy one) I smiled at her and said, "oh yeah?" and she said yes, (she was a young hip blond mom, I'd say about 32ish) and she says "yeah I used to watch that when I was younger, that was a classic", I shook my head agreeing and said "yeah me too. So now I'm buying it for my kids." We both chuckled, she grabbed her Dora DVD for her daughter and we waved good bye. What a nice lady.
Anyway, so what DVD's are here? Let me see, Bolt, The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown, Rachel Getting Married, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Marley and Me and the complete season of Grey's Anatomy season 4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was cute, but Marley and Me was way way way better. Bolt was really good!!! The rest we have yet to see.
Frozen ravioli and frozen burritos. The burritos are not for meals, they're for snacks for the kids like real quick before Kumon or before swim club. The ravioli on the other hand is for a busy night. We get those once in a while when the kids are both in school and yet dinner still has to be done. So those are great for fast meal type nights. They're in the freezer for nights like that. Emergency meals. Ha ha ha.
String cheese, I grew up eating string cheese. Oh man, I love it! Although I love any cheese just about. Both of the boy's are cheese lovers too and so they love it when I bring back lots of the string cheese like this time.
We all liked the Valentine's cookies like this, so I picked up the Easter egg shaped cookies like this too. Just getting ready for Easter bit by bit! : )
Pepperoni, those big packs are 1/2 pound each, so a few pounds of pepperoni is what I lugged back to Japan with me. with all the homemade pizza we make, it will not go to waste!!!
And with expirations of September 1st, gosh it will last towards the end of summer. So, all Spring and all summer or to September 1st at least. So, it won't be going bad anytime soon.
Mention the word hot dog to me and the first thing that pops into my mind is Oscar Meyer! If you're American you probably can recall the song...."I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner, blah blah blah" : ) Or remember the movie "the Santa Claus" her new husband, Charlie's stepdad wanted the weenie whistle and never got it from Santa. Ha ha ha. Anyway I love Oscar Meyer all beef hot dogs and so I lug them here with me every time I come back from Guam. And with BBQ season upon us and the expiration date so far away these will be much enjoyed. Also, American bacon. I had been happily buying my American bacon from Costco in Japan and then suddenly they stopped selling them at my nearest Costco, Costco Makuhari (but technically not very near at all iykwim: ). Not sure if it's all Costco's in Japan or just this Costco? Either way, unless I buy online from FBC, it's now nearly imposible to buy American bacon here. : ( And I really don't care for Japanese bacon at all. That's the one thing I haven't switched to. It just doesn't fry up well. So, this time I just brought it back with me. I now have 3 packs of this bacon in the freezer and 1 pack in the fridge.
2 cans of instant sauce, for those nights we have to have a quick fast meal, these will help. Granted homemade is best but I'm not above using faster short cuts to help on busy nights. : )
A bit of Macy's shopping was had while on this trip. I'll share more detailed down below. : )
Two kitchen sets for the boys! They love to help me bake. And I felt it time to get them their own kitchen sets. The price was right, just $14.99 each. And the happy colors of yellow, orange and green and stuff. It sorta reminded me of my blog a bit actually. LOL. Since those are my favorite colors. So yeah....these were perfect for us!
They each come with a chef's hat, 2 oven mits and 1 apron. I was pretty happy with this find at Macy's!!!
A sign Branden is growing up. Let me share this. We bought Branden a couple polo shirts last year in size 7. He got great usage from them, especially since he wore them for regular school. Anyway... the length has been getting higher on those. He's must have had a growth spurt. Because they look almost too small and funny he's only 7 years 5 month's, hmm. I thought he woulda got more then that of usage from them : ( No worries about those because they'll just get put into a plastic box for future usuage for Noah. So, I sorta had in my mind to buy Branden 2 larger sized ones, to start him off with the new school year and all. So, I went and looked for a size 8. I saw size 2's all the way to size 7's. I walked all over. First I thought maybe they just didn't have his size? But then I went to rack after rack after rack and not a single size 8. I am sure this was not some big conspiracy, lol. But what gives? Finally, I went to the lady working there. I asked her about it. "I can't find any size 8's" I said. She said very kindly, "that's because he's just graduated to the "bigger guys department" I was nearly speechless...."he did?" My look of shock made her smile and so she showed me the way to the "bigger boy's section" Now for the Polo stuff he's a size small, an 8/10. And funny even still feeling a bit unsure. I had B try them on in the dressing room and sure enough they fit, a much better fit then the size 7's. I'm so proud of him for getting bigger, growing a bit older, yet I sometimes just wanna freeze frame him now and keep him this age for a bit longer. Ha ha ha. : ) As for our kids, they truly never do stop being our babies do they? Sniff sniff. : )
I got this greenish zip up hoodie for myself at Macy's. I liked the deisgn of the peace sign. I liked the quality of the sweatshirt itself. I have a really nice pair of white linen shorts I want to wear with this in Spring. And a nice pair of fitted jean capris with wide cuffs that will look great with this too. Just a casual zippy for a busy mom on the go.
Wasn't too crazy about the price of said hoodie : ( but I really liked it and I know my husband woulda wanted me to have it, so I got it. :PSnacky stuff, popcorn we usually get ours at Costco in Japan, but they sell regular butter flavor and though we like it, it's nice to have different flavors. We got 12 bags of Butter's Lover's and 12 bags of "Movie Theater Butter", a small pack of Nutter Butter's, yumm. Gummi worms and sour gummi worms for movie night, hot tamales for movie night as well, gum for me and hubby, sun flower seeds gosh are these addictive, ha ha ha. Spicy Corn nuts, had more bags of these but didn't find them until I opened the other suitcase. 1 Butterfinger and the small Fritos and small bag of Ruffles were leftover from the snacks for the airplane when we came back to Japan. And chicken cup of noodles, I miss this flavor sometimes. Ha ha ha. : )
Strawberry Supreme cake mix, yumm-o! A bag of Toll House choco chips for our next batch of chocolate chip cookies. Some leftover strawberry chex, they're just 100 calories per pack. I bought them and munched those while we were at my dad's condo. They're really good. I'm actually really liking all the 100 calorie snacks they sell in the US these days. Sorta makes even buying a quick snack an easier option. And the cheese and crackers are also only 100 calories per pack. And they taste the same as when I was little and would eat them. The kids love those cheese and crackers. : ) Next time I am in Guam, I wanna stock up on a bunch of the 100 calorie snack stuff.
See how these say strawberry on them? Not bad if I ever get a sweet tooth craving yet am sorta watching what I eat, they had all sorts of flavors, strawberry, choco and caramel. 100 calorie oreo's all sorts of stuff. If I didn't have to lug back so much Easter stuff I would have got more. Aww well, next time, next time. : )
Size 8 Spiderman undies for B and 2 Lightning McQueen cups that have sorta snow globe type thingies on the bottom of each cup. Noah and Branden both wanted these cups.
I think we still have 3 easter egg kits from last year. They don't really go bad fast or anything. And so I picked up 6 extra packs of easter egg dye (other pack pictured down below). 3 packs of regular egg dye and 2 packs of the sparkle easter egg dye!!! Those looked really cool to me too. Not sure if the sparkle kind works well or not, so that's why I only got 2 packs.
I usually buy the kind of dye where no vinegar is required. Only because my husband really dislikes the taste of vinegar on his easter eggs. :P I know the eggs get brighter with vinegar but, we still don't use it. Aww well. : )
Easter plates, napkins, cups and table cloth. Looks like we're all set! : )
More Easter treats! : )
And Easter games and such that will be found in their easter basket come Easter morning. Easter jump ropes, Easter jacks, where the jacks are little bunnies, lol. Easter chalk in the shape of eggs all sorts of Easter games to tuck away in their baskets this year. And some iridescent green grass. : ) And another Egg dye kit, toward the bottom with those cups. So 6 egg dyes this year. My little Easter box of stuff is getting nicely stocked. : )
Three mags, I love reading all about American hollywood, singers or actresses. Jennifer Aniston did you see what it says on the front page?! I'm so excited for her, now she isn't preggers just yet, but she is trying to and going to fertility clinics now with beau John Mayer! She deserves tons of happiness and I just think the world of her, so yay! : ).And I wanted to read Rhianna's side of the story w/ the whole Chris Brown, boyfriend assult thing. A-1 steaksauce for BBQ season. a pack of mango, found the extra Spicy corn nuts and a grapefruit and lemon grass Dove deodorant. Smells so lemony light fresh and clean. Perfect for the warmer weather. : )
Bought a cheap pair of extremely oversized sunglasses for myself. Just 40 bucks. I really like wearing these type. Figured I could use a new pair. So picked them up while at Macy's. My nicer Gucci pair are out of style (frame wise) and the only nicer pair I would even be remotely interested in getting right now would be a pair by Oliver People's . Katie Holme's and lots of other people have been wearing those and I like them. And I have't seen them in Guam yet, bummer. : ( I know they sell them in Tokyo, but will probably get them next time I am in the states or someplace but am in no real rush either so. : ) But for now, these afforable pair of Macy's ones will do just fine and I'm really not so picky at all, so these will do fine for now and the whole summer for sure. : )
And last but not least, both the boys got their picture taken with the Easter bunny! We were at the mall, about to see the movie and there was the Easter Bunny sitting there looking all cute. We had 40 minutes before our movie started. There was zero line, it was perfect timing I guess. Granted they weren't in Easter type clothes, it was pretty unexpected. But I wanted their picture taken with him nonetheless! So, I just rolled with it! 8 wallets and 2 5x7's and they were done, from start to finish it took less then 7 minutes total and we had the pictures in our hands, that was so quick. I'm so happy we got them done. Really really happy! All in all, this was a really good... well worth it trip, between swimming at grandpa's 2 swimming pools at his condo nearly every day. Or hanging out at the beach like we did twice. All the eating we did. The good TV shows I caught up on. I actually saw a new American Idol while there. I won't give any spoilers of who was cut. Smokey Robinson sang though and so did Stevie Wonder on American Idol though the night, my dad and the boys and myself watched it, while eating our delivery Pizza Hut pan pizza and 2 order of breadsticks. So all in all, we had a really good time! : )