Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Friday spent at Tokyo Disney Sea!!! : )

Friday morning, we woke up bright and early and headed to Disney Sea. The forecast said Urayasu, where Disney Sea is located would be cloud covered but no rain. We brought raincoats anyway and left them in the minivan but true to the word of the forecast it didn't rain. Go figure. : ) Oh yeah it lightly started raining after the park closed and we were in the car and on our way home along the highway but lucky for us not while we were there. Phew! : )
We road a boat, that was our first ride of the day, it was sorta like a jungle cruise type boat just without the jungle, ha ha ha. We toured all of Disney Sea via the water and it was pretty nice to see.
Branden enjoying the view from the boat. : )
Some of the view from our boat.
Now we were riding the Aqua ride, I forget the actual name but it's aqua something or other. The wait for the rides was really little. Almost no wait at all.
Noah and I rode together first.: )
And since there was no real line to speak of, we rode again and this time Noboru and Noah rode together and B and I rode together.
Inside the Indiana Jones ride.
The boys got to take a pic with Cruella De Vil. She was actually a very nice lady!!! Very very nice! : )
And the boy's with a little mouse.
The Tower of Terror ride! Now, as I have said before on here. I really like all rides at the Disney's. At all amusement parks actually, I enjoy the 360 degree loop de loop ones. I can handle them all. It's just the free fall rides, I really don't care for at all. I went on this ride the year they put it up, I didn't like it. Because I am a big chicken. And never rode it again. year after year, I have ridden everything but not this one. However, on Friday, hubby said, there's no real line, if you go with Branden he can go twice. In other words he talked me into it. Gah, why did I let him do that to me. Against my better judgement I went. We went into the ride. When we got to the elevator to enter the actual ride, a lady backed away and said she changed her mind. I was actually thinking..."that is a brilliant idea, I'll join her!!!" And leave. But then I looked down at my son, the excitement in his eyes and I went ahead anyway. We had row #1, so we were in the front first row. All the better to scare the daylights out of me, I think. So, I sat on the ride. And I disliked it. I screamed bloody murder...ahhhhhhhhh!!! Everyone else was screaming too, so my screams were no louder then theirs, thank goodness. But yeah. I won't go on there again. I know that now for sure. I think for me, it's the pure and utter free fall. The whole, my stomach and insides feel like they've been turned inside out. And also the ride is so smooth, it's hard to tell if you are way up high or on the ground. It picks you up and just drops you, and does it quite a few times, not just once. And like I said the hydraulics must be great because I can't tell if I am high or low. Up or down. It can make anyone feel discombobulated. My son loved it though. He absolutely loved it. I told my husband, never ever ever again will you get me on that thing. he laughed and laughed. :P
The longest wait for a ride on Friday for us was 15 minutes. And later the wait was just 10 minutes.
Around 1pm, we went and had lunch at the NY deli.
You can check out their menu if you want. : )
I had the turkey sub, fries and some macaroni salad. It was so good. : )
The boys watching the afternoon water show! : )
The different sea ports are real nice.
My guys, after getting off a ride!!! : )
Coconut soft serve. This stuff is so good.
Coconut soft serve, in waffle cones. : )
And almost done with theirs. : )
On the Aladdin and Genie ride.
In the Mermaid Lagoon. We all rode the Blowfish ride.
It was fun and she sorta looked like Mrs. Puff. : )
The boy's in Triton's play area in the Mermaid Lagoon area. Wanted a pic of themselves with the snail. Again I think it had to do with Spongebob again though...because Spongebob has a snail named Gary. : )
The boys wanted to go and see the water fountain. : )
Strolling around. : )We brought the stroller with us. We debated taking it. Does Noah need it anymore while at Disneyland. Granted, he doesn't use it at all for daily life at all anymore. But with 10 hours of walking though, that's why we wondered. He was very strong and he didn't use it at all until 9:30pm, he got tired and finally gave up and used it, bless his little heart.: ) But on the bright side at least the stroller carried nicely all the stuff we didn't have to carry. It carried the 1 bucket of caramel corn, 1 bucket of coconut corn and 1 bucket of curry popcorn. And it also carried their winter coats in the basket as well. So it did help.
We took in a show while at Disney Sea, it was American jazz and it was really nice. They also played a lot of nice old classics. No pics were allowed during the actual performance so that's why no pics.
We then made our way to the Indian buffet. This was Noboru's first plate. They had so many different types of curries, all you could eat naan.
This was my first serving. I had a salad with yogurt dressing and a tandoori chicken, spicy chicken curry, naan and rice. I tried the vegetable curry next and also had some spicy green curry also. And coconut cake. This place is so good!!! : )
Towards 7-10 it was utterly dead. And so much fun for us. The Indiana Jones ride was now 5 minutes, down from the 10 minute wait in the day time. It took 5 minutes just because you had to walk through the maze of the metal line but once you cleared it, you were right on. We rode that about 7 times at night not counting the times we rode that during the day time. We literally rode every ride in the park, many many times. : )
The second to our final ride of the night. Storm Rider. This is a good ride. : )
Branden was wide awake and he never needed his winter coat although it was there.
We rode the Aqua ride last, and at night with the lights and all, it looks so gorgeous. : )
Making our way to leave the park and get to our car, it was 9:57 pm and the park closes at 10pm. We got to our car and went home. We usually bring back some cookies or something for our family to munch at home, but we didn't bring back anything this time. We were tired, feet were sore. And glad we went but happy to be heading home. We hopped on the highway and headed home. We got home near 11:40 pm. The kids were sound asleep in the car. Branden walked into the house feeling pretty sleepy and slightly groggy, but he went to his room put on his jammies and was snoring and sleeping soundly, while I carried Noah into bed. I didn't even check my email, neither did the hubby. We literally came home and went straight to bed.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!! It's raining cats and dogs here today and so we are staying home. We were going to BBQ today, forget that now! : ( Ha ha ha. : )No worries, we'll just make something else. I'm thinking pizza since it's easy and hubby is home today. Okay I better get...bye. : )