Friday, April 10, 2009

Noah's entrance ceremony!!! Nyuenshiki! : )

We arrived at the school around 9:20am. Lots of parents there already. Every parent was taking a pic of their kid right at the gate. Why the gate? Honestly, we weren't sure, lol, but just in case...for good measure. We followed suit and did so too!!! Ha ha ha. So here is Noah at the gate! Ha ha ha! :P There were also parents behind me and they wanted to take pics in front of the gate as well. So, I snapped 2 pics. This pic, hubby's eyes are closed, the other pic Noah's eyes were closed! Go figure! And I had to move and let the others take a turn too, so these are the 2 pics we will have for the family photo album. Doesn't it figure? : ) : )
We went upstairs quickly hoping to get a good seat. We got a good seat, yay! I was in the first row! : ) Noboru had to stand because he was doing the camcorder. But there were seats. I took the still pictures. In came the kids from oldest to youngest. Blue badges, pink badges, red and yellow. Noah is now a red badge.
The red badges came in and they were welcomed by the rest of the school. Notice no tears this time around, phew :P
A sensei played the piano and the kids who knew the lyrics and hand movements sang along and did hand movements. Noah knew this song and so as you can see in this pic, he was moving his hands to the song. Very happily. : )
The father/priest on the right, the encho sensei/principal sitting next to him.
The schools photographer, his wife is his assistant and they were both taking pics of each kid, running all over. You'd think they were the paparazzi! Ha ha ha. The red badges that started in October were behaved so perfectly, like pros they were!!! The red badges that started in January (like Noah) behaved so well too (talk about a relief:P). And then the majority of the red badges who never stepped into a classroom in their lives until today, were the majority. One kid blew raspberry's the entire time. Ha ha ha. His mom was mortified. Another little kid stood up and screamed bloody murder for about 5 seconds and then just stopped, his father and mother nearly died when that happened, they were sitting 2 people to the left of me. And I listened, they were nervous and a bit upset, I could hear them talking about it. I smiled, because I understand, I have been there too. Many kids cried the whole way through and you know, I think that's fine, it's to be expected, they were just first timers, none of us minded. Noah on the other hand, we were a bit worried but he did wonderful. No tears no cries. Just a well behaved little boy today. Phew. :P
The principal was telling the kids, today you all get one of these. She do you know which one belongs to you kids. Someone said....the color of the bow tie of the monkey is what color our badge is, is that right? Encho sensei said, yes that's right!
Noah is in the yuri gumi class now. And these are his 2 new teachers, that were standing in this pic. Hmm. I hope we like these 2, because we thought the absolute world of our tender hearted sensei. The one sitting behind Noah in this pic.
The older classes stood up before leaving and they welcomed the red badges to their new school!
Now the older kids are gone. And it's just us new parents. You can slightly see a mom trying to keep hold of her kid in front of this pic. It was hard for a few of the moms. : ( But I know their kids will get used to it. Kids always do in the end, don't they? Ha ha ha. And everything will be fine.
Group shot of the new kids from the baragumi class. And their parents. And then we went on afterwards. the group shot of the yurigumi class, new kids and their parents. By the way, the lady I was sitting next to, she was speaking English to me. She asked me which class, I said, yuri and she said me too!!! So, I think hopefully a new potential friend. She seemed friendly.
There she is.....there's his best pal! Chi-chan! She happens to be in the yuri-class this year too. Oh and this is so funny. But, keep in mind, the older kids know me already. I'm not even weird to them anymore. I'm just Noah's mom or Branden's mom. But....this new lot of kids and new lot of parents. We don't really know too well. Anyway, while I was upstairs during the ceremony this little boy, I'm kidding you not, stared at me the entire ceremony. In fact, he might have cried or been nervous had I not been there. Ha ha ha, he was more freaked out by my being there then by his scary first day of school. LOL. Good thing I was there. Ha haha. The kid was just gobsmacked. Ha ha ha. It's amazing to me, some kids, my foreignness doesn't seem to bother or surprise them at all. But some other kids, are so so completely freaked, they can't believe it!!! So yeah the boy upstairs stared and stared nearly the whole ceremony. I didn't really let it get to me at all. I'm used to it. I can understand how coming in with a western face might startle a few of the new kiddies. So anyways....where was I. Oh yeah now we parents were downstairs, in our kids' classroom. Another new little girl stared and stared in amazement, while I tried to get my sons hat and backpack ready for us to go home. I could feel my cheeks getting warm by this point, but I paid no attention to it, they're just curious I thought and smiled. And I know, they're just kids. They are only curious, so I don't mind. And now....all parents are standing along the perimeters of the inside of the class. Anyway as I was talking to Chi-chan and Noah in Japanese, by the way, one new little girl (the 3rd and final encounter of the day), could not control her curiosity anymore, so she walked right up to me and she asked me....."why are you a gaijin?" She said this all in Japanese. but that was the sentence/question..."*why* are you a gaijin?" The mother quickly grabbed her daughters arm and pulled her to across the room, she probably wanted to pull her all the way to Siberia by the look of embarrassment on the moms face. You coulda heard a pin drop. I myself speechless. That was a good question and a fair question. But, by gosh, she had me stumped. "yeah...why am I a gaijin?" ....Noboru jumps in and covers his wife outta instinct and just nicely says..."yeah good question, I don't know why she is a gaijin" He was polite, he smiled, I was polite and smiled and the little girl smiled and just happy someone answered her question meanwhile she was being dragged off to the opposite side of the classroom, lol. Still without words to even think of a reply, I still kindly smiled at her. She sure did have me stumped though for a good 2 minutes! That was better then the ol'...."if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it fall, does it still make a sound?" ....anyway I hope the new lot of kids get to know me and Noah real quick. ha ha ha. :P And funny, I really don't consider myself an outsider so much anymore. I mean I know I am one. It's just I feel so welcomed by my friends, by the community. I feel so accepted. And it's when a new kid sees me and stares then that's when I think...."gee yeah I guess I am different" : ( Ha ha ha. Anyway just hope everyone gets used to seeing me real quick! Ha ha ha. And to be fair, I didn't start out a gaijin, I wasn't a gaijin in Denver. I was just a girl who blended into the crowd.... like most anyone. But then I moved here. And now here is my home, my husband comes from Japan, Noah was born here. And wow, what a question. I admire kids their honesty though, their curiosity and I found that little girl quite the charmer actually for having the guts to ask. Hopefully by next month, they won't raise an eyebrow at me, just like the older classes feel about me. Anyway gotta start from somewhere, right?: P
Noah standing near the blossoming sakura tree at the yochien, an actual petal fell near his hat when I snapped this pic.
After the ceremony we went to Coco's for lunch. We had promised Noah if he didn't cry and behaved well he would get an ice cream. True to our word, he had a kids cup of chocolate ice cream while waiting for our lunches.
A red bow tie for our new little red badge. Inside it, has origami paper. Anyway, that's that.
TGIF: Branden is home from school, I picked him up this afternoon. He's now playing with his friends throughout the neighborhood. He'll be home at 5pm. He has his keitei and he'll call if he needs anything. Now that it's Spring, he now walks to school every single morning without fail, unless it's rainy. So he walks to school but I pick him up still. Only because most of the parents do so at our elementary. Which is uncommon, I know, but not around here.
We rented our Tsutaya DVD's, 6 in advance so far. I am not sure if I can recall the names of all 6. But, Blinded and an episode of the Terminator the series is what we have now (hubby rented terminator by mistake, lol). After this, will come, "What Happens in Vegas" and the Other Boleyn girl, with Natalie Portman, Stepbrothers, with Will Ferrell and the other one I forget. We will get the others after we send the other 2 back. 2 at a time. We might end up knocking it down to just 4 a month, we'll see.
What is our plan tonight? Well, it's Good Friday, no meat for us. Tonight we will have cheese ravioli, with sauce, garlic bread and salad. I'm a bit tired. Have been up since 5:30am. I am SO glad it's the weekend. We will watch Blindness tonight and hope it's a good movie, have some popcorn and hot tamales.
Tomorrow/Saturday at 1pm, my friend Noriko and her 2 lovely daughters are coming over for Easter egg coloring, and an egg hunt! Some treats and some chit chat! And then Sunday we will celebrate Easter here quietly at home, just our little family of 4. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! : )