Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter from our family in Chiba, Japan!!! : )

Happy Easter to all of you! I hope everyone has/had a nice Easter!!! These eggs in this pic are the eggs our family did this morning!!! : )
The boys woke up and wow, Easter baskets filled! They enjoyed getting some Easter goodies. And it made me happy seeing their smiles. Made me think about when I was little and with my own Easter basket.
Noboru and the boy's went out in the backyard. And they got to coloring! Meanwhile I didn't color any, I just sipped my caramel machiatto and enjoyed watching my family enjoy it! It was nice. : )
Ahhh B, your egg is turning green. Good going kiddo, let it soak a bit longer! : )
Wow, Noah what a vibrant bright blue egg!!! Stunning even without the vinegar, I'd say! : )
Nice colors guys!!!! And here's Noboru's favorite part, the decorating part!!! : )
Branden putting a design to an egg and little brother circling the table as he rode on his Thomas bicycle. : )
What lovely colors and what nice designs. Anyone spot the Doraemo egg? LOL! And the tulip was perfect for Spring! They all did a great job!
Hmm, there is an egg hiding in this pic. Do you see it???

How about now? :P
Anyone spot the 2 eggs in this pic? : )
Good going, Branden, he found an egg quickly!
Aha, smart as a whip too! Noah found the egg hiding in the tire swing!
Anyway, we're home and not going to do anything else except stay home today and tonight, maybe go in the backyard but that's as far as we will go today. :P With the 20 eggs yesterday and the 8 eggs from today. No wonder we are having egg salad sandwiches for lunch today. And some potato chips! : ) For dinner? We will be having niku jaga!!! Ha ha ha, is that not like the most unEastery thing to eat or what? *winks* :P We could have ordered a ham or had a roasted turkey or small roasted chicken, but we celebrated enough I think anyway. I was originally going to make fried pork chops and baked potatoes but since hubby brought home fried chicken last night, I don't want us eating fried stuff 2 nights in a row. So just a simple little niku jaga for us tonight instead. And by the time we finish with all this egg salad, I don't think I will want to see another egg for a mighty long time! @_@ Ha ha ha. : )
Oh and tomorrow morning at 6:40am. I will be at the tennis courts that sit in our housing community and I will be greeting all the kids from our neighborhood that go to elementary school. Yup, every single day of the school year, 2 ladies/mothers get picked and they must happily and cheerfully greet the kids as they walk to school. And after a year, my name is up! I knew what day it would be since last year and I've sorta been dreading doing this. but, tomorrow's the day. So, at 6:40 am, when B leaves the house anyway, I will be standing at the tennis courts going....Ohayo...ohayo, ohayo, to infinty! It should only last about 20 minutes. And when I get this done, I will truly have done my service with the elementary. PTA member for the ichinensei class last year, and greeting them tomorrow and I'll be done. Maybe in 2 years or so, I can volunteer to do something else. So tomorrow it will be Kouiki-kun's mom and Branden-kun's mom. And then after that, I get to race down the block home and get Noah ready for yochien. :P Oh yeah and they even gave B a bright yellow safety flag for me to borrow for tomorrow. Just imagine me waving my flag and saying...good morning, good morning, good morning (in Japanese) Ha ha ha. Oh boy, will these non stop laughs never end. Ha ha ha. Winks. : ) Anyway I better get back to enjoying my day with my family....just wanted to say....
Happy Easter everyone!!! : )