Monday, February 02, 2009

Our Guam January 2009 trip (part 2)

Another day, we decided to go to the buffet at the hotel for breakfast! My first plate was an omelet, bacon, potatoes, bread, and hot coffee on the side. This was my 2nd plate of breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and some fresh fruit. My last serving was a small dish of some delicious bread pudding with my final cup of coffee and a yogurt. We all ate really well this trip! :D

Noah had a cheese omelet (made to order mine had veggies and cheese in mine) and he also had rice and a small plate of cheese since he loves cheese like crazy! And for the end, he ended it with some mini frosted wheats and a yogurt. Branden had 2 plates of pancakes and tons of bacon and orange juice and milk.

See this pic? Well, I wasn't going to mention it. But, the Minnesota Viking cheerleaders were staying at the Hilton when we were staying, they left a day before us though. We saw them at the pool and we also had buffet breakfast when they were eating too. Honestly they were the sweetest nicest and most down to earth bunch of ladies. No horrible diva attitude just a bunch of nice sweet girls. I thought they were so nice. And coming from the mainland US originally, I thought it was so cool to be staying where they were staying. HOWEVER, as most of the people at the Hilton, were about 90% Japanese tourists and about 8% Korean tourists and the other were Americans. but not too many Americans at the hotel eating or pool side at all. So while we swam for instance nobody knew who they were at all! Even when we were eating at the buffet and their jackets said....MINNESOTA VIKINGS CHEERLEADER on the back, nobody knew. I overheard a couple talking in front of me waiting in the omelet line. 2 Japanese tourists who just woke up you could tell. They said to another..."who are they do you know?" nope don't know and they shrugged. And it was no big deal to anyone. I meanwhile thought it was so cool!.....Anyway.....

I had a normal yogurt to finish breakfast and the boy's had themselves a GoGurt. A yogurt on the go, ha ha ha. :D

We swam every day. The day we went to the buffet, we swam for only 2 full hours. And then we went and did some shopping. Cost U Less. It's like Costco, except smaller and you do not need a membership. There's a few of them in Guam. I also like Payless grocery store.

No trip to Guam would be complete without hitting the Kmart! The clouds always looked so cool!
Yup they had lot's of the Valentine's stuff out! Attention Kmart shoppers!!!! We are currently having a blue light I am just kidding! :D I do prefer Target that's my favorite store in the US probably. But, sometimes living overseas you have to take what you can get. And so....Kmart isn't so bad! : ) Nope, not at all! : )

I had the veggie and cheese Subway sandwich. We always love eating at the food court because everyone can pick and choose whatever they want. Want pizza? That's fine. Want KFC? That's fine too. Tacos Del Mar like they have in California they got that too! They have everything. This way, nobody's forced to eat something they wouldn't have wished to eat. And we all sit and relax eating our variety of stuff we all picked! It's fun! : )
Noah's shell was cracked when he opened it and so was mine. Ah well, better luck to us, for next time! : ) But he was a real trooper and ate it anyways, but he did have to adjust the shell a few times though, ha ha ha! :) And yup he sure is crazy for those nachos right? : )

Hi there cutie pie! : )

Tacos for hubby! : )

And yup, chickens should run in terror when they see Branden! Ha ha ha! He loves to eat chicken so much! Ha ha ha. :D Yup he chose KFC again. I mentioned trying something else, was vacation and he did eat every bite, so I didn't push it too much. Plus he did have a taco as is pictured, so no worries! :D
Noboru's favorite place to browse is Home Depot. I much prefer Kmart, grocery store or Macy's, but he went with me shopping and never complained not even once. So, I smiled down every aisle of Home Depot. Ohhh a wrench woweee! Oh nuts and bolts, fascinating. Ha ha ha! *wink wink*

This cart is so huge, it's nearly impossible to maneuver. I thought I almost was going to wipe out a person or two on accident. But I didn't, phew. The cart must have weighed a bazillion pounds. And it didn't turn corners for anything! BUT it kept the kids totally silent while daddy got his Home Depot fix out of the way! Meanwhile I worked up a sweat trying to maneuver that beast of a cart!!! Ha ha ha! : )
Now this is what I call a beautiful serving and amount of food! Finally we went and had Noboru's belated birthday supper! We went to the Tony Roma's near the Long John Silver's. The one not near any tourist traps. The portions were huge even too much food we thought, but it was so nice especially after us getting that puny portion at the Outback a few days before. This was my meal, the half slab of original baby back ribs, a butter and cheese potato and hot buttered corn. Good grief that was a lot of food!

Noah had the kids grilled cheese at Tony Romas.
Branden had the cheeseburger kids meal. Drinks came with and so did the fries. They also got free dessert. These were really filling meals!

Noboru had the half slab too, but he had rice pilaf and southern style beans. He loved the beans, lol. He actually made me try a bite and they were indeed really good. : )
The boy's each got a "dirt cup" a frozen chocolate mousse with choco sprinkles that looked like dirt on top and a gummy worm. I thought they were very cute!

We had a coupon for the adults free ice cream and brownie. Noboru and I enjoyed this and shared it. Our dinner came to $62.00 US that was definitely more like it. A lot more reasonable. An acceptable price for a meal we rarely eat in normal every day life. The amount of food we got, the quality and the end price was totally worth it! We will definitely go back to this Tony Roma's. We have been there quite a few times with my dad too. We like this particular Tony Romas a lot.

Pulling the worm from his dirt cup! : )

Noah munching his own worm. : )

One of the shows I loved catching up on was Desperate Housewives. I was a little shocked by a few things on there. Someone got divorced and don't worry, I won't say who. So, I'm not doing a spoiler or anything. But wow, a few shocks came for me, when I watched this as I sat on our bed in the hotel room! : )

I caught up on a lot of shows while there. I really did. : )

There's always just so much to see.

Another lunch and yup, B eating KFC again. Ha ha ha. And you see that lady in the background, she was having her boyfriend taking some pics of her wearing the Burger King hat! How cute! : )

Noah, you're a taco eating pro already! And yup there's your nachos. You eat as many nachos as your brother eats KFC. Ha ha ha. Just wait to we get back to Japan and it's home cooking city for you guys again! Ha ha ha. : )

I had Korean BBQ this day, delicious chicken and rice and tons of yummy kimchi!!! Oh, I have another story for you. We were walking on the first floor. I had just bought a pair of Converse low tops. And we were all sorta just strolling. Waiting for the movie to start. Anyway, there was a little Japanese boy crying and walking down the corridor of the mall all alone. So many people noticed him but nobody did anything, I think they all wanted to though. We have kids and as a parent we know how we'd feel if we ever lost one of ours on accident though knock on wood, it hasn't happened to us yet, however my dad lost me when I was baby for a few minutes, before so we know it happens to the best of us sometimes. So we had to help! We walked after him and stopped him and took him to the information counter. He was crying hysterically and rightfully so. Boogers out of his nose, he was so afraid. Some lady came up to him. Tried to talk to him in English and he freaked out. Started crying harder. We, Noboru and I started speaking to him in Japanese right away. And yes he was lost from his family on accident. We asked him do you know your name so we can page your mommy? Do you remember what store you were at, not like name of store but were you buying shoes? Or books? The security guard came. Big guy, island guy very nice. He said...can you guys stay with me until we find his parents? He said..."I think he would be afraid going with just me." I told him, yes of course we will stay with the little boy until his parents are found. I said let's walk him to the center of the mall that's the direction he came from anyway and his mom is probably there! Sure enough, I was right and his mom was crying and so was his grandmother, the mother screamed his name when she saw him, the grandmother ran. She spoke to Noboru and I in Japanese and we did wiht her and she was so relieved. As were Noboru and I. We did a good thing that day. And it did our hearts good for jumping in and helping like that. I'm just glad we found his mom and grandma. And he was only 3 years old.: ( This was nobodies fault, sometimes stuff like this just happens. Anyway I am just glad it all ended well.

Feeling quite happy about the little boy being returned safe and sound we went upstairs and watched our movie. We went and saw, Mall Cop!!! Oh man, it was hilarious!

We caught the first show of the day. Kids were quiet through the whole film. And we all enjoyed the movie. We had 2 large drinks and a large popcorn. And I snuck in some Kit Kat's. Shhhh. : )

After Mall Cop, we went for a very long drive. We went to Coco Palm Garden beach but would you believe it closed at 6pm? And we were there at 6:15 pm? Yup closed and locked, oh well! : ) It was a nice long scenic drive. We got back to the regualr side of the island around 7pm and we went and had some Pizza Hut. We had a medium pepperoni and mushroom pan pizza, breadsticks and buffalo wings.

Yup we were stuffed yet again! But we stopped off at the conbini for some hotel snacks, like carrot cake and chips. And had a blanket picnic in our hotel room, watching good TV shows again! : )
5 days out of 5 we spent in the water whether it be the hot tub, pool or ocean. Sometimes for as little as 2-3 hours and most days, 5 plus hours. We enjoyed the heck out of our trip very much! This picture was taken the last day. The day we left. Those toys, you see were the toys given at KFC with the kids meals. As you can imagine we ended up with a ton of them. : ) Ha ha ha. What are they? Well, what could be funner then a barrel of monkeys! How about many barrels of monkeys, ha ha ha. : )

Bye our favorite hotel in Guam we'll miss you! : )

One last time....we wanted the kids to get good and full before we headed to the airport. Noah as usual had his 1 taco and 1 nachos. And Branden went for......

A cheeseburger kids meal from Burger King! Yup, he KFC'ed himself out! God bless him! But it was a good run while it lasted! : )

Noboru had himself a whopper as his last meal.

Funny...I had my last meal exactly what I had my first meal, go figure, didn't plan it that way. A perfect ending and closing, I'd say. 1 taco supreme and 2 bean burritos.

The flight back was relaxing. And believe me, we too have flown with wee little babies before and have done all the hard stuff before. So, I honestly can appreciate actually being able to relax on flights now. I feel like...yay about time! Ha ha ha. : ) We cleared customs in no time at all. And we always stop and eat somewhere after a flight, most of the time we have Chinese. But this time we had Saizeriya, nice cheap Italian food. Yumm! I had a salad and pasta.

I enjoyed my pasta a lot.

Each of the boy's had their own mini cheese pizza. Hubby had gratin and mini foccacia.

Noah enjoying his pizza as well. It was a really good vacation, it did us all a world of good. I came back to Japan, relaxed, waxed and massaged (LOL but literally) and ready to get back to our daily life stuff again! : )
Oh yeah.....I did have 1 last story to share and I debated like heck, if I should share it or not. But at Narita airport after arriving. We were downstairs getting those carts about to walk to our carousel to get our 8 pieces of checked luggage! Anyway. 8-9 men dressed in black suits with badges swarmed 1 Japanese lady in her mid to late 20's. They told her to please come with them. As soon as they approcached her and said that, she busted out crying. Noboru whispered to me, by looking at their badges it could be nothing else but drugs. It happened so unbelievably effecient though, she was whisked away before anyone really knew what happened, I think only a few of us actually saw it. It was very very sad. : ( Anyway sorry to end on that note. :D But we did enjoy our trip very much!