Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! : )

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! We did too! : ) These are the cookies I baked for my 3 guys! : )

Meanwhile, I got this little package from my friend Noriko. She had given these to all of us on Thursday as we drove to Costco. I'm sure all 5 of us, felt lucky to receive these from her!

She loves to bake, everything she bakes is homemade from scratch. She baked us, her friends, homemade chocolate heart and star cookies. They were so delicious. And she also baked us a chocolate cupcake, 2 chocolate cupcakes, so moist and delicious! I truly and honestly loved getting something for Valentine's from a dear friend like this. Sort of reminded me, of the days how in school we'd all have a Valentine's party in the US growing up and we'd exchange cards and treats. Mom's would show up with cakes and cookies and drinks. It was really cool. And getting these from her was very cool and kind! I always feel so lucky to have such good friends.

Noah also received his first Valentine's treats!!! And, this is sorta funny but, a yochien mommy approached Noboru Friday afternoon and said..."you know your son is very popular at the yochien" Noboru said, really? Honestly Noboru didn't have any idea and doesn't really care either way, lol. She went onto say, "yes he always has at least 3 girls sitting or standing around his table trying to get his attention always." We got a good laugh about that.
Noah's first Valentine's Day card/letter! Awww!

What a cute letter! I will save this for Noah, forever and ever! So when he's an adult, and grown I will whip this out and see if he remembers! Aww! : )
Valentine's morning, I woke up and I baked some cookies for my hubby and the boys! Yes, I took the easy route for Valentine's Day this year! But that's okay, these cookies were a hit and they tasted fantastic.

If you check this blog from Valentine's of the years past. I've made hubby lovely pink cupcakes before with lovely silver bling sprinkles! I've decorated a pizza for lunch with pepperoni in the shape of a heart, made heart shaped eggs and done all that stuff before. However this year....ahh. I just wanted to take a load off. And I'm so glad I did!

I made sure we made hubby a Valentine's card. Yes we used a piece of leftover origami paper because it was perfect size and perfect color, so awesome! When Noboru, woke up, he came down and found these Valentine's cookies waiting for him, all nicely stacked and waiting on the white Ikea plate for him. He loved them! And he loved the homemade card the boy's made for him so much!

Branden made a card and Noah did the scribbly artwork. And later, I saw Noboru tucking his card away to save. That's how much he loved getting this card. My 3 guys ate the cookies all morning long. I felt, that by making sure the kids got involved and made daddy a card, he would love that, which he did. And because I didn't totally blow off Valentine's day, I made the cookies. Well, okay so I whacked them in the oven and arranged them! But the sentiment was there! It honestly brought smiles to all their faces! For lunch we had chili cheese dogs. And for the afternoon, Noboru went out and washed both our cars and waxed them both. He enjoys doing that, so he had a nice day out front with that. Meanwhile Branden and Noah played in the backyard all afternoon. The weather was 72 degrees F outside, so no sweatshirts were needed. It was just a nice restful relaxing Valentine's day! We had supper, and then we watched American Idol. After the kids fell asleep. Hubby gave me a foot rub, with lotion and everything. We still watched TV, just laughing and chatting. It was nice, simple but nice. And, every year, we usually celebrate Valentine's Day for both of us. But this year, I asked to get something on White Day instead. So, not sure which way we will like best, but for this year we will try it this way! : )

Yup, a simple, but perfect Valentine's day around here! :D
Oh and I put the table cloth on the table, that we got at Macy's remember, anyway, it fits, phew. We really love it. And it will protect the table so, that's cool too. You can see bits of the kids in the backyard on Saturday, they played up a storm for hours and hours back there! Anyway, no matter how you celebrated Valentine's Day, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!!! : )