Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bits from our week! : )

Sunday: Last Sunday, we went to Narita shopping mall with the intention to get Noah a new pair of sneakers. If you recall for Branden, this past end of summer time or around there. We went and bought B, 2 pair of sneakers. 1 for then (20cm) and one for down the road when he grew (21cm), so for later, another pair, Adidas were on sale, a *very* good sale actually and the next size up, so he started wearing those starting in December, so they're all still looking pretty new still and he has loads of room in the toe still. However for Noah. He for the most part gets the hand me down sneakers from B. And they aren't bad at all, Nike, Adidas or whatever. But the pair in 16cm that we had weren't in such great condition, which is weird because they are always in great conditition, anyway, it's been driving me nuts seeing him wearing them, poor little guy. Sandals and Crocs he has a plenty but that 1 pair of Nike sneakers and as tattered as they looked. Driving me bonkers seeing those really. Perhaps Branden got more wear out of that pair for whatever reason and anyways. Noah needed a new pair, let's just put it that way. So, we drove to the mall and we found him a pair we really liked. : ) He's a 17cm right now. Wow, he's growing up. Sniff, sniff! : ( Ha ha ha. :D
A nice new pair of yellow sneakers. Aww, he should get a lot of wear from these! : )

Monday: After sending both boy's to both schools. I drove me, myself and I, to the grocery store. Stores for the most part aren't open 24/7 like in the US. So, our grocery store opens at 10am. Yup, I was their first customer of the day and first car in the parking lot, lol!

Sitting in my car, and the time said 9:44 am. I waited a little bit. At 9:55 am, I got out of my car and grabbed my cart and waited at the door until they opened the store. By now, there were about 20 other early birds waiting. Almost felt like a Mervyn's commercial...Open, open open!!!! LOL!

Checked things off my list and quickly got checked out!
My cart, about to pack my stuff into my little red car and be on my way! 10:30 am and heading home already!

Tuesday: Was market day at the yochien! Parents had the option of coming into the school and seeing what was "for sale", of course I came!
Greeted the teachers and my fellow yochien mom friends and all the kiddly winks came out and greeted me in English. "Good morning" "How are you?" Meanwhile, a few dad's showed up, a bunch of mom's. Noboru was working, which is fine. I showed. Walked into Noah's class. Noah's little friend ran up to him! You know, the "older lady" Wink, wink. The 4 year old! Ha ha ha! :D

Noah's very good friend! This is the little gal who has been helping him and she really likes Noah a whole heap! She's only 4, she's barely bigger then he is, but by gosh, she rocks! She helps him so much! And Noah appreciates it and so do I! Her name is, Chi-chan and she is so so kawaii!!!! Yup, she's a cutie pie alrighty! : ) And she's not shy around me, she chit chats with me and I chit chat with her. She's very cool! Because she is 4, she is wearing the real uniform. Because Noah's 3, he won't be wearing the full uniform until April. : )

Here they were running around the classroom together, he follows her, and then vice versa, she follows him! They are good buddy's, great pals! I'm glad he's made such a good friend!

This was the *ahem* wallet they each had at school today. : ) It had fake money in it. You know....funny money!!! :D So the kids could *buy* stuff from the store/market at the yochien today! It says...Noah! : )
Here are the things my 3 year old "bought" at the market on Tuesday! A ring toss. Yes they are all just basically crafts and art projects. So the kids not only learned to be crafty and create these masterpieces, but they also got to keep the ones they bought. Noah loved this ring toss so he bought this. : )
As Dora says..."backpack backpack" Ha ha ha. This is an orange backpack. He loves orange, so figures he chose the orange one. LOL! And he was wearing this all Tuesday evening!

See the funky clasp to the backpack? It's an empty jelly container, lol! So creative those teachers are...we loved this idea! : )

No one in our family had a clue what this was. We know it's supposed to be food of some sort, but we were like...what is this??? Ha ha ha. :D

These groovy almost 3-D looking glasses were so cool! And the rubber bands for ear pieces, again such a crafty idea!
A happy meal! Ha ha ha!
And this funky keitei/cell phone! Button # key pad, picture and see, the keitei charm strap made from beads? Ha ha ha! How funny! :D And the straw was the antenna? Loved this! Noah played with this for 4 days before he finally put it down. And he actually has cooler real toy phones, but something about this cup one, he loved.
Tuesday after school! Two friends of Branden's came to the door to play and go ride bikes and stuff. Kouiki and Genki. As Branden sat chatting with them on our front porch before they left to go ride through the neighborhood. Noah went outside, with the orange backpack with funky jelly clasp, wearing the 3-D glasses with rubber bands around his ears. His wallet wrapped around his neck, with his name on it and Branden's friends said in Japanese...."he looks so cool, where did he get that stuff?" Branden said, "he got it at his yochien today" I could hear them and they said....go call your brother and ask him to come outside again, so we can see him again. Turns out, they liked those funky things, he bought at the yochien market sale today. Ha ha ha. Kids!

My dinner Tuesday night. I shrunk my food portions. I was using a normal adults plate and now I have downsized to a kids plate. My breakfast, lunch and dinner are now all served on kids sized plates. I am going to try this for a while. My meal that night, a teriyaki bowl, but a smaller serving on a plate instead and a baked potato. And a jasmine tea, no sugar.

And yup, I seemed to not do treadmill while on vacation or for about 5 days after that, so I was sorta delinquent for about 6 days but I got on track and I have been faithfully walking daily. Somewhere between 8,000-10,000 steps a day. And I am thinking of making the weekends optional because the weekends are killing me, you guys. I do need some recover time. Because every single day gets grueling after a while honestly. But yes, I am exercising still and I am eating smaller portions. So, all is positive with that.

Also, on Tuesday, I went to my friend Noriko's house. I had just the best time. We did origami for a while. These are what I made, but the orange fish, Noriko made. hers looks much nicer then my pink fish. : ) I had a really good time with origami, after that we had some hot tea. She makes a wonderful pot of tea! Then she brought out some sandwiches. An assortment of sandwiches, she had the best tasting egg salad, I've ever tasted. We chatted and talked until it was like 1:30 pm and time for us to head to the yochien. Times flies when you're having fun. I didn't even realize we chatted from 10:30am-1:30pm. It was a lot of fun! We chatted about, President Obama, The famous Sumo and US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps both busted for pot smoking actually, and our thoughts on that. Our kids, American Idol, diets and exercise. Oh geeze, we chatted forever and I really really enjoyed myself. I feel, I can be myself and really let my hair down so to speak. It's refreshing.

And get this, she makes her own bags. She gave me 2 bags, 1 for my origami stuff I made and one for some snacks to take home which was nice. Anyway, I commented on the bags, I said those are really cool bags. She said, "thank you I made them from recycled wrapping paper", I thought that was probably the coolest, most crafty thing I ever heard. And so eco friendly. An idea I would totally like to do myself. I truly was impressed. I will try this myself next time I have any used wrapping paper! : )
Wednesday was a holiday in Japan. The boy's didn't have school. Which was *so* nice to get to sleep in and have a nice restful day during the week. But we did do swimming for B in the evening of course and Noah swam on Monday, so it's every week, both boy's of course. Thursday: Thursday was Costco day. Five other yochien mom's, if you add me, it was 6 of us. Oh we had just the best, best, best time! The mom's are all so funny. After our shopping, we all had lunch before jumping back on the highway and heading back to the country side. This is what I brought back with me, not much. Variety muffins, blueberry, banana and chocolate. And a roasted chicken. Not a whole bunch like I said. : )

Dinner rolls and bagels. I picked 6 plain bagels and 6 cinnamon raisin. Noriko chose 6 plain and 6 cheese. We decided to split and so if you see mine, I had 6 plain, 3 raisin and 3 cheese. I like splitting up stuff and so does she, so, next time we might split some more stuff, who knows. : )

Lean ground beef.

And this is the last little bit here. Pecans for cookies. Cheese since our family is cheese eating maniacs, ha ha ha. Tortilla wraps, and chips and dip. Again not much. Oh yeah I also bought a new Costco bag since they're so cheap and I like the recycle concept of bringing my own bag with me.
I think we said we will try to go every month, so hopefully we will, be going again in March sometime that would be cool. And we all split the toll fees and that is totally fair and the right way to do. We all paid, 600 yen each. Divided up between the 6 of us, because it was like 2200 yen each way or something like that. When we all piled in the car and headed home, we were even a bit more rowdy then we started off. We were all chit chatting so much, like crazy actually. And then we all went back to the school, the yochien and waited for our kids to get out of class. I like how friendly and nice everyone is at our yochien. And I like socializing with them a lot. This coming week sometime, Noriko and I are planning to go to the movies while our kids are all at school. We will go and see "Mama Mia" together. And I'm so happy about going, because I love going to the movies! When she emailed me and suggested we go and see it. I said, yes!!!!! I'd love to go! So that is our plan! : ) Catch the 9:35 am showing, which gets out at 11:30am and then go and have lunch before we both go and get our kids from yochien. And then after that she'll go and get her older daughter from their elementary and I'll go and get B from our elementary. Yup, a good plan! : )

How was our week? Really nice, not busy at all. Simple and quiet. With Wednesday being a holiday and a no school day for us. We just sorta enjoyed the week and with Tuesday being an "off from cleaning day" for me. And Thursday as well, since I was at Costco. Though I did kick butt on Monday and Friday to make up for it. It's just sorta been this really casual restful week. The last 2 days the weather has been gorgeous, yesterday I checked our indoor and outdoor digital temp thingie and it said, it was 72 degrees F outside. I believe it, it was really lovely. I am not sure if this beautiful Spring type weather will last or not, but we surely have enjoyed it!