Friday, January 09, 2009

Noah's awesome first day of school!!!! : )

I woke up at 5:30 am, my usual time to get breakfast going for Branden and make sure he gets out the door, by 7:30 am. I didn't drive him to school on Friday, hubby did at 7:30 am. At 7:30 am, I switched from getting B ready to getting Noah ready. After he finished his breakfast. I then took him upstairs, brushed his teeth, washed his face, did his hair and got him dressed. I meanwhile popped on my own clothes, I even put my face on a little (meaning my makeup). But I didn't go all out or anything, because I know by now, these are the ladies we will see every single day, with no makeup on and stuff so best to just get comfortable as quickly as possible and I am. I just used some concealer (shu uemura) for the under eyes area and some Mac studio fix powder foundation for all over my face real quick and some Nivea lip balm. I really keep it simple. Wide leg jeans and a black turtle neck and black ballet shoes with teeny tiny white polka dots. Feelings of the morning? All of us were feeling completely and totally fine. I felt I got all my butterflies out of the way from the day before and for that, I was grateful for that. Noah was happy and this is the one picture I managed to snap as we were leaving and heading in the car, yesterday morning. He did have to wear his raincoat because it was very lightly raining. More like a super light dizzly type rain though.
Arriving at the school: As we pulled in the parking lot. Lot's of mom and dad's pulling in. Kids from all the different grades/badges/classes being escorted by their parents. The school bus was also gone, so was off picking up a good amount of kids, as well. Parents pulling in quickly for 2 minutes of droping off the kids, getting back in their cars and then another set or bunch of parents would pull in and do the same. Meanwhile, while I was watching all this in the passenger seat, Noboru was parking our car. After he turned the car off. Noboru went to the trunk and got out all the bunches of things and supplies for Noah that we needed to take to the school. Meanwhile, I was getting Noah out of the car seat.
At this very point, we heard something. Looking at the school, we saw a little girl being carried up the stairs and into the classroom by her dad. He was taking her into the classroom. Same classroom Noah's in. She really didn't want to be in there. She was crying, her face was red from crying and her arms and legs were kicking wildly as he carried her into the class. The mom was also trying to help. Meanwhile we were still in the parking lot across the street. Noboru and I didn't say a thing about that family having a rough time over there. I think we both had been through that rough time when B started and it made us remember that. Granted B never flapped his arms and legs like that, but we have enough good sense to feel empathy. To feel for that little girl as much as, feel for her parents. They must have went through hell yesterday. Us going through something similar with B, definitely made us feel for that family yesterday a lot. And that's all I'll have to say about that. : (
When we finally made it across the street and into the school grounds. A teacher came and greeted us. Hey I know that teacher, I thought. She knew Branden. I think she is going to be one of Noah's teachers. I'll let you know when I find out. There seems to be like 3 teachers or so per class? I haven't got the skinny on all that yet. Anyway, now we were standing right where that girl and her mom and dad were just standing. Another teacher came out to greet us and I switched Noah's shoes from his French shoes to the inside shoes. And she grabbed all of the stuff Noboru was carrying and she said, "we don't need you to go inside" the longer it's dragged out, the harder it is on the kids. (Branden's original school dragged it on long, we also were to sit in the class us... parents until the kids got used to it. It was just an ordeal, and for us, I prefer this schools way of quick and as little of drama as possible.) So, before we knew it, she escorted Noah inside. I hugged him first though. And that was it. It all happened in less then 2 minutes. I think we walked back to the parking lot and got ourselves in the car and were thinking..."was that it?" "Did it really just go down that quickly, that fast?" Like poof, bang boom it was over before we even got ready for it to be over. Noah wasn't sad. Noah didn't cry, not a single one. No watery eyes or anything. I think in the end, he was really prepared and he also wanted to be a school kid like Branden, like his big brother. So, in the end. He came out really okay.

Two hours to kill: With two hours to kill. I voted we should just go home. Just be normal and hang out and wait. Noboru said we should hang near the school just in case. I said okay. So we went into Mc Donald's. This was a bit weird, first time in like 6 or 7 years we haven't bought a combo meal for a child, while at Mc Donald's. How weird, Noboru and I were thinking as we were ordering. Then the manager of Mc Donald's said...."where is the baby" (she obviously meant Noah) Noboru said..."today is his first day of school". And she said...."oh that is probably going to be really lonely for your wife then"...yup nothing like having the ol' Mc D's lady telling me I am going to be lonely. Ha ha ha, she didn't mean it in a bad way. She's a very nice lady though and I think she was just trying to show empathy towards us. So, I appreciated her kindness and she's known us forever, so. That was pretty nice. We sat there for about an hour. Getting refills of coffee after we ate our morning combos. When we could stand it no more. And we still had another hour to kill. We hit the 100 yen shop. I bought Branden some glue for school. And then we walked around the 100 yen shop forever. Yet still only ended up buying the 1 glue. We had about 30 minutes leftover of time so we walked into Tsutaya. Hubby read some books and I flipped through some magazines. I did tell Noboru....this is just too ridiculous we shoulda just went home. But anyway, we were there and things couldn't be changed so no sense in being upset or rubbing it in. So, we went into Tsutaya and I flipped through magazines. I flipped through many mama magazines. Then I flipped through about 2 hair style mags. And was now on to going through, Non No and JJ, but I had to mention the music. They were playing some really good music in there. There was a Japanese girl singing on the CD and she remade 2 of Madonna's old songs. And the remakes were actually really funky and really good. It had my toe tapping in Tsutaya, that's for sure. And then....a Japanese guy redid one of Abba's old songs. Not Dancing Queen or anything. But yeah our Tsutaya was playing really good music. After that, we went upstairs and rented a DVD for Friday night. A sorta treat for us, for surviving this day! Ha ha ha! And then it was time to pick up Noah! So we hopped in the car and went to pick up Noah.

I saw the principal/encho sensei, walking out of Noah's class. And heading to her office. We went in to greet the principal and the secretary. The principal had told us she was just in there playing blocks with Noah. I thought that was very cute. And then, we went to Noah's class, he was waiting outside in his raincoat and holding his teahcer's hand. He wasn't crying or anything but he did look pretty happy to see us! Ha ha ha. The sensei, told us, that he was a really good boy and Noboru asked her, "did he cry?" And she said..."no he didn't cry at all" We were all sorta surprised but really proud. Noah, if you read this when you are older, I wanna say, you did perfectly! You didn't cry, you were so strong! I think you will do okay with this yochien stuff afterall, honey! : )
Other tidbits regarding yochien: When we got home, and checked Noah's backpack, the monthly newsletter for yochien was in there. It said they welcome 3 kids for the month of January. Noah's name and a littler girl's name was on second and she is in Noah's class. That was more then likely the little girl and her parents we saw that morning. And then a little boy entered, but he is in the other class. All 3 kids starting are age 3. The other little boy in the other class. We saw his parents that morning and we saw them again at 11am. As we picked up Noah, while they picked up their son. The 2 boy's were both waiting in front of their different classes. But, that mom smiled at me really big and bowed and I in turn, smiled at her just as big and bowed too. Ahh, we are both going through the same thing. Her son seems to be handling things really good, same as Noah. In closing I think, these 3 new kids will do really well. Noah and the little girl and the little boy in the different class. And I think these 3 starting in January, was a great idea, because in April a whole other bunch will be starting and these 3 will get a lot of individual attention since it's only 3 new kids starting in January. So that was sorta a really good move. And the little girl will come out of it, just like Branden did. So, I have no worries for these 3 new students, I think these 3 will do just fine! I am so proud of you though Noah!!! You did it baby! And Tigermama, thank you for sending me that email. When I woke up Friday morning (I hope you are not blushing reading this) when I opened my email and to get an email from Tigermama, that said..."Go Noah go!!!" I was like. Right on! Just the sheer thoughtfulness and kindess of people, I am always so grateful for. I am surrounded by a good group of friends (meaning all of you)! And from the bottom of my heart Tigermama, thank you. : )
Yochien greetings: In the morning, half of the mom's I already knew. Many who had known us since when B was there. Another who knows us from swimming school. Many mother's said..." is your youngest starting today" "A few welcome backs" Hisashiburi's" It was pretty nice. And a few mom's I had never seen before in my life, but I think we'll be okay. As long as we're friendly and nice and helpful with the school and sociable. Things have always worked out.
Still feeling a bit worried how I'll balance it out when I start making obento and stuff. But with everything, I'll just have to figure out which way works best. I think maybe I will have to make them both eat breakfast at the same time as that will save me time. But again, it should take me a week to get fully adjusted to doing the 2 kid, 2 different school's juggle and two step. :D
Friday evening: After Branden had been picked up, that's when we went to go to the grocery store. So, we went after we picked up B. That was a bit different then we planned. But, we got our weekly groceries. And then went home. By that time it was raining pretty hard and bitterly cold. We were glad to have gotten Noah's first day of school out of the way. Glad it was the weekend. Glad we got our weekly shopping out of the way too. We warmed up the leftover cream stew and curry. Yup leftovers for us Friday night, ha ha ha. We took quick showers and just threw in the DVD we rented afterwards. Shut the computer down really early in the afternoon. Had a really quiet night. The DVD we rented was really a flop. It wasn't really good at all. We rented a DVD called "the Happening", with Mark Wahlberg. Noboru disliked it and I admit I did too. Ha ha ha. Anyway all in all, it was a good day! Noah's first day of school? A success, a real positive experience for us!
Weekend plans? Nothing, not a thing. Monday is a holiday, so no school for the boy's. Today at 1pm, Branden and I will take Noah to swim school, but other then that, we are just staying home. Tonight, I am making roasted pork for supper, and either baked potatoes or au gratin potatoes, I haven't decided which kind yet. And some veggie. Have a lovely weekend you guys! And thanks for always supporting us and our family. I love blogging and supporting all of you as much as you guys always supported us. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks! Have a lovely weekend all of you!!!! : )