Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Branden's taking that compressed swimming course this week! So that's what we'll be up to, in our neck of the woods!!! : )

So, Monday December 22nd, the last day of school. Now winter holiday officially began! How did we celebrate? Well, just regular ol' simple way we usually do. We took the kids to Mc Donald's for lunch. A small simple way, but a way nonetheless, to say...congratulations, you've done it! Job well done. You are now indeed on winter break! : ) So around 11;30 am, there we sat, happy meals for the boys and comboss for us. With his 2nd term over for the first grade, we felt really happy on Monday. :D

Btw, the parent teacher conference thing, last week went really great. His teacher said he is really doing well with his Japanese reading and writing and he's doing well with his English class at ichinensei and he's doing super in math. And she mentioned he is very helpful to others to that made us happy. : )
I had a chicken sandwich. Hmm, I really wish they'd bring back that grilled chicken sandwich. I really liked that one. : ( Ha ha ha. Anyways after stopping for lunch we headed to the grocery store.

At the grocery store, they sure had a lot of meats for Christmas. Stuff, they usually don't carry around here (because I live way out in the country side). A whole roasted chicken ready to throw in the oven. This was a really huge whole chicken actually, Noboru commented how big it was. Umm, already roasted chicken leg quarters. Raw chicken leg quarters for roasting your own way and they had very huge roast beefs, to make a roast beef. I was really impressed by how even here in the country side, things are getting easier to find to make a Christmas dinner out of. : )

Just a basket of meats, a basket of veggies and a basket of misc. And a small bag of laundry soap and a bottle of Stitch kids shampoo. : ) Just a few last minute things, is all. : )

The sky was so dark and gray on Monday, it was barely 1:30 pm, yet it looked much later. And the weather? Really really cold. And it rained, at one point we wondered if it would turn to snow, but it didn't. Just rain. Really really freezing cold rain. Brrrr! : ) Went home and stood in the warm house Monday evening. Relaxed.

Hmm, my usual wake up time is at 5:30 am. But with this compressed swim course, I wake up at 7:30 am. 2 hours extra sleep. So, I'm happy and this compressed swim course only lasts 5 days. So, and after that, I will probably be sleeping in until, say 9-10am, so no worries from me. LOL. Anyway today, Tuesday morning, the boys had cereal. Brushed their teeth, washed their faces, got dressed. I brushed my teeth, washed my face with a steaming hot wash rag too. And threw on something. No makeup, nothing. Just grabbed my hot caramel machiatto, the instant I make at home. But it's really good. And we were on our way to swim club this morning.

Not even 9am, and I was the first to get a seat. The boys and I sat down. Relaxed and about 2 minutes after we arrived people came in. A lot of kids signed up for this. And a lot of parents upstairs watching. I will be at the swimming school for the next 5 days or so, from 9am to 10:15am. It's basically a good hour and 15 minutes of exercise for Branden and it keeps him active and he loves it! So, I don't mind taking him. Yes you heard that right, even on Christmas morning, we will indeed be at the swimming school for about an hour. More then likely we will unwrap the pressies real early first anyways, since the kids are always so excited they wake up freakishly early Christmas mornings anyway. After we unwrap presents, we will head to swim school. As a family of 4 though. Watch him get his swim in. And then we will probably head to Coco's to have some good breakfast, some yummy, french toast and coffee and hot cocoa for the kids and then head home and relax for Christmas and watch the kids play with their toys, and then later in the day we will have and start with the dinner. But man, are we dedicated swimming parents or what? Christmas, for crying out loud, lol!!! Ha ha ha. :D

Pool was totally dead, no kids in there.

And now the kids were in there. Different swim lanes mean different levels. Most desired level is #1. And it goes up to like 14 or 15, I think, that's the start of the numbers. Before that is flowers. Noah is currently on the flower system since he's young. Branden is a #8. Hoping to get to a #7 soon. When you get to level 1, you get a big trophy and then decide if you wanna continue. Compete maybe? Nothing serious just between swim schools or maybe prefectures. Or he can stop. And be done. That will be Branden's choice when he reaches that level. It's up to him entirely. We support him either way. : )
Branden and 2 others. That little girl was a real cutie pie! : )

Anyway, that's where I will be spending my mornings this week! At swimming school! : ) Have a good night you guys! : )