Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turkey ordered, and am so ready for Thanksgiving now! : ) And other bits! : )

Well here is a picture I snapped last Thursday while we were at the car dealership. Trying to give you the smallest and shortest version possible is this. Noboru is buying me a new car. Whether it be a new "new" car or a new to me, but used car, we are unsure yet. I being frugal minded like I am, prefer a nice used car. And the reason for getting a new car isn't because we are fancy shmancy pants, lol, it's because right now, I drive a lot. I feel like part taxi driver, part mommy express most times, ha ha ha. Between Kumon, elementary school and swimming for both boys. And errands to the store and such. No wonder I am always on the go on the weekdays. Or motoring off someplace. : ) Anyway the cost to fill the MPV is high, it is... that is no lie, and then well, you know how gas prices sorta went all flipping nuts these past 6 month's right? Meanwhile, it seems my driving route keeps increasing, growing bigger and bigger. Started when Noah started swimming back in July, so from driving 1 kid to swim school every week, I then doubled that route in July, and you get what I mean here. And now with Noah about to start yochien in January, it seems I am driving more and more. With no let up in sight and it certainly isn't Noah's fault, it was just we needed to rethink...what to do this coming January. When Branden was in yochien, he took the school bus to yochien and it worked out cheaper then the gas for me to drive and it was a no brainer. However it might not work with both boys in different schools at opposites ends of town nonetheless and their schedules, so we think I will just be driving both boys come January and I will be one big giant blur on wheels. As I morph into the mommy super express. But we kept coming back to the gas. The gas to fill the MPV is just insane. And with calculations of driving to the yochien starting in January it is only going to grow higher in gas price, since I'll be driving even more come January. Nobo, finally decided in the long run it's cheaper and smarter for us to buy a yellow plate car for me and we'll just keep the MPV for longer distance drives or for airport runs or whatever. The yellow plate car will be my commute car during the week though. There isn't a huge rush to buy immediately, since we have until January. But I think hubby wants it sooner rather then later. So, *sigh*, since last week, we have been researching cars online. Comparing fuel efficiency. Blah blah blah to infinity. : ) We have a few car make and models we like so far, but so far just looking. Just need something clean, low mileage and that's safe and good on gas. With having 2 kids both in school come January. We have a lot to think about. : ) We are indeed transitioning right now from having 1 kid in school, to soon to be having 2 kids in school. I do have a few nerves and fears about if I can handle my schedule come January, gulp, but I guess only time will tell. : )
Anyway, last week sometime I made buta kimchee for the hubby and made chicken kimchee for the kids and I. Used less spice/sauce for the kids, mine was burning hot. : )

On Friday we went and rented some DVD's at Tsutaya! The movie Good Luck Chuck was hilarious! I mean really really really funny! We also watched a few Resident Evil movies. They are not so scary. It is from the video game, but Noah didn't watch them though to be safe. : )
Friday night after supper, we popped some popcorn and had freshly roasted sweet potatoes. And Jasmine tea. In Japan in Fall and winter, we usually eat plenty of roasted sweet potatoes. : )

Saturday morning, made some bacon and sausages.
The kids wanted over easy eggs and Noboru wanted scrambled. I had an onion, green pepper and cheese omelet. We all had toast and hubby and I had coffee. I stayed in sweatpants all day long. Might not have even combed my hair actually, whooops! : ) Lazy restful Saturday.

Around 1pm, the kids and I decided to bake some chocolate chip pecan cookies.

Branden was looking at the camera, meanwhile Noah was looking way off yonder someplace! Ha ha ha. They helped, they stirred. Good helpers, good good helpers! : )
Toll House chocolate chip cookies. Oh man. It was also too cold to even play outside on Saturday. The kids have gloves, coats, I asked them, don't you wanna go outside and play? They said..."no way" Too cold. I agree, smart kids, smart kids! Ha ha ha. : ) So we stayed indoors pretty much all weekend. Watched DVD's we have here at the house already and the rental ones after Noah fell asleep.
Sunday only thing I did besides cooking or relaxing or spending time with the family. Is the kids and I went to Nishimatsuya. Branden needed some house shirts. Bought him 4. Conservative amount and the prices are always so cheap and fair at Nishimatsuya anyways. : )

Just the basics. Three stripes and 1 football type style. No big deal really, but he can wear these to play, or under a sweatshirt to school or for around the house, they're cute. Too cold a weather to wear without sweatshirt or coat now though : ) And what else?

* Am going bowling tomorrow/ on November 12th with my 2 friends. Both their kids went to the same Catholic yochien B went to and that Noah is going to be attending. But I am looking forward to my get together this coming Wednesday with my girlfriends. : ) They both have younger kids at the yochien too, so it puts my mind at ease that we will know and have friends when we start back at the yochien this January. Someone to keep an eye on Noah at least hopefully. These ladies are very nice! : )

* Ordered our turkey last Friday. We bought it from the same people we bought it from last year. We bought the 18-20 pound turkey. It is a better deal then they were offering at the meat guy, the Flying Pig and the FBC. So we are quite happy. If anyone wants or needs the link, let me know. I just don't wanna bombard anyone with links if they aren't necessary that's all. : )

*Meanwhile placed an order at Flying pig, bought 9,000 yen worth of goodies, mostly just a Fall shopping order, since I do live quite far from there, but the yummy yeasty dinner rolls we will freeze and save for Thanksgiving. Can't think what I ordered right now, also am a bit pinched for time right now. I'll blog when the order gets here. : )

FBC order also placed, but just a teeny tiny order with them. Only because they had something the other shop didn't. Good we have all the variety of the shops nowadays to order from in Japan. I had 80% of my Thanksgiving things already here at the house that I brought back from America my last trip. And the last few tid bits, I just got online real quick. So, we are eagerly awaiting the 3 orders, the Turkey that will get here next week on the date that we picked, and the other 2 orders. Have a lovely week you guys!!! And I'll try to do my best at bowling tomorrow, ha ha ha! : )