Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some meme fun!!! : )

I have been tagged by Tigermama (waves) thanks Tigermama. And I filled this out last night, so just to clarify, the enchiladas are from last night, I am not making them now in the morning, lol. As are the answers. It was a whole lotta fun doing this. Thanks again! : )

Outside my window... is a great big patio and a nice backyard and an endless rice field as my view. Needless to say, I love the view outside my windows. : )

I am thinking... about whether we should fly to Guam for Christmas, like we usually do or stay in Japan for Christmas, hmmm. On one hand, I want B to take part of that compressed swim course during xmas break so maybe stay in Japan, but on the other hand the thought of walking on the sandy beach on a tropical island and doing some snorkeling for Christmas, sounds like bliss to me too though. Decisions, decisions. : )

I am thankful for... my health, my family, being financially secure and my flight benefits!!! : ) I am deeply thankful and appreciative and never ever, not even for a second take any of those things for granted.

From the kitchen... I have chicken enchiladas baking in the oven right now! Yummmm! : )

I am wearing... a black pair of yoga pants with gray stripe down the side and a black fitted long sleeved top. Sorry folks, when I am in the house, I like comfort and by gosh I have about 5 pair of different types of yoga pants different styles some flared leg, some capri or regular length. But I live in comfy clothes in the house. No one to impress, it's my momly uniform, you guys lol. : )

I am creating... the childhood memories and traditions for my children and I am always aware of that and remember that and keep that in my mind. So, I try to make every holiday special and all our regular time count too!. : )

I am going... to go to ,my favorite Japanese bakery tomorrow. Yumm! Haven't been in about a week and a half and I have been itching to buy about 8 different things in there. I love Japanese bakery's! : ) I also plan on cruisng the drive thru at Mickey D's this weekend too though, because I have been sorta addicted to their caramel machiatto Mc Flurry's. Oh so good! I have been hooked on those for the past month! : ) Which means more treadmill time for me, lol. : )

I am reading... "Parents magazine" and "The National Enquirer" lol, so typically me! : )

I am hoping... to make the boys their final flu shot appointment for next week, tomorrow morning by phone. I hope the lady, I know answers the phone, lol!

I am hearing... Hannah Montana on TV right now. Kids are watching and I admit I do love the show too! Ha ha ha..

Around the house... things are right where they should be, because I cleaned house like a son of a gun, today and the day before! : D

One of my favorite things... is to laugh with my children. Another one of my favorite things is when the kids go to sleep, and the hubby and I have that 2 hours at night just to talk, watch TV and laugh our butts off together, just like when we were dating. Except now we have 2 kids and have been together for ages. But it still feels the same....even after all this time.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Drive Branden to school back and forth everyday since it is Fall and very cold now. I won't let him walk now. Too darn cold.... Brrr! And Wednesday, I have to take B to swim club. Thursday run to the grocery store in the AM and then in the afternoon take Noah to swim club and Branden to Kumon also on Thurs., still make dinners, cook and clean, do laundry, check homework. Yada yada yada. When Friday comes, be extremely excited when Friday finally rolls around. Stay awake until I can stay up no more and maybe go rent some DVD's, in the day to last us the weekend. LOL. I heart the weekends, hurry up weekend and get here. : ) Oh yeah and Branden's gloves have disappeared, gah! So we need to buy him some...maybe Nishimatsuya or something. So now we gotta go there too, geeze Louise! ha ha ha, I don't mind though. Phew! : )

Here is a picture that I am sharing... It is from when we went back to my home state, in Denver Colorado a few month's ago. And this pic was taken when we went up to Glenwood Springs and soaked in the nice but very hot, hot springs!!!

I am tagging, Illahee, Nay, Sara, Jo, and Kappa no he! Go get em' ladies! I look forward to reading your answers! : ) Thanks for tagging me, Tigermama! : )