Sunday, October 05, 2008

A very nice weekend! : )

So Friday, we indeed made our way to the trash dumping place. Last pic of the high chair. So long old pal! We salute you! : ) Ha ha ha. : ) And other various things we loaded in the car for throwing.

All cans in one corner, and this is the room where the high chair went but in another section/area of the room. : (

There is the suitcase that also went, you can see it in this pic and the futon. You see, way back when we first moved to Japan. And we were in our great big old Japanese house rental. With tatami room and whole bit, and genkan so tiny only 1 person fit per time. ha ha ha. Meanwhile the first week we had no futon at all, because hubby had to go straight to work the day after we moved to Japan and I didn't drive way back then, at that time so we waited a week until he had his first day off. So talk about just roughing it, lol, just blankets our first week. : ( Then we bought ourselves this futon his first day off. We used this futon with great love for 9 month's until we could afford a bed (moving expenses folks are wowsa, especially from overseas : ). After we had the bed, we would often pull the futon out for guests. And have for years. It was a very nice futon. And now as years go on and we by now have 3 beds, my how times change, don't they? We have beds for guests as well. So, keeping this old futon was really not very practical. Yet for me being Mrs. sappy sentimental me, I was sad to throw it away. Sorta for me and please don't laugh but, this futon symbolized how we made it. And I felt really sorry to have to take in on Friday. You see, I let this futon pass the past 2 years I have gone to the cleaning center. But finally today I let it go. : ( And I know I might sound like a dork for saying so...but I felt really sad to let it go. But I did. Anyway....I guess times change and I guess in the long run it was a good idea to declutter like this. Ah well. : ) But we do have appreciation for everything we have and use it to it's fullest. And even still, we do tend to feel sad to have to trash things. : (
Anyway, also on Friday after we picked up B from his ichinensei. We drove to the little private Catholic yochien to pick up our registration forms for Noah. You see, he was supposed to start at the end of October but now he will start beginning of January. His spot is being saved by the principal already and they can't wait for him to start, they said. : ) This way, new fresh year, and a new fresh start at school! I can't wait for my little guy to begin yochien, though I will probably cry at the entrance ceremony, knowing me! Ha ha ha. : )

Friday evening, gasp among gasps, we actually went to eat at a restaurant. Yahoo! Ha ha ha. : ) We just went to a cheap little ramen shop, 3 towns and 2 cities away, lol. : )

Hungry boys! : )

Getting their toy, that is free with purchase of a kids meal, ha ha ha. : )

Heading home, I love where we live so much. To be at such peace and be so totally in love with our surroundings, man we always feel so lucky for living here! : ) No great big ol' sky scraper or big buildings, just the quiet simple life. : )

Saturday: Saturday and Sunday are just rest days around our house. For us it's our time in the week to stop and smell the roses so to speak. The time to enjoy our surroundings! So, Saturday morning, the boys woke right up, brushed their teeth, washed their faces. Got dressed. Motored downstairs for some grub! : ) I gave them cereal and toast. Easy. And Branden went to play. He went to Saya-chan's house for a while, he called me on his cell and asked if he could.... she had invited him, I said yes. Then he called me at the park (in our community) about an hour later saying they were just all hanging around and the next thing I know, I had a ton of kids that finally made their way to my backyard! Ha ha ha. Check out all the bikes! : )

The only girl in this ichinensei group that lives in our community is Saya-chan. She is absolutely adorable. She is one of the receivers of the cool girl tooth brushes and stuff from when we went to Guam. She's so cute and has absolutely flawless manners. We really think the world of her! Genki-kun is also back there in this pic, Keita-kun, and more! And Noah, yup he can play and keep up with the bigger kids. : ) When he starts ichinensei (years from now), he will have all these kids who will by then be 5th or so graders looking out for him. : )

So what did I do Saturday? Not much unless you count laying on the couch watching TV as doing something, ha ha ha. *winks* : ) I honestly laid on the couch watching various shows, channel surfing for a few hours. I stayed in one of my house outfits all day long. Black yoga capri pants, and black cotton t shirt 3/4 length. Just comfy all day long. No makeup, nothing. Around noon, I decided to actually get up from the couch and I baked a homemade from scratch apple pie. My filling, 6 big sized apples, a little flour for thickening the apple mixture, yumm. Cinnamon and brown sugar and lemon juice from real lemon. Oh it smelled great getting this all ready. : ) I did have the windows open and I loved and really enjoyed hearing the kids in my backyard all singing school songs and other various songs in Japanese. It made me smile. Especially when I heard my own son's singing as well. Just a real honest, no fuss no muss type day. Just a truly relaxing day in our neck of the woods. : )

By now my apple mixture is sitting. And I am getting my crust together. I used to use veggie shortening but I have now switched to making my crusts with real butter. And the flavor is absolutely amazing with the real butter crust and so flaky! : )

Crust is now done and I threw in the freezer for an hour. : ) Time to wrap the apples in saran and go flop on the couch some more. : )

Tonight's dinner, homemade guacamole bacon cheeseburger night!!! Yay and for dessert homemade from scratch apple pie. My god, I don't wanna toot my own horn, but that pie came out freaking amazing! : )

Hamburger buns are usually a pain to track down in Japan. I have 1 store that usually carries them but they didn't the day I needed them, ha ha ha! Go figure! Oh well, that didn't stop us! I just bought some more yummy soft sandwich bread instead. I like mine, ketchup one side and mustard the other. : )

Crispy lettuce, tomatoes seasoned with salt and black pepper, onions.

Done! That cheeseburger with the crunchiest bacon on top. I could barely help not eating it right then and there! Ha ha ha. : )

Guacamole and then smacked the other bread on top. Pulled out the french fries. And we 4 all sat watching TV enjoying our burgers and fries! Oh yeah....this is what Saturdays are about! Relaxing, kicking back and eating comfort food! Right on! : )

And for dessert, a hot cup of caramel machiatto and a slice of homemade apple pie! Kids ate every dot of dinner as always and ate every crumb from their slice of apple pie! Ha ha ha and Noboru? He actually had 2 slices of apple pie for dessert and he's not really a dessert type guy!

Sunday morning. Hmm, obviously we all had the apple pie on our minds because the 4 of us woke up and started the day with a slice of homemade apple pie as well. Ha ha ha. And then I started in on Sunday's breakfast. I made crispy bacon, and omelet's and toast for Sunday. I wasn't a lazy breakfast maker today, ha ha ha. : )

Branden went to play in the neighborhood for an hour after breakfast but he came home around 10:30 am. He stood in the backyard with his brother for the rest of the day playing and having a ball. So, yet another quiet relaxing day at home! Meanwhile after I tossed the Sunday dishes into the dishwasher. Me and the hubby both lazed on the couch watching TV for the rest of the day! The house doesn't get clean on the weekends, sorry. Ha ha ha. : ) Everything can wait until Monday. Weekends are for strictly relaxing at our house. : )

With nothing but endless rice fields behind our home, the view always takes my breath away back there. : )

No neighbors back there, ha ha ha. : )

Kids enjoying our jungle gym. They still have their own ways of sliding down. They're quite the characters! : )

Go little brother go!!!! : ) Yay Noah! : )

Run, run, run! : )

Branden singing as I snapped this pic! They certainly do know how to have fun! : )

Weee! : ) Sunday where we live, Sunday was gray all day but no rain. It didn't start raining until about 10pm Sunday night. It has been off and on raining a bunch lately huh? : )

Sunday night's dinner. A nice fresh salad, croutons, cheese and the whole bit! : )

With some ground beef still in the fridge, I ended up making hamburg with it. I whipped out hamburg mix and more seasonings and skillet fried them in a pan. Some steamed broccoli and rice and the salad. A really nice enjoyable yet simple dinner Sunday evening. We all sat at the dinner table Sunday. It's always amazing to me, how much we talk and share during dinner time. And good we can be flexible to do both ways, eat in front of the TV and also enjoy a nice sit down meal too. Ha ha ha. : ) Oh and mine was on the left, smaller salad and smaller hamburgs then the hubby's, ha ha ha.

My simple Sunday nights dinner! : )

Oh and look who lost yet another tooth you guys! Yup Branden lost a tooth right before supper. It had been so wibbly wobbly and was near falling out for weeks now. And finally Sunday evening it did. : )
After bath time and the kids were in a deep sleep. I magically morphed into the *ahem* the tooth fairy and I slid the tooth out from under the pillow, meanwhile sliding the money under his pillow! *it takes some serious skills to be the tooth fairy, you guys* , lol (wink wink). Awww! Then I went downstairs and enjoyed the rest of my night watching TV and just enjoying what was left of my nice relaxing weekend. : )