Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's catch up! : )

Let's catch up, some shall we? : ) What have we been up to this past week? Let's find out (not much of anything though, you guys). : ) Well last Friday after Branden got home, I was surprised when he hopped in my car, after school, with a tooth in his hand. He told me his tooth fell out while at school last Friday. So now he has 2 missing teeth, ha ha ha. He played for about an hour after we got home from ichinensei last Friday and then came in. The boys watched cartoons and munched popcorn, while I prepared dinner. We also shared another bowl of popcorn the next night while watching a good DVD with the family. : )

There is my boy, minus 2 teeth! Hmm, if he loses anymore, he will start to look like a Jack O Lantern, ha ha ha! : ) No more wobbly teeth though for now, so I think this will be it for a while. Phew! And yup the tooth Fairy reappeared again to give some money for exchange of his tooth. Good tooth fairy, good good tooth fairy! *winks* : )

Saturday it rained, so no playing with the neighborhood kids for my kiddos that day! : (

Anyway the boys and I baked a pumpkin pie together that day anyway, so that was nice. : )
Funny, when I first started making pies, my crusts looked so rough. Something that Frankenstein might have put together. LOL. But now after about a billion mistakes and many many pies later, I find I can whip out a crust in my sleep almost. How that happened, I'll never know. It's a mystery to me even. : ) Still not perfect but good enough for me. : )

Go into the oven... you little pie, you!!!! : )
I know, I know, for many of you not from America or Canada, this whole pumpkin pie thing is a bit of a head scratcher! Ha ha ha. But, I think because I grew up with this pumpkin pie stuff, I will always love this pie. Ahhhh, pumpkin pie! Ha ha ha. : )

My Saturday dessert after supper! A nice slice of homemade pumpkin pie, with homemade butter crust and hot caramel machiatto to go with. And with the thought of no school until Wednesday, I was on a real relax mode at our house Saturday night.
Sunday was our tiny towns undokai! And within our town, all of the districts competed against each other. All of the districts showed up and ready to compete. See the different color flags? Our district was the green flag. So we rooted for green all day long! : )

The rival school about to put on their musical performance. Our elementary school went on afterwards. I thought the rival school actually did a great job. The music they did was a lot of Disney! I clapped for the other team. Because well, I figured they are all just kids, we should clap for both teams!

Next was our school! I had seen this little dance number at our real undokai a month or so ago, but it was still cute and I clapped all over again! Nerd that I am! Ha ha ha. : )

The first graders in the yellow shirts, the second graders in the green shirts.

For the town undokai we did not need to make an obento because well honestly the towns so small, the town just made obento for everyone who showed up. And yes we all passed around the booklet from house to house how many would be attending so the town made exactly the right amount of obento's, ha ha ha. : )

This was inside.

After our obento's, we went to the stands and bought some dessert. I chose a choco banana.

The boys shared a great big shave ice! : )
Noboru and Branden even had time to take themselves a little after lunch cat nap. Ha ha ha.

Monkey see, monkey do! Of course after daddy and older brother napped, he wanted to try and nap exactly how they did, as well.

There was dancing between all districts.
And now was the 2pm, big relay race. Only the fastest of each class were chosen. We went district against district, school against school! Now, there was also 1 relay race before we broke for lunch and there was some talking going on, some mom said, she could not tell which one was her daughter when they were racing. So all through lunch there was a buzz, between us mom's, how could we distinguish our team or our school from the other. So, for our first graders relay race team, we decided to have them switch into their dance shirts. That way we could find which kid was ours. It was such a brilliant idea, that the other mom thought of! In this pic was Keita and Kouki and B. : )

Our schools ichinensei racing team! Go Branden! This undokai was held at a junior high school, this is not our elementary school, if you can remember our school does looks different and is new, where this one is old. Ha ha ha. : ) Oh yeah they each picked their own names for their team. Branden's team was the "Super Team" LOL! : )
That does sound like a name a group of 6 year olds would pick, huh? Ha ha ha. How adorable! : )

Aha, see, all other districts wore white shirts, our "Super team" was far left, thanks to the yellow shirts! Phew. That was Kouiki-kun right there in the yellow, he kicked it off and then it passed to Keita!
There's B in the yellow shirt waiting for the stick to be passed along...Keita passed it to B!
Keita had a bit of trouble as he ran into the far right lane, ha ha ha and tried to pass it to someone else. Poor kiddo. He might have been nervous. Sensei had to come and take him to B. By now everyone had already left. Ha ha ha. Branden ran his heart out trying to catch up! Sadly the "Super team" superly lost! Ha ha ha. Ah well, they had fun and they did try their best! We were proud of everyone on the "Super team" : )
Noah being a total goof ball nerd! All hopping and skipping around the big country field!

See this food dangling on a stick with string? Breads only though! Well, this was the last race of the day and I can only tell you.... it was the best race I ever saw! It was a race by kids and adults. But adults were in the JA team. Our adult team was the JA, Japan agriculture. You know the rice farmers for our area! They were so fast and so genki they were like grease lightning! Ha ha ha. Anyway, it was a triathlon of sorts. First you had to race round the big dirt track, then you had to jump rope around the field and then at the end you had to catch the sweet bread with your *teeth* It was so hilarious. And the running, those farmers run freaking fast and are in such fantastic shape! Gym memberships they do NOT need! Ha ha ha! We were all screaming and shouting. we wanted the farmers and people from the green teams to win!We were screaming, run, go, go go go!!! Whole crowd went wild! It was amazing. And this one lady could not catch the bread with her teeth, she was trying, hard to reposition herself and still no bread! Ha ha ha. She finally got it! But man, it was a hoot! A hilarious Sunday afternoon. spent in the countryside, shouting and cheering on the JA and the kids! Ha ha ha! And I didn't even have to make obento, that was a plus! : ) We went home and quietly enjoyed our Sunday! We went out in the backyard. Chatted with our neighbors, while we were in our backyard and they were in theirs. Kids played in the backyard a bit and then we went inside. And I fixed dinner.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday went by in our house without pics. Sorry guys, I just honestly enjoyed the heck out of myself. I relaxed and rested and enjoyed time with the boys. Watched B and his friends play. We watched lots of TV. Read lots of books together as well. Just really enjoyed the couple day break. On Tuesday though, I went to the store to do my weekly shopping. Loaded up the back of my minivan with drinks galore, bags of meats, bags of veggies and other things. These are the drinks we bought. Not very exciting. Ha ha ha. For the most part we drink a case of jasmine tea (no sugar added) and a case of bottled water. During meal time I might have a sweetened lemon or peach tea but that's it really. Also during meal time, I might give the kids a glass/cup of Qoo or Calpis (this week it's grape) but mostly they drink iced jasmine tea or water. And 1 soda a week for us adults, my one guilty pleasure once a week, ahhhh! Oh yes we do drink a lot, but with boys they always work up quite the sweat running and playing so much. Also I always want a few extras in case we get the big earthquake and all. Ha ha ha. : )

Wednesday from 8am to 9am, I cleaned the downstairs. And then I baked some cookies. Oatmeal and raisin. The pumpkin pie was long gone. : ( So we needed something to last us the week. : )
Plenty of oats and a whole cup of raisins.

About to go in the oven.

Hot out of the oven! : )

A full plate of oatmeal raisin cookies cooling off!

Too many cookies to fit inside my airtight lame canister. Hmm, you know, I really have to find a proper cookie jar you guys! : )

Barely 9:45 am, and cookies are now done for the week! : ) Throw cookies pans in dishwasher, start beef stew and finish house. Phew! : )

Please don't laugh but, you know how Wednesdays are my busy days. And we are at swimming so late, and if we have any chance of eating a nice home cooked meal, I have to make it before B gets out of elementary that day. So, Wednesday again and knowing full well, today is a busy Wednesday, so I said, why the heck not. And I fried up my beef and then I started boiling the beef. It boiled from 10:15 am until 2pm, when I finally turned the stove off and went to get myself ready to pick up B from school. And get the swimming bag packed and ready to go.

By the time it was done, it was fall apart tender! And so yummy! : ) I had the rice and everything ready, so when we got back from swim school, finishing up dinner would be easy.

After swim club, Branden unpacked his swimming bag, Noah colored in his Wall-E coloring book and I reheated the beef and broth, and added my already diced veg, that I diced up earlier in the day. In about 8-10 minutes in was crazy boiling again veggies getting nicely boiled by now and cooked and in a bit the veggies were tender, put the fire off, split the curry into 2 pans, one mild and 1 hot. Noah had the mild, and the 3 of us had the hot. It was a nice simple dinner that was nice to actually eat within 20-25 minutes of arriving home. Basically by the time we had switched clothes and put things away and stuff, we were eating supper with the family.

Right after our curry dinner, we set the bath and everyone got all nice and clean, hubby and the boys went first and I went in afterwards. I threw in a Halloween DVD after we all had our jammies on, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" Gosh I remember watching this when I was a little kid, now I get to enjoy this stuff all over again, because having a kid means you get to enjoy this stuff all over and twice, right? Ha ha ha! See Sally? This is the part where she is pretty mad because she felt she wasted her whole Halloween with Linus waiting for the great pumpkin instead of getting candy! Ha ha ha. She was awfully upset! Ha ha ha. : )

Oh my gosh! Remember Charlie Brown's ghost sheet had holes all over the darn sheet! He had a little trouble with the scissors, ha ha ha! Branden laughed and he laughed at the holey costume. And Noah meanwhile chuckled a good one, because all the kids got candy but poor dear, Charlie brown only got rocks. That funny ol' Charlie Brown! What a wonderful movie and a nice way to end Wednesday! : )
Here's a pic of B watching the Halloween DVD, but both boys were all cozied on the couch, Noah was on the other side. And they really enjoyed watching the Charlie Bown Halloween DVD. They said they wanna watch it again tomorrow night, oh my! Ha ha ha. But in a nut shell, this week was a very nice restful week. Our week didn't start until Wednesday, was a tad busy but not too crazy either. We aren't going on vacation anytime soon. We are not planning on a Costco run for a long while either. Nothing really is going on over here. Just hanging home as usual. Enjoying the simple life, I guess. It's been quiet but really good. Today is now Thursday and things are going really smooth. We just got back from Noah's yochien interview. It went very well. I will try to blog about that sometime soon. Noah also has swimming today, as well. Anyway, I hope all of you, are also doing well and that life is treating you guys good as always. : )