Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun at Tokyo Disneyland!!! : )

On Thursday, our family went to Disneyland to enjoy us some holiday and Halloween festivities! We arrived at Disneyland around 10:00 am. Maybe 10:15 am. We got a great close parking. And the park wasn't too crowded at all. Which after going there for Halloween so many times, we know a few things, like to avoid going on a weekend if it could be avoided because Disneyland is very crowded for the month of October on weekends. So that's why we went on a weekday. Here's the boys right after we entered the park! : )

Castle in the background! : )

First ride of the day, the Pirate's of the Caribbean! : )
Only a 20 minute wait in line! The park was so nice on a weekday! We rode every single ride and many we rode a few times! I think 4 years ago? We went on a weekend in October and the lines were like 2 and 3 hour long waits in line for all rides, it sucked. : ( Ha ha ha. 2 years ago, we went on a Friday and it was less people then the weekend but it was still sorta full. Today and on a Thursday, it rocked!!! Ha ha ha. : ) And I do understand for many salary men and families they sometimes have no choice but to go on a weekend. : ( Bummer. : (

Boys in the country area of the park!

About to ride the tea cups! And the badge said Happy Birthday Branden on B's shirt and wherever he went employees of the park told him "Happy Birthday Branden". Although it isn't until Sunday. But he enjoyed receiving plenty of Happy Birthday wishes while at Disneyland on Thursday! How cute! : )

My silly little Noah playing around Toon Town! The weather forecast said it would lightly rain around 3-4pm and they were right, but as you can tell by the pics, all morning and afternoon it did not! : )

The decorations at Disneyland for Halloween are gorgeous! We love them and look forward to them every year! : )

The Roger Rabbit ride was only 30 minutes wait. Seemed less then that. But yeah we got to ride everything.

The license plates. I love seeing them every time we go here. Little Mermaid. Captain Hook. Fantasy. 101 Dalmatians. Aristocats, Zippa dee doo dah. LOL.
Noboru and Noah on the Crazy Cars/taxis.

These make all sorts of funny sounds when you pull them! : )

Noah opening one as well! : )

A teeny tiny little door! : )
My lunch! : )

Branden and their balloons. B had the Mickey one and Noah chose the Buzz one! : )

The blue fairy! : )

Watching the parade, it had started to lightly sprinkle during lunch.

Three more rides after lunch and by now it was flat out raining. Good thing, I packed raincoats. I also had their rain boots in our minivan but it never got that bad. Yet it never stopped either. It was way less rain then we had the day after like we had on Friday, but it was rain still.

We also had 2 fast passes. And good news is Noah is now tall enough for the Splash Mountain ride. So he rode this for his first time in his life on Thursday!!! He loved it! We all loved it! : )
Walking on the fast lane side.

View of the logs on the Splash Mountain ride! : )

Boys picking up leaves at Disneyland. Some of the leaves were huge! Ha ha ha. : )

About to take the Jungle Cruise! : )

The boys on the jungle cruise! : )

Riding the train around Disneyland. The view was beautiful! : )

And by now it was night time and pitch dark. The Halloween decorations looked even prettier! : )
It was 7:00 pm now and the rain seemed to get a bit worse by this point. We had already ridden every ride in the park, many more then once. We had our fill. Sure if it wasn't raining we might have stayed until 10pm. But with the rain and given we had ridden everything already, we decided to leave Disneyland early. First time we've ever left before closing. And we decided to hit the Outback Steakhouse on the way home! I snapped 2 pictures before we left though. This one and the other. : ) I love this picture very much! : )
And the final pic of us at Disneyland for 2008. The boys with a good amount of pumpkins! : ) We bought some treats for ourselves before we left the park and headed to the restaurant. : )

At the Outback Steakhouse at Colton Plaza in Ichikawa! We had some fried shrimp and some fresh bread with butter, while we waited for our dinner's! : )

Kids both had a chicken strip meal. But Noah didn't eat his, because he was dead asleep. So we took his meal 'to go"
B still had his Disneyland birthday sticker on, ha ha ha! : )

On the seat, totally dead to the world. Man was he sleeping soundly or what? Ha ha ha. I guess Tokyo Disneyland and all the excitement of it, tired him out! : )

My meal, the Alice Springs chicken, without the bacon, and a baked potato with cheese and butter instead of the fries. Yup, I always feel like Sally, from, "When Harry met Sally" when I order this! Ha ha ha!

Noboru had the ribs! : )

We brought back some cookies and some chocolate and that is it. We munched on some of those cookies on Friday night after dinner! Anyway, that was our little adventure I thought I would share, that we had on Thursday at Tokyo Disneyland! : )