Friday, October 24, 2008

Care package and birthday present from Osaka!!! : )

On Friday, it rained buckets of rain where we live all day long. That morning when I drove Branden to school, my wipers were on their fastest setting, yet it still wasn't fast enough to wipe away all the pouring rain on Friday. But the house was clean and it was a nice day to just watch the rain fall like it did. Oh yeah I also ran to the store to get a weeks worth of groceries. Went back home and watched the rain fall again. Picked up B from school in the afternoon and the rain didn't stop, it even lasted through the night. Must have stopped around 3am or so. Not quite sure. : ) Anyway, we got this wonderful little care package from my MIL early Friday morning. I mean like, 8:30 am or so, the kuroneko guy had already been here. One box of Toys r us for Branden. With card. And one box of food goodies.
I was happily surprised to receive this wonderful note inside the box of food for me, from my MIL.

Homemade potato salad, homemade karaage, homemade buta kimchee sauce, and oden. My Mil, as most of you already know, has a chain of restaurants/obento shops in Osaka and this food comes from there that she makes in huge enormous quantities. I really appreciated getting this, I ended up frying up the chicken on Friday and we all had karaage, potato salad and rice, a very simple Friday night dinner and even easier because she made it, ha ha ha! : )

Card for Branden!

When my MIL called 2 weeks ago, she spoke to B on the phone. She asked him, what do you want for your birthday. He had it circled on his little boy magazine, what he wanted (typical kid, ha ha). He told grandma he wanted the Speed Racer mach GT. And sure enough she tracked it down for him and she sent him exactly what he wanted, lol. How cute! And yes, I will wrap it for grandma. : ) I called my MIL after Branden got home, I told her thank you first for the lovely letter and the food. And how happy she had made me. And then I passed the phone to Branden and he thanked granny for her gift! And then Noah got on the phone and gave her a few kisses and then we all hung up. Anyway what a nice grandma the kids have. : )