Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly update!!! : )

Wow what a week so far! Clearly we need that week of grace to get into the groove again, because this week seems we have all been so completely "off" it's not even funny! : (

Noah: Our littlest fella of our household has been the main culprit with jet lag. First night Noah woke up at 3am and he woke up our entire household the first night we got back...he woke us up at 3am! I felt sorriest for Branden since he had school that day and needed to be up anyway at 6am. Yet his little brother woke him up at pitch darkness at 3! Ugh! Ha ha ha. Wednesday though his time started switching for the positive and nearly out of jet lag. And Thursday, he slept until 7am, so glad to report he is back on Japan time like the rest of us! So that has been solved! Phew! Ha ha ha. : )

Branden: Since B was out the first 5 days of school, meaning the first week school restarted. He came back to school this week on Monday regardless if his brother woke him up at 3am or not. He's been such a star! His undokai/field day is this Saturday, so he has had to learn this whole dance sequence with half the time as everyone else has done and according to his sensei, he has it down perfectly! Happy sigh! What an awesome trooper he is! : ) Don't ask me how my son could go from school on Monday and then onto Kumon on Monday afternoon, being that he woke up at 3am by Noah. But he did. And he did it with a smile and never a complaint at all. He's such a good kid you guys! He's been having a lot of rest time at home, down time. And has been going to bed by 7:30- 8pm because I think all the practice of undokai he's been needing the full sleep if not more then usual. : ) He played with his friends riding bikes on Tuesday, so he's doing good. reconnecting with friends and stuff. And went to swimming on Wednesday. All he has to do is compete tomorrow in sports day. I already told him, "honey doesn't matter win or lose, we love you anyway" no pressure.

Me: I've been dragging ass all week. Hmm, having someone wake you up at 3am, means I am nearly falling asleep by 7pm. And dead to the world by 9pm. However 2nd day we were here. When Noah woke up, I immediately shuffled him downstairs so he did NOT disturb or wake up his school aged brother B. I managed to unpack everything but 1 suitcase the next day I got back only because of being up so early and having nothing else to do. And the last one I finished with on Wednesday. I had a hard time getting the Denver posts up a lot because frankly waking up so early and getting B shuttled off to school and such. I was really just out of it. Also, since this is undokai preparations week. I have new things to pack seems every darn day for Branden. Lucky for me I got good Japanese girlfriends though, because "boy next door's" mom came over Sunday night and brought me a xerox copy of what "boy next door got from our sensei" it said bring, a thermos for your child EVERYDAY this week! And I lived in fear, lol everday this week that I might forget, said thermos, lol. I put tiny post it's on the computer and the fridge and one on the sink upstairs that said..."did you pack Branden's thermos???" and that helped because I never forgot at all this week. House work this week suffered and it doesn't rarely ever suffer. But gah! Considering the way this week was, no wonder. However, I pretty much had the attitude this week. As long as I get Branden off to school every morning without a hitch and he has frozen thermos in hand and his chisai/small towel for wiping sweat for his undokai practice. And whatnots. Then I am not doing too bad. Ha ha ha. And as long as I prevent my little jet lagger not to wake up anyone else and only I sit down stairs and suffer with coffee in hand, then again I am doing okay, ha ha ha. *wink wink* : )

Thursday was insane: Thursday, went like this. Branden went to school. Meanwhile Noah has 2 makeup days to do for swimming. So, the "super momma taxi express" meaning me. Dropped off Noboru at the swimming school at 1:45pm with Noah and I immediately drove like a maniac back to the elementary. Not too fast but you know what I mean. I was no turtle that day. Picked up B. Drove him directly to Kumon. Waved good by and immediately drove back yet again to swim school to pick up Noboru and Noah. As I was pulling into the parking lot, they were walking to my car. Made it by the skins of my teeth! Then on way home, swung back to pick up B! And umm, did I mention I woke up so early that day? Crazy right? Came home unloaded everyone's backpack, swim or ichinensei. Ohashi into the dishwasher. And started straight into dinner. No rest, not even a dot. Got dinner ready. And Noah my jet lagger fell asleep during dinner. I being the bad guy, lol, woke him up to get him more on Japan time. Threw both boys into the shower with Noboru and then I showered. A truly crazy week we have had. I think because we are not used to being back at school yet. And also at the same time dealing with jet lag at the same time. And whammo!!! No wonder it's been insane this week!

Oh yeah, Thursday was my first real day to deal with the house! I cleaned the entire downstairs. Genkan, toilet, floor mopping, blinds dusting, whole shebang! Did laundry, dried it and hung it and folded the rest. So, I got a start. I think by mid next week, things will be back to normal, but again wow what a crazy week!

Today is now Friday! And yet again, Noah will be at swimming and I will leave hubby and Noah there and rush to go and get B and then swing back and watch my boy swim and wave through the window. Ha ha ha. Oh my! I must be having a "calgon take me away" type week! But this won't last forever and that is the positive and I know that! : )

Tomorrow is undokai and I have a new camera but would you believe I hadn't even had a single chance to play with it yet. Meaning a chance to get used to it. Or see if I prefer the sports setting or regular setting. I wish I had some time to have gotten better acquainted with it. But, not in the cards, which is okay. I'll get it. I might even take my old camera with me to undokai too, just in case! : ) Also because tomorrow is undokai, the PTA has to *be there* at 7:30 am!!!! So I have to wake up at what...5-5:30am or something tomorrow? Yikes! And as you know, I am in the Japanese PTA! However the positive side is....PTA gets to park at the school, right next to the undokai. And everyone else has to park down a hill and really far! So, perks! yay! : )
Also, undokai means, I have to make an obento. Hmm. I made a really nice one last year. But given the week I've had, I really don't care what it looks like tomorrow, honestly. My brain is fried and my body is tired from the week. Ahh, I am sure I will throw something together knowing me. : ) So, today I am in deep undokai thinking mode and deeper obento making mode for tomorrow. Means lot's of prep cooking tonight! : )

Blogs and trouble commenting: Besides being terribly busy from my IRL (in real, lol) I finally caught up on most of my blogger friends. I have just barely now started leaving comments. I am having zero problem with making comments on people who have blogger at all, they go through with ease! However, I noticed my comments going to "wordpress" I think are not going through alright at all! Lulu nicely commented the other day, she had wedding pics up on her blog of Nay's weddings. I was thinking, right on, how cool. I went to Lulu's blog, tried to comment and my comment did not go through. It had gone through every single time before I went away to Denver. But now they were not. : ( *I know it has to be coming from my end somehow.* Yet I am unsure why. I have not made any new updates to my computer at all. Everything seems the same on my end. So I left a comment..."blah blah blah" did not go through. An hour later or so tried to leave another one. Again no such luck. I tried 4 or 5 different times to get it to go through and no such luck. Finally I gave up trying. Hmm, decisions decisions. On one hand I don't want it to look like I did not care enough to comment on something as big or as important as a wedding, do you know what I mean. And on the other hand, where were my comments going? Floating to space? Next thing you know, now all 5 of them are there. OMG! How completely embarrassing LOL. I really did not intend to leave 5 comments. Yikes and so sorry. Same thing happened with GirlJapan. I left a short positive comment to her about the chairs and I think she has wordpress too? Again it did not go through. So.....I guess for now. I am not able to comment to any of you with wordpress. And I did wanna say I am sorry. And yes I did go to Nay's directly and wished her well. And Lulu if you are reading this can you delete a few of those posts I made pretty please? I don't wanna feel like a big giant dork butt, leaving 4 or 5 of the same message, lol! Gomen ne! Again I am not sure why I can't comment on wordpress anymore, I will try to comment on Heidi's and JYankee's later tonight to double check if I have any free time.. : ( Especially since everyone else seems to be able to comment just fine. : (
Anyway isn't that I am not trying to comment. I would never ever do that to anyone. It's just I am not allowed to comment and I think it is coming from my computer and it's just the weirdest thing. Anyway sorry for having to tell you all here at once, but I have about 5-6 friends with wordpress and this was the only way, to let you all know in one fell swoop. : ) So if anyone thinks, "man Gina hasn't commented for a really long time" I want to very much" It's just right now, I can't. And it's weird and I don't know why or how to correct this. But I am sorry. : )

Anyway this is the camera. Man I hope I can get it figured out by tomorrow. : ( Perhaps I can practice with it at swim school today. : )

And it even came with a world wide warranty which is nice, whether I am in Japan or back visiting family. Anyway....I hope I like it and stuff. : ) I didn't write under any of the other pics, because I am in a bit of a rush right now. And I sorta have to do some stuff around the house. But I will try to post maybe Monday or something. I really am just hoping to get some rest on Sunday and Monday since B has no school then. And let us all just unwind at home. : ) Anyway, please have a good weekend everyone! : )