Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things brought back from Guam. : )

I know, I know. I was clearly not planning on buying a thing while on vacation in Guam. However, in my defense, not that I need to but. After a full days of beach and pool side play and, 4pm hits and you've already been showered. What's there to do? Obviously going to sleep at 4pm, is absolutely out of the question! LOL. So, a trip to the mall, to eat our meal at the food court and then a brief look around was a real no brainer. It wasn't like the #1 thing on our list. But it honestly just happened. Anyways here's what we brought back on our trip. Some/ a few holiday goods. I grew up going Trick or treating every year. That was something I looked forward to every year. Anyway living in Japan, and not on a military base means no trick or treating for my kiddos. : ( Which is fine, we don't mind so much. : ) We do the carving of the big pumpkin every single year, and roasting of seeds every year too. And I buy an assortment of treats for my kids. And we have a nice special dinner at home. Did I make homemade pizza last year? I forget. And we watch kid friendly Halloween movies (like a Charlie Brown Halloween). And when the kids go to sleep, I whip out the Jason from Friday the 13th movie! Ha ha ha, yikes! Anyway, yeah, living in Japan,we make each holiday our own basically. And make our own special family traditions. So anyways....what did we buy? Well, I bought a big bag of 100 treats, all assorted and these are the good treats too, Heath toffee bars, Almond Joy, Whoppers and Reese's, etc. : ) Some carving the pumpkin sets. Some tea lights for lighting said pumpkin. And some stuff for baking Halloween treats with. : ) I try to make each holiday special around here for the boys! I really do my best! : )

As you could see in this pic and the pic above, this book, I have 3 copies of the same book. I bought one copy for my boys and 2 copies for friends who also have kids. It's important to me that, I do always try to bring back something for others as well. : )

And at the back of the book, it talks about, how he thought of Thanksgiving as the "middle child" of holidays. And how it may not be as fancy and sparkly as Halloween or Christmas, however Thanksgiving makes us be thankful and also grateful. I absolutely agreed when I read that. And probably why I look forward to Thanksgiving so much! : ) An excellent book!

Knowing me, I will totally be whipping up some Halloween cupcakes and these sprinkles came from Macy's and are really cute. And the cupcake holders were also very Halloweeny and cute too. : ) One thing I look forward to about the fall, is the..."Holiday row", we sorta have. Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November for us Americans and December for Christmas, and of course B's Birthday is in October as well. : ) Ha ha ha. But I love the row of Holidays in the fall. Love it! I love Fall! : )

Side dishes. Again, I know it's the simple stuff, but heck, we are a family who loves the simple stuff. Ha ha ha. Mac and cheese, love that blue box. Great for lunches for the boys. We don't really eat this for dinner, but great for lunch. Side dishes from Knorr and Rice a roni, the Alfredo pasta, the chicken rice a roni and 3 cheese rice. These types of things go great with a roasted chicken, or some southern fried chicken. or maybe a nice baked pork chop. The stuffing, again, I figured an extra couldn't hurt and we have a huge pantry so it all fits nicely in there. Phew. : )
Instant noodle soup. One Fall day, the boys will be playing out in the backyard, and I will call them into the house for some lunch, a grilled cheese sandwich and some noodle soup for them. That'll keep them warm. : ) Hidden valley ranch dressing. 1 bottle of this is for using as dip for dunking our potato chips at Thanksgiving and the other one is for dunking buffalo wings in for whenever. A big huge hunking bottle of garlic salt. This is so necessary in our house for about a billion reasons. Mango. And 2 packets of buffalo wing seasoning. Again not much, but it didn't hurt make a grocery store run. And hey, the store is in the same mall where we ate at the food court at. So we didn't go out of our way or anything at all. : )

I have been wanting to bring back some baking ware for a long time now. However since the hubby is always with, he always makes a face when I mention it. He just says, "ugh it's too heavy baby" and I always say, alright. Two mellow people, who hate to fight, what can you say. LOL. Anyway with the hubby not with us this time. Umm, I got them! Wink, wink!
I got the good stuff. Like it says, commercial bakeware.
When the hubster saw them, he said, " oh you got the pans" Instead of saying something cheeky like, na na na na na and stick out my tongue or blow raspberries at him. LOL, I'd never do that. I just said..."oh umm yeah, turns out they weren't so heavy after all" ( smiles nicely and sincerely at hubby) He said...."Good honey, that's good" : ) 1 loaf pan, 2 more pie pans, 4 personal pan pizza pans, and 1 9x13 cake pan.

I have 1 large cookie baking tray already but I needed another really bad, so I can bake twice the amount of cookies at the same time. This will really speed things up now. Ha ha ha. Now my Christmas cookies won't have to cook on just 1 pan. I really needed this.

5 boxes of yellow cake mix. 2 chocolate frostings. I also have that Halloween frosting in the other pic. 2 more cans of pumpkin for 2 additional pies. Now I have enough for 4 pies. Baking powder for whatever and evaporated milk for the pies. And 2 boxes of brownies. I have a good collection of baking goods in the pantry now. Plenty of Tollhouse choco chips and puddings, etc. Come on Fall, hurry so we can start baking season! : )
A case of movie theater microwave popcorn and a small 3 pack of "blast o butter" popcorn. Dang that's so buttery it practically butters my brains! Ha ha ha. : ) We do eat a lot of popcorn though and I don't think this will be enough to last us through the winter though. Hmm.

Shampoo and conditioner. I like and use the shampoo in Japan no problem. I actually bought the Pantene to use in the hotel but then we didn't. We just used the hotel ones. And I like the green tea scent of the Dove one. I didn't need to buy this though. Hmm. Oh well. It's here. Ha ha ha. : )

Noboru asked me to get him a backpack. He uses a backpack on his back when he takes his motorcycle to work. I found him this big Jansport one at Macy's. And Noah has been asking for a rolling suitcase forever. Branden has the Buzzlight Year one. Noah never had one. We looked for one in Denver and didn't get one. Anyway, we found this Yellow Hummer or whatever rolling suitcase for Noah in Guam this time. It was only $29.99 and we got it at Kmart, go figure.

A quicksilver shirt for B that says Aloha. Superman undies for Noah from Macy's and orange hat too for Noah. And these toddler socks for Noah came from Kmart, I liked that they had an orange pair for boys, lol.

I love the ones with the big "S" ha ha ha. So when he changes at the swim school, he can wear his Superman ones. Ha ha ha.

Books, books and more books. With Branden reading, I buy as many as I can. Note though, that they are the light ones, paper covers so they are light for the luggage. 2 Wall E sticker books 1 for each son, a Spongebob coloring book. And some crayons that are in plastic tubes, so no more broken crayons. Yay. : )

Mags for when the kids go to sleep and I can catch up on all that Hollywood gossip, ha ha ha! : )
For example...Mary Kate (that little girl twin who was on Full House) she has been trying to get close with Nicole Richie's man and baby's daddy! Whoops! And apparently Nicole told her..."back off and stay away from my man!" Yikes!

Little girl toothbrushes and little girl books. Hmm, I don't have any girls. Ha ha ha. However, although I seldom say it. I always and I do mean always bring back things for friends. Whether they be, fellow gaijin friends or my Japanese girlfriends. I try to bring stuff for at least 2-3 friends each trip. I wish I could bring more but then we all know how luggage is limited now days. : ( But I do always try my best. Just my small way to say.I like you, I dig you and I thought of you while on my trip. And I appreciate our friendship. Anyway I know it might sound corny or dumb, but there you go. : ) Oh the 2 Spongebob electric toothbrushes were for Branden and Noah but everything else is this picture went to others. : )

A Guam t shirt. Hmm, for all the times we've been to Guam, we have never bought one. Finally this trip I bought this for Branden. It's just for hanging around the house in.

Now you know we basically brought back...not too much clothes or anything from Denver. And I mentioned B only has 2 pair of size 7 pants. Well, this trip, and since we were in the mall eating anyways, I got Branden a pair of size 7 levi's.

And at the Guess kids shop, I also got B this pair of jeans from there as well. I liked the pocket stitching.

Size 7's for my soon to be 7 year old. Now B has 4 pair of jeans, the 2 Gap ones, the 1 Levi's and the 1 Guess. Not bad. Am now looking for maybe 1 pair of cords for him and that will be it for him. Hmm but he does need more long sleeve tops though. : ( Oh well, it's a start.

2 long sleeved tops for B.

A simple pair of Roxy flip flops. I think I could end up needing "flip flops anonymous" soon you guys. I love wearing them too much and buying them.

This is a collectors edition. It's called Robo Armor. And they're for DS lites. It's part of Branden's upcoming birthday present.

When did Branden graduate yochien you guys? That had to have been back in Feb or March? I think March. Anyway, I think I mentioned it to a few of you. But I'll mention it here anyway. The night we went to the graduation party etc. Well that was the last day we ever saw Branden's white DS lite again. Remember how I won it last summer? I blogged it. Anyway, he was very bummed. Really sad and we looked all over the house for it. Searched the car nearly 6 to 7 times way back then, turned the whole house inside out basically and nothing. Called the yakitori restaurant, the karaoke place and nothing! : ( Bluntly speaking it was history! Branden said, he was sorry. : ( He was very sorry. And mentioned maybe he could get another one. I said no, being the big meanie that I am. I said, they are expensive and you need to realize that things do have monetary value and just because we have the means to buy you another one. We won't. And we didn't. It's been over 6 month's now and still nothing. And yeah, when he plays his old big bulky regular DS with his friends, who all have thin rectangular lites. I am sure he has been embarassed for the passed 6 months, yet he never has complained or mentioned a thing, only to say he was again.... so sorry. My dad being the spoiling grandparent he is, wanted to replace it immediately. And I turned him down. Again we coulda replaced it ourselves easily. But, I wanted him to value it. And so now that his birthday is approaching. I felt he suffered (not really suffered but you know what I mean, I hope) long enough. And I got him a new one. The price is now dropped on them by about 50 bucks, which was a nice surprise. And with the robo armor whatever. That will be his big birthday present this year. I think he will cherish it with his whole heart and I am sure he will never lose it again. And, for the record, we weren't overly angry about it. It was an honest accident he lost it. It wasn't intentional. And it was honestly the first thing he's ever lost, like this. But yeah, Branden is so excited to be getting the DS lite for his birthday, he can barely wait. And yup, we are making him wait....wait until October 26th. : ) Oh yeah where was I, the DVD's we got were The Simpson's movie, the new Speedracer, and Baby Mama.

A Mac foundation compact, in NC20. Got this at Duty free shop the day we left back to Japan. It's my staple and have used this for years.... 10 plus years. Great coverage, I love this.

Mac Studio Fix.

Because hotel fridges are so teeny tiny, the day I left, I drove to the far away Payless grocery store, because the one at the mall was out, good thing I drive. And I got, 3 packs of bean and cheese burritos. And 7 packs of stuffed ravioli. The burritos are perfect for a simple and an easy snack and the ravioli are perfect for a quick fast dinner type night. Like a late swimming night for example. : )

Each bag is a bit over a pound, so I have about 7-8 pounds of ravioli. That's a good amount for the fall, I think. Anyway, not too much. Nothing too cool or fab, I know. Just some simple food basics really.