Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sunday spent at Lakeside Amusement Park! : )

Denver is home of 2 amusement parks. Both were old and both were within a few blocks from another. However the original Elitch Garden as it was originally called, had moved towards the downtown area and was built fresh and brand new and adopted if you will, by Six Flags, so all the big rides are there. So that's the new amusement park. Then there is also the original Lakeside Amusement Park and it's honestly 100 years old. And we went there Sunday out of nostalgia reasons then for the rides. Because if I want a new amusement park, I can go to Tokyo Disneyland or Sea anytime. However the important thing for me was, I wanted my 2 boys to get to ride the rides I used to, when I was a little kid, So yeah, it was indeed for nostalgia then the rides like I said. We went here. And I looked at this motorcycle ride and geeze, I actually have pictures of me as a 3 year old on this very ride! It made me happy to have my own kids ride the same rides! If it sounds corny, sorry! : )

Funny, this ride in particular, I always wanted to ride in the one that looked like the Denver Bronco helmet, lol!

My son riding the real coal train around the lake. I've ridden this about a million times myself. It was so awesome to get to enjoy this with Branden and Noah. See the unlimited ride pass band around Noboru's wrist? Ha ha ha. : )

This peaceful little lake. However, as the Denver natives know there are those sucking fish with lips like a sucking vacuum in this lake. Don't ever go in here unless you want to end up with about 1 million hickeys! Ha ha ha. : ) And from a fish nonetheless! : ) Blech! : )

At least once a summer some shithead tries to light the weeds on fire! Probably kids thinking they are funny or showing off! Good thing nobody did that today! : )

It looks so old, but seems so familiar! I love this place! I love this amusement park! That tower is so recognizable to me!
The bumper cars! The only time in life where it's actually okay and acceptable to plow right into a total stranger, all in good fun and they not get upset! Ha ha ha! : ) I recalled when I was about 11 years old and I tried to drive around here without anyone hitting my car a single time. It was quite the challenge I came up for myself and so much fun! I must have rode this a half dozen times trying to avoid a single car! Ha ha ha. Silly kids game, I know! Yet I remember stuff like that fondly! I really do! : )

This picture of a Noah that was too little to ride! Has to be titled, "it sucks to be the youngest" Ha ha ha! : ) Poor little guy all standing on his tippy toes and all, just trying to get a look and he has so much pride, that when I offered to hold him so he could get a better look, he said no thanks, he can see on his own! : )

This crystal place. It's really tricky, it's like a maze of clear glass and mirrors. Hard as heck for many to get out of. I however came out of this within a minute. Must be because I still remembered how to get out of here, since I was little. Branden got out of here okay. And Noboru went with Noah. However, some kid older then B, maybe about 10 years old? Anyway, he was walking without holding your hands out in front to protect his face like I warned my kids to do. Anyway this kid smacks his face on one of the glass walls so hard that his nose was bleeding extremely hard. Gushing would be more like it! Some random mom and I chatted and we both looked for tissues to offer to help. The mom of the boy in question had to go in the maze and go get him, poor kid! : (

The view in here never changes and you know what, I would *never* want it to! : ) Man it felt good to be there! : )
Branden and I rode this roller coaster together. It was his first time on here. My dad also rode behind us. Noboru and Noah sat this one out. However since there was a really tiny little kid in line (like Noah sized) I asked the man working there just out of curiosity, what age is allowed on here. He said, you have to be 2 years old and be able to walk on your own. I thought that was a bit too young. Anyway, we rode. Holy crap! And good grief Charlie Brown! That ride is so wild and so hard! I felt like my brain was jiggling in my head. I told my dad, in joking that I might end up getting a cat scan after that ride! Hmm! I can ride any roller coaster at Disneyland and Disney Sea just fine. Well forget that Tower of Terror but then that's free fall and a totally different thing anyway. But the rides at Disneyland and Sea are smooth. Even the scary rides. Yet this ride was like a ride a kid could end up with shaken baby syndrome or something. It was really wild. After that, I told Noboru, Noah could techincally ride, but I won't let him. That roller coaster is not for the faint hearted! : )
But because of it's age, it is indeed a landmark! : ) But just ride at your own risk! : ) This should be called the roller coaster of terror, I think! Ha ha ha. : )

In the middle of all the riding the rides, the kids needed a cherry Slurpee! Just 99 cents! : ) I had one too! Man was it good! Oh hey, just noticed my Slurpee was right next to Noah! Yup, see I did have one! Ha ha ha! : )

Close up Slurpee drinking! : )

Noah wanted to sit right between daddy and grandpa! : ) I think because he just wanted to charm them for some twist ice cream cone! Ha ha ha. : )

Checking out his jibbitz! : )

Noah enjoying his day at Lakeside Amusement Park! : )

Century of fun indeed from 1908 to 2008! Awesome and yes I brought my green cup back to Japan with me. So when I need to take a drink with me to swim club or whatever, I can look down at my little ol' cup and think of "home" and smile. Yes, sometimes it is these $1.75 cheap things like this cup that make all the difference in the world right? : )
These disk boat type things. Branden drove my dad all over with it! They sure had a fun time!

The hearts! I know it may not look like much in the day. But at night, these hearts light up and it's like they are floating in the air. You can't see the black thing holding them up at night, is why. I rode the hearts on Sunday! All by myself. It felt so good to ride these again! : )

Around 6:30 pm we left Lakeside amusement park. Said good bye to my dad and he drove home. And we headed back to our hotel room.

We stayed at La Quinta in Wesminster! It was all off in nice safe suburbia. And the hotel is amazing. So clean and I am really picky about that stuff, but it was flawlessly clean. Big room and just a very comfortable place to stay actually! : )

Kids were dead tired. They had quick showers and into PJ's and meanwhile we ordered dinner, to be delivered because we were all exhausted and didn't wanna get all back in the car, even to a fast food place. So, it was pizza delivery for us and none of us minded a bit! : )

Branden told me, "look mama, they have door handles like we have at our house!" Ha ha ha. I said, very smart of you to notice that B. Ha ha ha! : ) I will totally be staying at this place again next time I head back to Denver! : )

Our room had games and the whole bit! Oh and, guess what..... the Sex and the City movie was available to rent in the room for just $4.99. I ended up watching it our second night there after the boys went to sleep! Yup, I finally got to see it in the comfort and privacy of my hotel room in bed while eating pizza! What an awesome way to watch the Sex and the City movie! Ha ha ha. : )

The Pizza Hut pan pizza, pepperoni and mushroom got there in 30 minutes. The boys each had a slice, think they were still stuffed from all the amusement park food they both had. And they went to sleep. Then Noboru and I ate. He ate pizza. And I ate pizza in bed and watched Sex and the City! What did I think? I loved the movie and I will be asking my dad to send me the DVD when it comes out in the end of September. Again, nothing big or major going on here during our trip back home. Just hanging with family and relaxing, going to an old favorite amusement park. But basically nothing fancy or anything. Just regular stuff, normal every day type stuff. : ) But then again eating pizza and watching Sex in the City in bed, is the type of girl, I am! Ha ha ha. A kicked back relaxin' type of gal! *winks* : )

Noah dead asleep. Yup riding all those rides tuckered him out! And get this, we honestly had no jet lag while in Denver at all. We switched times almost instantly which was weird, I know. : ) Kids woke up around 7am or 7:30 am every morning. Normal stuff.

B zonked out to the world, probably dreaming of the "Cyclone" roller coaster! Ha ha ha. : ) It was just a very quiet but amazing time back home! : )