Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Saturday the day we had to leave and head back to Japan! : )

Saturday morning 6am and arriving to the airport. We dropped off the rental car and then they shuttled us to the airport. The check in line was luckily small. And the airport security line was equally small and friendly. And now it was time to say good bye to the place of my birth and where I lived like 28 years of my life quite happily, I might add.

It was a chilly morning, which is the reason why the boys needed sweatshirts. Yet still warm enough for shorts. : ) We got our tickets and sat at the gate. The kids had Mc Donald's sausage McMuffins and hash browns to fill their morning rumbly tummy's. I had a coffee, nothing else. : )

On the airplane it was an option to buy a snack box if you wanted. We got one for B and one for Noah. And our seating, we 4, had the last row of 6 seats, both sides of the airplane basically. We had plenty of room. Branden and I shared a Minute maid Cranberry Apple juice. I sat with B,and Branden had his own window.

And Noah and Noboru sat on the other side of us and Noah had his own window, however he closed it, ha ha ha. : ) Noah munching his snack box! : )

Once in Minneapolis MN, we had lunch. Choice was Subway, Chili's, Mc D's, Chinese and a few other's. The kids went for Mc D's. See the car we took with us as a carry on? Noah's toy car DJ! Ha ha ha. 2 happy meals for the boys, 1 each of course. : )

And I had the premium all white meat grilled chicken breast sandwich. The club, on a toasted whole wheat roll. With melted cheese and super crispy bacon! I love this sandwich so much! : )

Yumm! : ) After a nice lunch, I went into DFS, found and bought a Lacoste bag. And then we bought some snacks for the airplane. And then I had a coffee from some coffee shop near our gate. I had a pumpkin pie latte. Not a pumpkin spice latte, like they have at Starbucks. This actually tasted like real honest to goodness pumpkin pie, it was so delicious. And then after that we boarded our plane back to Japan. I was not sad, not teary eyed, not even a bit. I felt very very happy. Really satisfied seeing my family and my best friends/ my boys god parents. I felt at peace after seeing my family and being "home". I know that may sound dumb but that's okay. I felt re-energized to go to back to Japan. And I felt all was right in the world somehow and as it should be! The flight was good because the boys were perfectly behaved and Noah has long outgrew all his wild and terrible 2's, phew and is now nearly as mellow as B. They were both wonderful on the plane. The whole trip. Me however, my legs were tired and I had enough of my legs in a sitting position after many hours... with many hours to go, and the flight back was 12 extremely long hours from MN, very long flight back, ha ha ha. I tried to bend my body in so many weird positions to try and get comfortable and I never found a single way to get comfortable, so I gave up and slept uncomfortably, until next thing I know Noboru woke me for our breakfast omelet and potato breakfast on the plane. And an hour to go until we landed. With disheveled messy hair and disheveled clothes. I was happy to land in Japan when we did. I also was very happy I took this wonderful trip because it was so necessary and so needed. And I am sure many of you living overseas can appreciate when I say, sometimes trips home can make living overseas for the long haul all the more bearable. : )