Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Guam trip! (a bit delayed with posting it, I'm sorry : )

These very few 10-12 pics or so are the only pictures I took on Guam this time you guys. I'm so sorry. It's just, we got to the hotel, and was gonna takes pics and while I like to share pics of the hotel room, because it's a good info share is why. Anyway, since we just did that in July, I said, nah, not this time around. We relaxed, enjoyed ourselves since we landed on Saturday afternoon. We got our SUV and we checked into the hotel. Went swimming for an hour, by then it was about 4:45pm and I said to the boys let's get out of the pool. We headed to the mall, had some dinner cheaply at the food court. Did a bit of shopping since it was way too early to head back to the hotel for the night and then after that we went back to the hotel. Watched TV, caught up on some shows. I watched a new Prison Break and House. Holy crap is House different... a few people are gone. Don't worry I won't say who. But wow! Went to sleep. Sunday morning, felt a bit lazy to drive for breakfast so we had breakfast buffet at Hilton, just a walk downstairs, so that was nice, lol. Went upstairs changed clothes and by 9:30 am we were swimming. I should have brought my old camera for swimming pool pics. However I only brought my new camera and I being a worry wart, I worried that A) it would end up getting wet and be broken (probably wouldn't but yeah I worried about it a lot), and B) I worried that since I was the only parent, meaning no hubby, and my full attention was watching the kids, I worried that someone would make off with my camera. Again, probably not. pool pics at all this time around. Ah well, you all are experts of the Hilton pool by now, lol, just visualize with me if you can. We just honestly rested relaxed and did nothing all day, yup literally all day long. Again, no hubby to help out, and felt too lazy to go ahead to eat lunch someplace else. So we Sunday afternoon, we ordered 2 lunches poolside, they are really big so the boys shared an adults burger and fries. I had a chicken sandwich and fries. Nearing 4pm, we all went upstairs, took showers. And headed to Kmart. Cost u less and then the mall for a cheap food court dinner. Again, it wasn't as if we shopped till we dropped. We lazed until we could laze no more. LOL. And then after that, we did whatever. The pic above is of the boys, not sure which day I took it on. But somewhere between Sat-Mon, ha ha ha. Sorry guys, my brain was on vacation as well obviously. : ) And that pic was taken upstairs at the Micronesia Mall near the food court. : )

Their first thing they had for dinner, was a crispy strip meal. They each had a mashed potato. After they ate that they went for some Taco Bell, same night. Ha ha ha.

Branden ate his mashed potatoes quickly. He loves them! Noah had 3 bites of his and went for the biscuit instead. So, he gave his to B. B quickly finishes Noah's mashed potatoes. Then he said..."mommy can I have your mashed potatoes?" I honestly wanted them, but he's my kid and heck I could get more, so I gave him mine. There you go, a pic of Branden and 3 mashed potatoes. He must be going through a growth spurt. LOL.

They finished the KFC and so since they're growing boys, they also had a bit of Taco Bell as well. B had a taco and some nachos.

And growing boy #2, had an order of nachos. And yup, we changed seats after they had KFC and moved closer to the Taco Bell in the food court, after we ordered. Ha ha ha.

I had many different types of foods at the food court those few days. However this time around, I had my fav Korean lunch plate. You can have 2 salad sides, and I always ask for double the kimchee. Ha ha ha. I am a kimchee freak, I know. Love it! : )

And here's a different day hence different shirt. Noah had a big slice of pizza.

Branden and his KFC again. LOL and mashed potatoes. I always have to make lot's of mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving because he's such a lover of mashed potatoes and gravy. Ha ha ha. : )
Greasy pizza mouth from pizza and yup, he got an order of nacho chips and cheese. Noah is crazy for nachos. : )

The last thing I had in Guam before we headed to the airport. 2 bean and cheese burritos. B had Subway and Noah had something else, but I forget what.

Japanese tourists ordering from Taco Bell. Now being a people watcher. I love to watch peoples habits. Japanese tourists would make a lap of the food court, to decide what they wanted to eat. And it surprised me that 8 out of 10 times they would wind up at Taco Bell. A few went to Burger King or elsewhere, but most wanted Taco Bell, go figure. I never would have guessed that. But how interesting.

The boys at the Guam airport the day we left back to Japan. : )

First in line to check in. : )
The plane we took to Guam had a mini TV in front of each seat, but the one coming back did not. Oh well, we are covered either way. Whipped out the ol' mini DVD and they were perfectly quiet the entire flight. And doesn't that view out the window nearly look like a fake picture because it's so beautiful? Ha ha ha. When we were in route to Narita the sun was setting and by the time we got to Japan it was pitch dark outside. We arrived around 7:30pm or so. Noboru was at the airport waiting, boy did he miss us a lot! By the size of his smile and his talking a mile a minute, you'd think we were gone for a 100 years, lol. This trip was so relaxing, no pressure to take pics. Just sorta lived in the moment and really got a chance to unwind. I feel completely ready to be in Japan for fall. I got my trip back home out of my system and this trip also helped. I'm happy. : )