Monday, September 22, 2008

A new look coming soon! : )

I am back from my trip. I got back late Monday evening. It was awesome and I plan to post about it soon. However, I wanted to talk about something else first. I'll blog about the trip maybe on Thursday if not earlier. So just bare with me. : )

Anyway, what I was going to say is, I decided back in July to change my blog. I wanted something, one of a kind and unique and that fit my personality and a nice place for all you, friends and family to come and visit me in blogland , lol. So, just like, the Willy Wonka and the Golden ticket thing. I went on my own mission. To find a blog creator that I truly loved her work. So, like I said back in July, I surfed at least 20 different designers. Looked at portfolios. And I finally decided on Shera over at, Sweet 'n Simple design!!!!She is is a mother, a family gal. Just like most of us are.

She was on vacation at the time back in July. So, I held off, on emailing her. Then I waited, all through August (procrastinated maybe). And finally in September, I just said to myself, go for it and I emailed her!

She encourages you telling her, your style, your favorite colors or if you had anything in mind. etc, etc. So for me it was a super fun experience. I had told her that my favorite colors for my boys are, obviously yellow and orange and she really played on that theme, at my request. And also my old blog's header (what you are looking at now, unless it's been changed by the time you read this) was green and so we incorporated bits of green to the new one, since I also like green. It's basically just going to be a simple, yet happy and colorful nice place to visit from now on. And totally unique and all my own!

Anyhow, after working side by side with her, (virtually of course) It's finally done. She's worked so hard on this. Anyway, I love my new blog design now (I've been enjoying going to her client tester blog place, to get a look at what mine will look like and I'm just head over heels). It does reflect my family's personality so much. She's totally captured the essence of us, of our family and who we are. In a nutshell, my kids are the loves of my life. Same as with any mom and her kids. Anyway, so if sometime this week you swing on by here. I hope, nobody will be too surprised. Ha ha ha. It's a good thing for me. And I am so happy I emailed her! Because she's absolutely fabulous! And she's patient and just plain lovely to work with!

Also, the side bars will be going up within 7 days as well. So things will be going up in phases. LOL. But the 99% change, the major part, will be taking place any day now. : )