Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting ready for Fall!!!: )

Friday: Given the distance from where we live way out in the boonies and that of.... the hustle and bustle of Makuhari where Costco is, it's no surprise we only get to go there about 2-3 times a year. It's not really so bad considering there are companies like FBC or the Flying Pig among many others to get American goods from though. But with Fall upon us, we figured it was finally time. Hadn't been all summer, hadn't been there in fact, in so long, that I don't even know when was the last time. Ha ha ha. Anyway, so Friday was the day. Right after Branden gets off school, we would go directly to the big city. This pic was taken right before we left the house, and went to get Branden from school.

And after about for what seemed like an eternity to get there, we made it! Yay! The boys helped us pick our pumpkin for this year! It's tradition in our house to always carve up one!!! : )
We got maybe 2 things upstairs and then quickly went downstairs where the food is located. Got our shopping done really quick and since it was dinner time and we were all starving. We enjoyed a large pepperoni pizza. Free refill sodas, we got good and full and then we loaded the extra/what was left pizza (since it's so big and there were leftovers) and rolled our cart to our minivan and we left. A 2 hour drive later on the regular roads, vs. an hour on the highway. Yet on the highway you have to pay the 2000 yen/think $20 bucks for highway fees. Since we did the slow way getting there, we took the highway home, hmm no wonder we rarely get to go there, it is quite the hastle for us, since we live so far. Anyway we were back happy to be home after all that. : ) Don't even wanna think of how long it was for us round trip. Nuts! : )

Hmm, you'd think a person who gets to go there as few times as we do, we woulda surely stocked up. But we didn't. We got maybe 10 things and that was it. We got this fall wreath though. We have a summer one, and a Christmas one already. But we didn't have a Fall one, this one is cute. It's just a very simple nice wreath with some squash, acorns and leaves. I really like it and will enjoy hanging this every year from now on. : )

We also got a whole roasted chicken for Saturday nights dinner. We figured we could have a simple meal the next day since Saturday is Noah's swimming day! : )

3 packs of bacon, should last until end of November, and then I'll probably order some from Flying Pig. Lean ground beef. Again not a whole lot. But good to just fill up our fridge with. And will be nice to have on hand.

Big box of oatmeal is for all the oatmeal raisin cookies I plan to bake this coming Fall and Winter. Delicious yeast dinner rolls. Half are now hiding in the freezer as we speak. And a whole heck of a lot of cheese.

Chips and dip for movie night/DVD night, and 2 packs of vitamins for the kids. A 3 month supply for both boys (180 vitamins total, so 90 each bottle). Will just reorder the vitamins when we run out in the end of December or whenever.

Soap for the dishwasher.

And Mr. Pumpkin head and that was it. I think we had the least filled cart in the whole place and that's okay. Ha ha ha. We did not mind. We got what we needed! Ha ha ha. : )

Saturday: Here is a pic of Noah at swim school on Saturday, he's doing so well with it, we are really happy he has such a good time there. : )

After swimming class, we went to the local DIY, to look for some flowers for my front hanging baskets, something that is for Fall, is what I was looking for! : )

So many to choose from.

These sorta burnt red looking ones with the bright yellow centers are the ones I chose for my hanging baskets.

My Fall flowers that we got this Saturday!

About to get my flowers set up in their baskets. This shot was taken at the front of my house and obviously that's our very green front yard grass right there.

Taking down my Spring/Summer wreath, see ya next year dear friend, ha ha ha (this actually came from Denver years ago).

And a nice Saturday afternoon spent getting the front of my house ready for Fall! And yes that is my white picket fence proudly standing on the side of the front of our house, lol, I love seeing my white picket fence as I drive up to the house. Always looks so comforting and homey to me. Also in the pic, I took down the bright red summer flowers and have them in the backyard now. So those 4 pots on my porch banister are now gone. It was work in progress mode when I snapped the pic. : )

And done. The flowers in the hanging basket will get thicker and fuller according to my fav flower/plant lady at the DIY. And hopefully by Halloween they will be really thick and nice. And the Fall scarecrow wreath with squash,leaves and acorns is now on my front door. And Mr. Pumpkin head sits in all his Fall time glory! Yes, we are indeed getting ready for Fall around our house! And while Branden rode his bike with his friends and I got all this set up. One of B's friends and classmates asked me, "what are you doing?" but in Japanese of course. I told him nicely and matter of factly, "well, I am getting ready for the Fall and for Halloween", as he oohed and ahhed, as I switched one wreath to the next. And hung up and switched Summer flowers to Fall flowers. The little kid was just like, "wow". Ha ha ha. Next thing I knew, I had about 4 little boys on bikes all stopped and watching. It was so cute. Branden was so proud of his dear ol' mom! Anyway that's how we spent our Friday and Saturday around here! I hope the rest of you are all having a wonderful weekend, wherever you all may be. We have been having an awesome quiet little weekend! Saturday night, we enjoyed our roasted chicken that I whacked in my big oven for about 20 minutes to get hot and crispy. And I made rice a roni and veggie, very simple yummy dinner. We had a nice lazy, restful and relaxing Saturday night. After dinner and showers we all sorta just hung out and watched DVD's in our PJ's, all night until we went to sleep. And today being Sunday. Our plan today? Nothing. Staying home, relaxing. I have a load of school bags and stuff of Branden's, that I have to wash and dry, so he's ready for school tomorrow. But other then that, I will be relaxing and fully enjoying my last day of the weekend.
Have a wonderful weekend you guys! : )