Friday, August 29, 2008

We're ready for our trip! : ) We leave tomorrow! : )

Sorry, for the bit of quiet from me, this week! : ) I guess I have just been busy getting ready to head "home". I started packing for the boys this Monday in bits and pieces and I had them completely packed by Tuesday evening. I packed for myself on Wednesday. And other then that have, just been enjoying life basically and the peace and quite here at home! : ) My hair came out fine. This is the pic, I showed the stylist when I got it done this week. And lol, because, it is the same picture I showed her the last time too. My hair isn't as short as Katie's on the top, my hair "do" is exactly like the girls on the pic below actually, which is very nice and simple for me. Anyway, I am really happy with it and it's really easy to take care of, so that's a good thing, ha ha ha! : ) What else.....Oh yeah the Ipod got here and all is okay with that. What else....: ) Oh yeah....

I snapped this picture this fine Friday afternoon. The snacks I had been getting here and there in bits since 2 weeks ago and just saving them in a bag. Also, this afternoon, I went down and got 3 fresh ham and cheese sandwiches from 7-11. And I will keep them in the fridge and we'll bring them in the plane with us for the kids or whoever. I also got some tempura battered sweet potatoes from the deli (the boys, love these). And will just crisp them a bit extra tomorrow morning in the toaster oven to crispy them up again. : ) Just an odds and ends of snacks for the kids really to last the long flight. Like the lemon cream cookies or the coconut cookies. chips, peanuts, senbei, or whatever. And I never let the kids have lollipops for the most part, but I do let them have them on the plane for the long flights. So they will be in snack heaven for the flight tomorrow, I think. : ) And the gum is for me. : )

Some fresh bakery goods, like 4 melon pans, and 2 toasted almond honey breads, I also picked up this afternoon. Again might be good with some coffee during our flight. The hubby will appreciate those I think! : ) And I'll also be picking up 3 Mc D's cheeseburgers at Narita airport as well, just in case any one from our family wants one (they're onlylike a dollar each/100 yen or so, so not too bad). I know, I know. I do pack a lot of snacks. Just don't want anyone getting hungry is all. : ) Ha ha ha. : )

Kids are both as healthy as a horse. But I am bringing some fever reducer for the airplane just in case. Better to be safe then sorry right? Ha ha ha. And I brought myself a small bottle of Advil. Only has like 3 pills in it, and doubt I'll need them but again just in case. Also packed 2 packs of mini tissues and 1 pack of wet tissues as well. And just hope all will be okay. I am sure they will.

And yes, you can laugh. But we all know me. And instead of just chucking everything into the bag and then not knowing where anything is. I packed them in these plastic grocery bags. The suckers and gummy's and mentos all in one bag. All cookies and chocos in another and all salty-ish snacks like chips and senbei in another bag, lol! Big nerd, I know!!!! Ha ha ha. But heck it helps the trip run very smooth this way! So hey! : )

All the snacks fit very nicely into my hibiscus backpack. The backpack is just food, light food and the bag is very light and at the end of the flight it should be even lighter, ha ha ha! : )

Branden's backpack.

Branden has just the mini DVD player with 2 headphones so B and Noah can watch. And the plenty of DVD's in the case. And the DS game, with games and charger. And it all fits into his backpack. Noboru has the carry-on suitcase with all the passports etc. And DH is also carrying, Noah's sticker book and coloring book and our toothbrushes and each boy's extra spare clothing for emergency use, lol. And the luggage, I managed to fit all of our clothes we are taking for all 4 of us, all in just 1 suitcase. So, the other 2 suitcases we will be taking (1 inside of the other) they are both empty. Okay, I just wanted to say, good bye to all of you, my friends, and a see you real soon to my family! We get back to Japan, on September 7th! Anyway, I'll catch up with you all, when I get back!!! I'll miss you guys! : )