Monday, August 04, 2008

Tues-Sun! Swim school everyday again, backyard fun, karaoke, airplane watching and more! : )

So, Noah missed his Monday swim class, since we were in Tokyo at the museum and stuff. However, from Tuesday through Saturday he went literally every single day! 5 days this week, same as last week! Man, has our little Noah been going full throttle regarding swimming school or what?! : ) However to be fair, it's an hour, he looks forward to everyday though! And it's good for him getting to get in that exercise and also learn such an important life skill like that! Plus making tons of friends is good for him too! : ) No longer is there anymore beginning 5 minutes of play anymore for the kiddies. It's straight down to business as soon as they get into the water! Which is fine, he's there to learn plain and simple. He can play and splash at home, lol. By now all the little kiddies, bend their heads back in a fine line and know the moves the coach expects. Noah is the youngest kid in the A course, on every day, and it's okay, we don't mind. 99% of these kids are 4 year olds and many are soon to be 5 year olds. I think there is one or two, 3 year 10-11 month olds, but that is it. However Noah can keep up with them all.

He's made about 2 little buddies already! And lot's of other friends, he greets everyday and stuff too. But 2 little buddies that he actually pals around with at the swim school!
Bird's eye view of the A course swimming down there.

Kids have worked their little legs out so much! The coach has them kick their legs all over this swimming pool, lol. They love it though. : )

Working on the board some!

Ugh oh! LOL! And coach is here, telling Noah, clearly what *not* to do! Ha ha ha! I don't mind her correcting him a single bit! She's only helping these kids perfect their swimming. This swimming school certainly does produce some of the finest swimmers. And I know that. I see how well they taught Branden. And so, I have every faith in them that they will make an equally excellent swimmer out of our little Noah. So I say....correct away coach! Ha ha ha! : ) And to Noah, I say learn everything you can Noah! She's not there to be mean, she's there to teach ya! Soak it all in, honey! She's a good coach! Noah wasn't bothered a bit. He listens to her very well.
Here during the week, coach was telling the kids they need to make *bigger* kicks, hence her visual here! LOL. All the kids listened and learned from it actually!
Noah and his big huge kicks! Yes, they do learn...learn heaps actually.

Go kids go, all of you are learning so much this summer! : )

Friday morning after breakfast! Same as all week, the kids played big in the backyard. All 3 boys cruised down the Slip and Slide. Yup, they slipped, they slid, they played all over the backyard today and all this week! : )

Kobby by now he's an expert of the slip and slide! Ha ha ha. He's been doing this every day before we hit the swim school. So he has this down to a T! : )

Noah you shoulda slid by now, ha ha ha! : )

A much better slide then the one before, ha ha ha! : )

They also splashed in the paddling pool everyday this week too.

Yay Kobby!

Friday, same day as the pics from the slip and slide. We all had lunch at home after the play in the backyard all morning and early afternoon. And after lunch we all headed to swim club! All 5 of us.

Friday's pics from swim club! Different bunch of kids. And this is sorta funny. We were sitting upstairs all 4 of us, by now Noah went downstairs to swim. And we watched from the window. The lady in the bench to the right of us, said, in Japanese, but I'll tell you in English obviously. "Excuse me....excuse me" Hubby and I swiveled our heads to the woman in question and both said, "yes" (but in Japanese). Is that Branden-kun's brother downstairs with the white swim cap and the long sleeve shirt (she meant rash guard).......(meanwhile I was thinking), how did she know my sons name??? I gave a very weary......ummmm yes. Then she said, "My son is the one in the yellow cap down below swimming with your son then." I glanced down there and saw him. (still question marks swirled in my head) and she said, "my children go/went to the same yochien as Branden-kun." She told us, she had an older son that graduated when B graduated. Wow, am I that bad with faces that I didn't remember her at all??? And she said, my younger/last child (the one in the yellow cap) is yon-sei (sp?) meaning 4 years old. Okay, now we knew she wasn't just some random crazy or stalker. Okay, she was normal, she was legit. She was just a mom who went to the same yochien. It was just us, not remembering. She said, is your son going to be attending yochien? We said, yes but they won't let him join until after undokai since he's so young. So it will be at the end of October. So, yeah that was the connection.

Friday's swim class.

Noah and the yellow cap, they apparently will be going to the same yochien together.

Noah kicking, I see his little foot doing some kick action, ha ha ha! : )

Friday's ice cream treat for after swim school!

Directly after swimming school on Friday, we headed to karaoke! One of the songs I sang! Copacabana!!! As you know, I always sing this cheesy little ditty whenever we go to karaoke. I also want to add, I did a sorta rumba dance and then I also integrated some ""I'll tumble for ya" hand moves, LOL. Yup, I did the whole hand tumble, hand moves! I was a dork and I loved it! Karaoke is for having fun and just letting go, right??? And let go, I did! Boy was I jamming in there! LOL!

Obviously the kids were letting go as well! Kobby was the conductor with a chopstick, I might add. And B was singing.

Ultraman song singing obviously! : )

Noah sang, "twinkle twinkle little star", Kobby also sang an Ultraman song, but I video taped that part for his mom to watch. : ) She's gonna love that! : )

We ordered 2 large baskets of fries. And we all had the free unlimited drink bar, because we were there before 5. We were there from 4-7pm. Yup 3 hours of karaoke madness, ha ha ha! It was a blast! : )

Branden singing another one. Hmm, these kids sure love to sing.

Another one of the songs, I sang! Bennie and the Jets by Elton John. I sang this one so loud and I was standing and being so silly! Especially with my......"Be Be Be Bennie and the Jets" part! It was hilarious! Hubby was laughing so hysterically hard! Kids were cheering! It was hilarious! A total hoot! : )

Oh and, Hubby and I started this game. We have done this game before. I picked a song. Like this song for example. This game is more of a "challenge" I could pick any song, I wanted to see Noboru sing. A song, I have always wanted to see him sing. Whether I think it's too hard or too silly. Noboru picked a total whopper for me. And if you *give up* you press the red button and end the song before it actually finishes meaning ,you indeed give up. The song Noboru chose for me was so difficult, I indeed had to "give up" so, I said to the hubster. "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!!!" We laughed since it was all in fun and I set out to pick the hardest song I could find. Suddenly who came into my mind at the moment? I recalled Miss Tigermama, sang a "Baby Got Back" song. And I said...oh thank the lord for Tigermama. That is the song, I think will knock the hubby out of the game. So, I pressed the numbers and I said there's your song dear! Yup, this was Noboru's song challenge alrighty! And the game was in a dead tie up until this song He got through half the song and he finally gave up! He pushed the red button and ended the song! I won the game! All thanks to Baby Got back! Ha ha ha.

A blurry pic because they were all dancing and playing so hard! Noah is dancing in front, you can see by his arms! Branden is dancing too! Kobby was jumping and being Mr. Tambourine man and just being a silly good kid.

More silly dancing from the kids!

And our song that we ended our Friday night karaoke with. Sorry if it's a bit cheesy as well, but we always sing this song. "I got you babe", by Sonny and Cher. And the kids danced and we sang our duet. And then obviously we had to do kissy face afterwards, the hubby and I. And the kids were laughing at us! "Hey what's so funny' I said. And we all laughed and headed home. We had a very late 7pm-ish dinner.

Saturday's swim class. On Saturday there's 10 kids in the beginners part of the A course, so that means since there's that many kids, they have 2 coaches out, so all kids can be watched.

Doing some floating on the back action here! This guy coach here helping Noah, is one of Branden's favorite coaches.
Saturday's board intruction. They sure do get the techinques drilled into their heads very well. ha ha ha. No wonder it becomes like second nature to them. Ha ha ha. : ) Remember during this week, Noah was told, he was holding the board incorrectly? Not anymore! Now he's got it down to a science! Ha ha ha.

After Saturday's swim class, we all went home. The 3 boys played in the backyard for a few hours. And then at 5pm, we headed to meet up with uncle Jun and family for dinner! We went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. We met at 5:30pm. Uncle Jun wanted to say good bye to Kobby and also it gave us another chance to meet up again too, which is cool. Here's uncle Jun and Kobby eating.

Obviously Noboru right here.

My sil (sister in law) Satoe and my niece Mia.

Our 2 boys obviously. Noah and Branden.

My combo, I also had an egg drop soup as well that came with it. I had fried rice, karaage, gyoza and the soup. It was very filling. Excellent dinner for Saturday night! : )

And finally, I'll leave you with Sunday!!! The day we had to go say good bye to my nephew Kobby. : ) However we first spent an hour at the place to go watch the planes take off. This place isn't at the airport, but right near it. It's really cool. The kids loved seeing the airplanes land and others take-off. It was very cool! And it's obviously free, so that's cool! : )
Amazing to see! : )

This one, roared right above us all! Awesome!

Little happy to see the airplanes, but so sad to see your cousin leave! You were quite sad today!

I think you can see it in my nephews face in this picture. He was a little sad to leave us on Sunday. Honestly all of us were a little sad. : (

After our hour of airplane watching. We headed to the airport. Since he is a minor flying alone, they let all of us escort him to the gate. Here we were walking him to gate 65 at Narita airport. I had also packed him some snacks for the airplane and carefully packed them into his carry-on. 2 pans/breads. Some chips and 1 kid magazine/activity book. : )

The flight attendant actually walked out of the airplane and came to get him and escorted him into the airplane first, since he was an unaccompanied child. I also big bear hugged him a great big one at the gate. And I made sure B and Noah each gave him big bear hugs too. : (

I kept wondering, is he gonna look back? You know, the final "turn back and look". Would he do it or wouldn't he?! I had my camera either way and sure enough he turned back in this picture and he waved at us, one very last time! Yes, I was teary eyed. Sorry for being a sap! I waved and I shouted, "bye honey, you be good now and we'll miss you" and that was it. It was over....back to Osaka for my nephew. : ) We phoned my sil, Kaori in the elevator to tell her, he just boarded the plane. Anyway, we had a great time while he was here! And bright side is, summer is still in effect. So, that's the bright side of things! My sil Kaori, phoned us at my mil's house. Where they all live. And she said, thank you and she said Kobby told her he enjoyed himself so much here with us. that made me really happy hearing that. It really did. : ) She thanked us again and I told her, no problem and what a good kid he was! And then.........we drove to the video store. Rented 2 DVD's. We watched both DVD's, Sunday night. Reign of Terror, with Adam Sandler, it's about a man who lost his wife and kids, because they were on one of the flights of 9/11. It was a very sad moving movie. One I actually would buy. A really excellent movie actually! And we also, watched Alien vs. Predator part 2. Errrr, that Alien one was sorta a dud. Not as good as the other Alien movies or even the Alien vs., Predator movie.
Anyways, I might as well do a mini TV talk right here. What has everybody been watching? I have been getting into a tv show called, Veronica Mars. I saw the first episode and it drew me in. I've been watching every episode since it started in Japan. I know we are way behind the US in this show, but I like this show. And I'll be patient. It's a good show. I also have gotten into a show called the Ghost Whisperer. It's a good show too, and I've been watching it since it started here in Japan. Have also been watching the new season of Dr. House. And still loving Ugly Betty. And the Desperate Housewives. Still also loving Cold Case. Wish the new season of Dexter would hurry up and come on, too for us in Japan! : ) And still watching Sex and the City, reruns late at night as well, now that I am on summer break and I can sleep in! yay! And also caught the new Camp Rock, TV movie on Disney channel this past weekend and I loved it! So good! : ) Anyone else watching any good stuff on TV lately? : )