Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday, Noah's first day wearing his swim uniform! And Sunday spent at the movies watching, "The Dark Knight" and homemade pizza for dinner!!! : )

Yup, Saturday and here I was back at swim school yet again! Same bat time and same bat channel! Ha ha ha! : ) First time to bring Noah's swim bag! Sniff, sniff! Ol' Mrs. sentimental here! Figures I had to take a pic to mark this mini milestone! LOL! Inside my Foreign Buyers Club bag, is my real bag, and my camera and stuff. In the Gap bag is snacks. Yes, I know, that is such a Japanese thing to do, toting around paper sacks and such. But, heck, I am guilty of doing that too! Ha ha ha. : )

Yup, I am so always on time, I'm actually freakishly early, always. As you can see by the empty seats! Ha ha ha. Totally guilty regarding that. Umm what about, better to be early then late? That's me. And there's the boys having a race together! And Noah in that dreadful bikini swimwear. Blech, but hey, it's required, so not my choosing or fault really! : )

I see you Noah! I can spot you so easy! Ha ha ha! : )

Noah doing a jump! Canon ball!!!!! : )

Playing chicken? Ha ha ha! : )

He waves! : )
Saturday, directly after swim school, we hit the grocery store, to do our weekly grocery shopping! Ugh, as you know, I prefer shopping on the weekday in the mornings. And yet, here I was on a weekend in the afternoon! It was jam packed! Gobs of people actually at the check out lanes. Anyway glad I got my shopping out of the way at least! : )
Also at the big grocery store. The super store type place, we got the boys an Ultraman DVD. This one is more about the monsters though. Which is good, since B is getting into the monsters a bit more lately! : )
Saturday, we went with a simple meal! The hubster wanted fish. So, he chose whatever he wanted. And I went for some already marinated pork. We just made the rice when we got home. And dinner was done really quick! : )
My meal, really simple not fancy shmancy at all. Just a spicy miso based pork. Some steamed and butter and salt and peppered broccoli and some rice with butter and shoyu. And some fresh sweet watermelon! Kids had the same dinner I had. And Noah also had a few bites from Noboru's fish whatever he had. : ) We took showers, got soapy clean obviously. And we all sat in our jammies watching TV! Kids dropped off early as usual. And I think I stayed up until 2am! Wow, am I loving summer break or what? ha ha ha! : )

Sunday morning right after breakfast! We had omelets for breakfast! : ) Anyway, I thought of the things I am making this week. Yes I do make weekly menus, lol. And I came up with 2 of them that I wanted to make Sunday. I asked the you wanna eat yakisoba or pizza? Their choice for Sunday, was pizza! Okay, so I whipped up the crust really quick! Here's a pic of the yeast foaming on the right and the flour on the left! : )

It starts off small and then since it had an hour to rest and rise. I just went upstairs, got ready for the day! Got the kids dressed too. Because Sunday's we were going to see the new Batman movie!

Wrapped it in plastic and then like my mom, and my aunties and grams used to do. I covered it in a cloth! : )

I peeked and wow did the crust get big or what? Ha ha ha! I kneaded it for a sec before we left to the movies! Could not wait until we got home after the movies to eat homemade pizza! : )

The Dark Knight!!! I am a huge fan of all American super heroes! Spiderman, Superman and Batman, as well!!! I could barely wait to see this!
Big tub of butter and salt popcorn. A medium size of caramel popcorn. 2 small kids drinks for the boys. And Hubby got me the big coke and he got a medium Calpis! : ) I also snuck some snacks in my FBC bag. Shhhh! Ha ha ha! : ) Oh yeah and we joined the movie club at our local movies and the kids got in free for the Dark Knight, because of the points. And our tickets were so much marked down that we paid only 1100 yen to get in for both Noboru and I combined. So it was actually a good deal going today! : ) And good thing, we joined that movie club, lol. : )

Thought this might be interesting for those of you not living in Japan! : ) See my drink in the movie theater cup holder? Okay, now see the "D-11"??? In Japan, you pick out your own seat when you buy your tickets! We don't do that in America, in America it's first come, first serve, meaning whatever seat you can get, is yours. In Japan, you look at a seating chart and choose your seat actually before you ever enter the movie! Ha ha ha! Yup, we chose the D row, and we actually got pretty excellent seats and we were dead center! Not too in the back of the theater and not right up front either! We ended up with the good seats. good thing we went early! Ha ha ha! : )

As most of you all know this was sadly, Heath Ledger's final movie! : ( And I think I talked about his passing and how much I enjoyed his films way back in January when he died. My favorites, were 10 Things I hate about you and Brokeback Mountain! And I loved Michelle Williams since her Dawson Creek days, so, it is no surprise, I loved watching them or reading good news about them in the tabloids. And yes I know they were seperated, but I always had hope they'd get back together. : ( His daughter looked *exactly* like Heath and I will forever think that. Anyway...back on topic here. Anyway, I had been wanting to see this movie really bad. Heard how it was so good. How Heath did such a wonderful performance.... talks of awards and such. And I knew I needed to see this! My thoughts! The whole movie was awesome! It was, see how can I stress how good it was? Okay! It was *so* good! And Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was down right, kick ass!!!! It was amazing! I was captivated by his performance. Just couldn't take my eyes off the screen when he was on!
I am going to explain, so if you did not see this movie, please don't read ahead! Although I don't think I am giving anything away like the ending! But anyway feel free to stop reading here. Anyway, example one......the joker was dark. He gave different stories as to how his face had scars in a smiley face, meaning his lips were obviously torn apart. But once in the movie he told someone his face was cut by his dad, who told him to smile. And then he went and told someone else, he did it to himself, to make his wife feel better. And how she left him afterwards. The point is, which story was real and what was the lie. They were probably both lies! And that was so amazing! And when he was under arrest for about 10 minutes. The detectives said...we don't know who he is, he has no fingerprints, he has no tags on his clothes since they are all handmade. The thing is nobody knew this guy! Who was this joker person??? He wanted to show the people of Gotham....that all people can turn bad. That given the chance they will kill or be killed. And again, sorry to sound like a broken record but his performance was so stunning!!! One left the theater thinking...who was he **really**? Wanting more... wanting and hoping for a part 2! But sadly since he passed away, he obviously can't do the role. But man, this movie was good and I do mean good! The whole movie has this darkness to it. No happy camper wrapped in a bow type ending. But yeah what a performance! I will totally be buying this on DVD! Oh yeah and when the Joker showed up wearing a nurses outfit at the hospital, talk about a classic! It was a movie that did not disappoint!

On our way out of the movies, they had a huge Wall E! The kids went in for the kill! They wanted to look at him! So, I figured I might as well take their pic real quick at the same time! : )
Good thing we caught the 2:50 pm afternoon show! We got out and it was still light outside! Except it was raining cats and dogs! See all the rain in this pic? : )

We got home and quickly rolled out the pizza! Some was just pepperoni (for the kids). And other parts was just pepperoni and mushroom (for Noboru). And then the other part was pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and bell pepper (for me)! : )

After dinner, we as usual took showers. And because of all the rain, we actually took baths too. I watched TV on the couch with big fluffy pillow with my blankie, and wearing my night shirt well until, 1am! Just sorta relaxing and lazing about! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well! : )