Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going back to Denver in 10 days! : )

I know a lot of you had been wondering. And all of you have been so awesome and supportive of us and have been keeping your fingers crossed for us, in hopes that we could *finally* go home for just a visit. And for that, I say thanks. Sincerely...thank you! : )

Since we do fly non rev, nothing really is ever carved in stone unfortunately. : ( And you all know, how very badly I have been wanting to go home. After 2 and a half years of not going back home, it's been really and truly quite hard on me. And frankly I have been missing it quite a bit.: ( July we had originally planned to head back to Denver. Turns out though, while the hubby was approved the days off, however, as luck would have it, the airplanes were full (every way available for us to get there was full). Not a chance in heck to be able to go home. : ( So July was out of the question. And so Noboru cancelled his time off/vacation days. August, the airplanes were semi open (meaning the MN flight was full but the LAX flight was okay and a few others), however as luck would have it, he couldn't get his vacation days off that month. Ugh. Doesn't it just figure, really? : ) Things started to seem hopeless. : ( Frustration starts to set in and the question remained, "can we go home or not?", you know what I mean. Like many of you living in Japan or far from your original home/place you were raised will no doubt understand my feelings. : ) I miss my whole family just something terrible, and they miss me too. Living in Japan, I have missed all the lovely Christmases with relatives. Missed all the Fourth of July celebrations, the family BBQ's, just basically everything. Weddings, births and countless birthday parties that I was sadly not a part of (sorry family and friends). Seems I have missed a lot, sometimes it feels like a whole lifetime. Isn't this the toughest part of living overseas though? We decided to give it one last final shot, otherwise wait and try for the Christmas holidays! Noboru requested for September. He also had a hearty talk with the one making the schedule. Last week, the guy ran into my husband and he said, he indeed gave hubby his days off. Happily surprised doesn't even barely cover how we felt! I think, I did the biggest most craziest happy dance ever actually! LOL. And so yes....for us it is *finally* gonna happen. sigh. Can barely believe it, you guys!!! As you can imagine, I am happier then I could ever even attempt put into words. : ) And the flights are wide open so it's a for sure 100% thing now. So, I guess you know what they say, about patience and all. I guess for us it paid off. Sigh. Anyway I just really need to go home you guys and geeze, I just really *really* do, it's my time. : ) anyway now I feel like a huge weight or dark cloud has just lifted. (exhales deeply and ponders some)

I will give some details here. We leave Japan, August 30th. And since we are a day ahead, we actually arrive in the US, very early morning of August 30th! Ha ha ha. Yup, we will have 2 August 30th's. : ) I will be gone, 10-12 days. I forget the minor details. Will give them better later if I get the chance. We have 10 days to book hotels, to book the rental car. And since I am always the one nominated to pack for *everyone* in our house, lol. *winks* I have to pack for the 4 of us, before the 10 days is out too. So, a lot of things to do. A lot of things to plan. Umm, my dad knows my arrival date. He was actually the first to know. And I have been talking to my dad, every single day as usual, since he has been in Denver. : ) I can hardly wait to see him! I've spoken to my one favorite auntie already by phone last week as well. Umm, what else.....

I had a loose list of things I had been wanting to buy since July. For example, a loose Target list, a loose shopping mall list, outlet mall list, just loose ones like I said. But now that the trip is really happening and within grasp (finally). I have just been so busy.

Last night, the hubby and I spent hours upon hours, deciding our hotel. Yes we could stay with family or my dad obviously, but we really do enjoy our privacy. And comings and goings. : ) We stayed up to nearly 2am last night researching things for our trip. We did look and tried to book the hotel for the 1 night we will be spending in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at the hot springs, but their hotel website was down, figures. : ( And so, at 2am last night Japan time, I just went ahead and phoned them instead (have stayed at this place since *I* was in elementary school and my family took family trips up there skiing and stuff), so anyway, yeah, I called the hot springs town, and made my reservation over the phone! When the guy on the other line of the phone, asked for our home address. Boy was he in shock, when I gave him our Japan address. LOL. he was like...."boy you really are coming from a far ways away" LOL. So that night is booked for the hot springs already. And probably tonight, we will go ahead and book our nights for the place we already decided we will stay in Denver. : ) The rental car place, though the hubby is flip flopping on 2 different rental chains at the moment. Hopefully we will get all that sorted.

Also the weather. My dad says the nights are cooling down. Does that mean I should pack a few sweatshirts just in case. I sorta think so. Hmm. Like I said, lots to think about during these next 10 days before we leave. Heaps actually.

Also, I would like to buy a brand new digi camera while there. So obviously have been surfing sites like Best Buy and Amazon reading reviews on cameras. And very time consuming. : ) But a good and nice type time consuming. : ) I have a Sony Cyber shot right now, it's what I use for my blog pics and family use. Have always had a Sony everything. But am now pondering getting a different brand? But then maybe not. Hmm, decisions, decisions. : ( And therefore more research, but if anyone knows of a digital camera (point and shoot type) that is small and thin, could fit in a pocket for example, like my cyber shot, and has 10 megapixels, and at least, 5x the zoom please let me know, I'd really appreciate any advice on that. : ) I also am planning to bring myself back an I-pod Nano, 4gb. I don't plan to download anything other then music, so that is gonna work for me, especially since after reading all the reviews on it (will hold close to a 1 thousand songs? should be good enough for me). : ) The hubby is giving me $2,500.00 US for spending money. To buy the boys winter clothes. Myself clothes. Dvd's, books, toiletries, OTC meds, I-pod or shoes or whatever. So good hubby, good hubby, lol. : )

Update: The above was written the day before and we got a lot accomplished for the trip *last night*, so I am updating right here!

Last night, via Expedia, we booked the hotel we will be staying at in Denver as well. So the Denver hotel is booked already. And the one when we head to the hot springs in the Rockies, has also been booked, like I said. : ) So all hotel rooms have been booked already. Phew and thank goodness that part is knocked outta the way at least.: ) Now all we gotta do is book/rent us our vehicle. We are flying from Japan to either Seattle that's about a, 90% chance. And a 10% chance of us flying from NRT to San Francisco. Just whatever flight has the most seats open. Both flights are wide open though, so we will totally get there, it's just deciding how we get there. : ).

Anyway, no big deal really just thought, I better update everybody, on what's up! : )