Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday! Fill up the inner tubes, grab the sun block, and our picnic lunch and we're off spending a day at the local pool! : )

On Friday, with the hubby having the day off and all, we decided to go and hit the public swimming pool! So, with the 3 inner tubes in the car! And the 3 tiered obento, I already prepared! We were off to enjoy the day! Our view as we hit the local pool! Yup, lush green rice fields on all sides as far as the eye could see! We truly live in a gorgeous, gorgeous part pf Japan! Although, I think all of Japan is quite gorgeous actually! : )

Going up the road where the pool is located. Note, there are no other buildings or structures at all. It's purely inaka, meaning the country side. Ahh, love it!!! : )

The song, "Sitting on the dock of the bay" runs through my mind as I see this dock. Many can just sit at this local fishing spot and catch something good! : ) We didn't do that today! We had the swimming pool set on our sites today! : )

We just paid to get in. I forget the price, but it was about 100 yen for B since he's a student. Noah was free and we adults were like 300 yen? Something like that, don't quote me the price, but it was near free, basically getting in! Meaning really cheap price to get in! Here we just stood at the entry way and looked for the best spot! I found a nice one under the big shaded tarp area! Right on! : )

Branden went down the slide first thing, while we were setting up our little area, with the whole leisure sheet thing and all. : )

One tube was already filled, but Noboru went to go and use the machine free of charge to fill up the rest. Noah went with! : )
We played all morning and then when lunch time rolled around.... around 12 noon. I opened up our lunch basket. Many brought their own lunches like we did. And some families didn't. Either way is okay, I think! : ) You can see, we had the 3 tiered lunch basket. And we also had 3 fresh super sweet peaches. A ziploc bag of pretzels, some American tropical nut and fruit mix. And some granola bars. I didn't go all out with the lunch at all. I kept things simple.
Our lunch at the pool! Again though, I kept is very simple. Nothing fancy shmancy! And if you recall my obento I made for undokai last year, now that was fancy! With tomato roses in the corners and all! LOL! But seriously this was just the basics. One tier, had mini peperoni pizzas and chicken nuggets. And the other tier had rice balls or onigiri however you'd like to call it. And then yakitori, the sauce was sweet and rich and delicious! Very well marinated. And we also had marinated veggie sticks. : ) I brought 1 Kirin straight tea and one Aquarius. Our own cups. It was filling. And it kept us from having to buy from that, over priced food counter so that was cool we saved on that! : )

Noah just finished 1 onigiri and now was eating a yakitori! : )

Branden eating pizza and you can see the hubsters hand holding an onigiri! Ha ha ha! : )

Branden going down the slide! Friday afternoon! : )

Our spot nicely tucked under this nice tarped area! Nicely in the shade! : )

Noboru and Noah about to go on the baby side of the slide. The milder version/side! Ha ha ha! : ) Meanwhile B is on the steep side in this pic too! : )

Father and son sliding down the slide! : )

The smile on my husband! We all had such a good time on Friday you guys! : )
My son sliding down the slide! Go B go!!! Is that slide steep or what!!! Ha ha ha. : )

Lazy river anyone? Man, did we cruise this lazy river forever or what! Ha ha ha. I am very keen on lazy rivers and just slowly going down one! : )

Around 2pm kids started to get a bit hungry again! Branden went for a peach, hubby had a peach too! Noah had the trail mix! We got a bit of energy back and went back and played some more! : )
For being the countryside, we sure do have a very nice local pool! The lazy river circles the entire water park actually! It's awesome!

Hubby and the boys going down! : )

Aha, I spy my family with my little eye!!! Ha ha ha! : )

There were also other swimming pools here too! Like this one! It had a fountain in the middle.

Friday's temperature might have been hot! But heck, we never felt it! We stayed cool all day long in the various different swimming pools! : )

Noah doing some deep sea practice dive! LOL! J/k!

Our boys also made some friends and played around a bit with them as well! : )

Before we left! We bought something. Popsicles! The boys and I chose melon and Noboru went for a milk popsicle. They were large popsicles and so cold and really hit the spot! A wonderful way to end our day at the pool! : )
Might sound nerdy, so be it! But crops of fresh veggies all around. Ahhh, so gorgeous to look at! I am always awed by the beauty of the Japanese countryside. I really am! : )

Nice shady trees a plenty, lots of cool breezes! And I always look at the veggies and marvel, which one is this. And what are they growing here. And what are they growing there!

Looks like a trash heap? It is, except there's no heap, things get burnt to ashes straight away. Recycling center. I decluttered yet again. You know how I dislike clutter. Since Noah's been potty trained since before he hit age 3, meaning we don't need them anymore. I got the 2 kiddie toilets. For the the beginning stages and also the one that connects to the toilet. And they were washed and I put them in my trunk area of my minivan. And I pulled out that 1 suitcase with the wobbly wheel. And a huge bag of toys that were for younger kids, then what we have and I had them in my car since 2 days before. And today since we were in the area, which is sorta far from my house. We took them down. It felt good to declutter like that. I might even go back to the recycling center in another week, but I'll have to check to see if I got anything else. I think I'll take the high chair down there too. But my niece is coming over this Sunday and I wanted her to be able to use it for our BBQ, we are having. That's why I am holding onto it for a week or two.

More crops of veggies and a drive home! We felt great! A full day of swimming, a bit of decluttering and I was happy to be going home to enjoy our night! : )

My husband is a good man! He really is! After we unpacked all our stuff from swimming. He said to me. "honey you cook all the time, let me cook dinner for you tonight" I said...are you sure? He said yeah go sit on the couch! Shoot, don't have to tell me twice! I went and flopped on the couch and I enjoyed the 45 minutes of TV watching while I could hear my husband cooking away and the wonderful smell of the food he was cooking up! : )

Many fresh veggies, even bean sprouts that weren't pictured here but we had them!

Noboru made, sara udon or chicken chow mein, if you will! : ) After dinner, I went in and got a quick shower and then Noboru went in and got a quick shower with the boys! And then we sat and watched the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics 2008! It was so kick ass and awesome! The US team were awesome, we were the 2nd largest team there! We had a mighty presence, as always! And you betcha I screamed, U. S. A. !!!!! USA!! USA!!! Whoot whoot whoot! 595 athletes strong!!! Go team USA go!!! Loved seeing Kobe Bryant there as part of the American team as well! The American team outfits were cool, the hats were awesome! We were rockin'!!! The opening ceremony itself was amazing! I thought Beijing did an amazing job! Best opening ceremony, I've seen in about 8-10 years or so! This was exceptional! They had these scrolls or writings, it started from paper, and back tracked some to writing on bamboo. This opening ceremony really showed the world, who they were as a country and how amazing it was. They invented the compass? It was just amazing! The performers were spot on! I got goosebumps a few times. The fireworks were breath taking. They even had "smiley face" fireworks that went off all over the city! The stadium itself was gorgeous. I could go on, but I won't. But yes, the opening ceremony was awesome and totally worth us watching! Hubby and I always watch this together. We never miss an opening ceremony, not ever! : ) As for the other countries who came out! I thought the athletes from the UK, were so cool! I loved what they were wearing, they really looked quite smart and the lady athletes from the UK, I loved their little bags they were carrying! I loved the Canadians shoes with the Maple Leafs. Yes, I certainly do pay that much attention to the detail, lol! France had really cool team outfits as well! Espana/Spain had gorgeous bright gold and red outfits. They were stunning. I liked Brazil's hats, they were cool. Italy's outfits were so nice as well! I noticed Guam and I said, "Hi Guam!" Ha ha ha! : ) I thought so many athletes and teams, not only did their countries justice, but they did them rightly proud!!! They *all* did such a good job! I saw some gorgous team outfits. Lovely athletes. Ahh, it was a nice opening ceremony! Of course USA was my favorite, can't fault me in that though! : ) I think this is going to be a very good Olympics for everyone this year! : )

Oh yeah, our neighbors, "boy next door" and his family, came back from their onsen trip they were taking. Meanwhile we were watching their house while they were away, lol! They brought us back some yummy cookies! What are our plans this weekend? Saturday/today.... our little family of 4, will hit the movie theater. And Sunday we are having a family BBQ at our house! Uncle Jun is going to Costco on Saturday/today actually and he is going to pick up 5 slabs of baby back ribs, a giant cheesecake and a few other things for our big backyard BBQ for tomorrow. He is going to be at our house on Sunday around 2pm. So, this weekend we will be enjoying a nice evening at the movies and then also the BBQ at our house on Sunday! : ) Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!