Friday, August 08, 2008

Bits from our week!!! Let's catch up some!!! : )

Ahhh, what a nice and simple fantastic week this has been! Hope everything is well for the rest of you, as always. What have we been doing this week? Well, besides the daily 1 hour of swim school for Noah as usual. And the Wednesday swim class for B. We have mostly been staying home this week! Boys have been playing in our playground in the backyard. They have still been slip and sliding with the ol' slip and slide. And also doing the whole paddling pool thing a bit each day too! But other then that. Things have been real quiet. And heck....nothing wrong with that! One night this week, I made that fried chicken with that wing sauce. Remember that? It's so yumm! And so, we had the fried chicken, white rice, some steamed and buttered broccoli and a nice fresh crunchy salad with croutons and the whole bit! That was one of our meals this week! : )

Also, my order from Expat Express came. Boy they ship stuff fast! I am always pleased! I ordered, $185.00 US worth of clothes for myself. Yes, I know, we will be in the US in a few weeks time. But, I wanted them and so, I got them. Ha ha ha. Besides I like taking care of myself and also can never tell if they would have had them in stock at my store in Denver. Though I am sure they would but, I didn't wanna chance it. Got some cute stuff. So, I'm happy about it. Anyways enough said about that. : )

I like that since they are the same company, they actually combine orders and just all comes in 1 package. As the box says. It can come from Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. My order itself came from Old Navy and the other half came from Gap. Got 2 preppy and conservative dresses, some ballet neck tops, a cool striped preppy shirt and just a few other things. And I also made 1 more order from Expat Express, because I happened to see 2 *very* cool sweaters for this fall. So, I got 1 last order from them still coming. Yay, can't wait for my last order to arrive!

Also made a batch of brownies this week with walnuts! Yumm!

Hmm, somehow my husband or my 2 boys can't resist a fresh plate of brownies. They did not last 24 hours! ha ha ha. I must admit, I had my fair share though too! Ha ha ha. : )

Another night this week, I made a nice pork roast. Some baked potatoes topped with butter and a nice cheddar cheese and a bit of salt and pepper. Oh man was that potato awesome! Ha ha ha. And some green beans for the veggie of the night! Again, no 5 course meal or anything, but certainly a good simple delicious meal that my family loved! : )

This pic was taken this week, of Branden and his good friend Keita! Keita has come to play with B twice this week! Kouiki has come to play twice this week, Genki has come to play once this week! So, it seems everyday Branden has been either bike riding with the boys from the neighborhood or they've been splashing in the paddling pool together! Or like today, they were playing DS games, lol!

Also this week, I made some salads, potato salads and macaroni salads that is. I have a recipe for my American potato salad that I didn't make this day. That is an old family recipe. However, I made a more Japanese one this day. But yeah, we've been having many potatoes salads, both American and Japanese types. Macaroni salads and we've also had fruit salad once this summer already as well. The food alone, is reason enough to love summer! : )

Macaroni salad. I love macaroni salad! : )

Enough that just barely lasted us the week! It's long gone now though! Ha ha ha.

Also one night this week, we had some pistachio pudding! I love this, I grew up with this, so it was like total comfort food (dessert) for me. The boys and the hubster also loved it as well. : ) Hope everyone else is enjoying their summers! : )