Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bits and pieces! : )

It's funny, as I sit here typing this, I think about how exactly 1 week (7 days exactly from now) I will be in the airplane and we'll be on our way back "home". Though technically Japan is now my home, but you all know what I mean, I think! : ) Yup, next Saturday night at this time, I won't even be there yet! Yikes! Perhaps I'll be sitting in the airplane listening to music or maybe watching whatever movie, they have on those tiny little screens in front of our seats, lol. Movies of the month, right? Ha ha ha. : ) Or maybe I'll be taking a cat nap or walking one of the boys to the tiny little airplane toilet to go pee, lol. Anyway, so what have I been doing this week? Not a whole heck of a lot except, stay home, we are all kinda just laying low, until we leave. Only other thing I did this week was take the boys to swimming. So they don't get behind, I took B swimming 3 times this week (Wed, Fri, Sat). And, Noah went twice this week (Thurs, Sat). Hmm. Anyway here's the pictures from actually today. Today, both boys went swimming. So, I actually left the house at 12:15 pm this afternoon and didn't get home to nearly 6pm! Long day today! : (

Charms on backpacks. A very popular thing for kids to do in Japan! : ) Branden has Spongebob and 2 Ultraman charms that if you push the buttons they make noises and the one we got from Tokyo Disneyland is the one that spells out his name. Noah does not have charms on his swimming bag yet, but I am sure by Christmas he will have picked out his own already. : )
Snacks, I swear, I think I take the most boring snacks of the entire school. Ha ha ha. I bring, pretzels, granola bars and peanuts. And other times, I bring senbei or fresh fruit. I usually don't snack at the swim school at all, it's just for the boys. I guess I could, I am just not hungry. Now the hubby, he'll suck them all down if you let him, ha ha ha. : )

Today is a prime example why, I don't like the boys to swim on the same day! Because since Branden is in C class and Noah is in A class. I basically can't go home for the B class. So, I end up at swim school, for 3 and a half long hours. One of those hours is when none of my kids are in the water even. Noah swims 1 hour and Branden swims an hour and a half. And since I have other things to do then spend an entire darn day there, I prefer split their days up. Branden is Wednesday's, and an hour and a half and then we go home. And Noah's day is Saturday and only 1 hour long. So not so bad. But all smooshed up on one day? And I am practically pulling my hair out! Ha ha ha. Okay not that bad, but almost. : ( So today was a crazy Saturday. The hubby came along and made me laugh which was nice. : )

Noah and his Saturday classmates. : )

Noah's done and I just got him dressed and I noted the time. Meanwhile, The B course is swimming. And both boys and Noboru and I are all upstairs watching.
And finally the C course started in. That's B down there. Noah munched pretzels and granola and sipped apple juice and looked on.

Wow they actually flicked the lights on. I turned to the hubby and said, now how long, have we been here today. And then I said, remind me to never let them swim on the same day. This bites!
Ha ha ha. We still had bits of humor left, which was a shock by now. Ha ha ha.

More legs techniques for Branden.

OMG! You just gotta see these 2 girls! The different level had to compete against each other today. Remember B's level had to do that last week. Well, These 2 girls are so fast! They blew my mind! See how they bend down, they were so ready! When that coach tooted her whistle, these 2 girls went off like grease lightning! They were amazing to watch!

These girls were neck and neck with each other. One time they tied and the other time, only one won. But they must be best friends, because they were wearing same swim suits, different colors. They were chit chatting with each other. But once they hit the water, they were on and each wanted to win, ha ha ha! These 2 girls were down right phenomenal! : ) Given their size they had to be only 6 years old, but wow! Amazing girls!

Branden's relaxing and waiting his turn! : )

By the time we left swim school it was 4:45 pm! What a long day indeed! In this pic, it wasn't 4:45pm yet, but it was near the end. Glad it was over and job well done boys! : ) We from there went to the tiny local electronics shop!

Once at home, by now it's 6pm. I'm tired. No time to check email or catch up on blogs. Just enough time to have the boys switch their clothes, and go hang their swim suits and swim towels in the laundry room. Meanwhile I got cracking on dinner! You know how long my day was, right? Obviously no 5 course meal for us. Easy peasy meal needed! So a nice pasta and chicken gratin it was.
Fry up the chicken first. Mushrooms next. What's cool about this recipe, is you can add whatever *you* want! If you wanna add broccoli like the picture of the box says, fine. If you want whatever, that's fine too. Me, I just needed simple. : )

After it fried, I added the pasta and sauce and then water and milk and boiled it until tender. In about 10 minutes.

Chucked it in the oven after it boiled for 10 minutes. And added cheese on top. Placed it in the oven for 20 minutes. This gave me time to clean up the kitchen, slice and butter the bread from the bakery. An check emails! : ) And call the beauty salon, yeah can't forget my call to them either.
Oh you guys will get a kick out of this..... My husband sugggested I add, parsley to my meal for my picture. I said..."get real"!!! I do love him. But.... I said, the pic of my meal is an honest meal of what I ate. And if this is how I really ate it, then, this is how I will show it. He thinks it isn't as pretty, but heck. That's okay. It was delicious. And that was fine with me. Ha ha ha. : ) Oh and all that bread was for everyone, that wasn't just my serving, ha ha ha. : )

So anyway let me get to the bits and pieces parts! : )
The Ipod Nano, the hubby just went ahead and ordered me a nano from the Apple store for Japan, online. The ipod's are multilingual. Regardless where you buy them. And the warranty we have is a 1 year warranty, so although, I doubt anything would happen with it, but if anything did, we could just call the Apple Japan store and send it back and they'd replace it or fix it for us. So, that was what we decided. Also, although I just wanted a 4gb one. The hubby went ahead and bought me the 8gb one anyway. I coulda got, red, or pink or blue or green or etc. But, after knowing me. I went with the basic silver. That way I can switch the skin/case to any color I want and then when I get bored with that color, I can change skins, but my real nano is basic silver color and I think that's better for me, knowing me. Okay not that I will change the cases too often but ykwim. : ) So, I am happy the silver 8gb is coming any day now. And will be here before we leave. At least that way I can download some songs and maybe a few Ugly Betty episodes. : ) Hubby also went and treated himself to an Ipod touch. Which he just bought both those from the Apple Japan store online a few days ago for us (Thursday night, I think is when). And so today after swimming, that's why we went to the electronics shop. We needed some covers. And I went for pink. It has a pink neck holder and one for my wrist and a plastic cover for the screen. So glad that part is out of the way at least! : )
Beauty salon:, I phoned the salon this evening. And I made an appointment for Wednesday early morning. I am the first client of the day, I think. Hmm, I started out the summer with a nice Katie Holmes type chin length bob thing going on (and yes I know she cut it different yet again). And yet now, it's shoulder length! (my hair grows like a weed) So, I want it done again. I am getting a Japanese thermal straightening/super pin straight yet again. And chin length cut again. So that's for this Wednesday. Not for a glam "do" or anything. It's just this way, my hair is simple, it's easy peasy to manage and care for! And I don't have to worry if it looks good, because the cuts they give me and how straight and sleek they make it, I am very happy with. It's no fuss, no muss hair and I need that being a busy mom of 2, ha ha ha. : ) This way I can go on vacation and not worry about my hair a bit. Hmm, what else...
Car has been rented, and whole trip is set now. And I am so at peace. I think about my boys visiting with my dad/grandpa. Or me visiting with my family. or going to my favorite restaurant. And I just feel happy. Umm, the camera research is still giving me a major headache! Ha ha ha. But the shopping is the least least thing on my mind. It's my family and my home state that I can't wait to see most. *smiles* : ) I'd also like to go to the cemetery and visit my grandmother's grave. My grams. So, I can pay my respects and also sit and chat with her a bit. I hope nobody thinks that's morbid or weird. But, I was *very* close with my grandma, my dad's mom. We'd talk nearly everyday too. Just like I do with my dad. Weird she's gone. She passed the year B was born. And I would often go and sit at her grave for about 10 minutes and just catch her up with all my news. Have a good cry, a few laughs and go back to my dad's place. Sigh. I will no doubt go and visit her again and try to catch up and tell her all my news. And tell her how much I miss her and wish she was still here. : (
Obama picked his VP? Senator Joe that right? Thoughts, anyone, anyone, Bueller? LOL! : ) The Democratic National convention is in Denver Colorado. It ends the day before I arrive, I think. So, perhaps all these people will all get a good nights sleep and then be at the airport the day I arrive? Ha ha ha. If I run into Hillary or Obama, I'll take a pic and let you all know! Errr, but knowing my camera these days it would be a blurry pic! Ha ha ha! *Smiles*
Olympics!!! With the Olympics winding down. Did anyone hear about the closing ceremony??? How they will hand it off to London sounds so cool!!! David Beckham will apparently be on a London double decker bus. And British pop star Leona Lewis will also be performing a song with rock legend Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin as well! I can barely wait to watch the closing ceremonies to see this!!! But wow, I think London is going to do an awesome job in 4 years, I am looking forward to watching it!!!
Weather, where we live it's been raining off and on this past week. An when it comes, it rains all of a sudden real hard. Also, we've had 2 earthquakes around here twice this week. : )
Anyway, I am shutting the computer down now...have a good night, everyone! : )