Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday baking and making coconut cream pie and also doing a bit of crawfish fishing! : )

Sunday morning, after I had finished making the kids breakfasts. I started in on making my crust for the coconut pie, I planned to make! As you all know, my 2 boys have always enjoyed and helped me cook and bake in the kitchen. I wanted to do this fun bonding thing with my nephew, but I didn't wanna force him either. So, I started the kitchen tunes. And quietly started getting the things ready for my crust. Sure enough, my nephew started peeking his head in the kitchen, asking me, "whatcha doing?" While making a pie, I said. "can I help, he said quite meekly" I said, "of course honey, go wash your hands first and let's make this together, okay? All 3 boys ended up helping me with the crust.
Everyone got a few turns helping roll the crust out! Here's Branden's turn!

Noah's turn! : )
And my nephew's turn!. Anyway, my nephew is leaving this coming Sunday, Aug 3rd. I hope he enjoys his short 2 weeks here with our family! We enjoyed having him here with us.

Fishing for the crawfish! Kobby and Branden didn't catch any this time, however Kobby caught about 6 frogs. Which we told him to let them go, cause they're everywhere anyway. Ha ha ha. Noboru caught 2! However, the fun they had hunting for said crawfish? Tons, tons tons of fun!!! They loved playing in the rice field behind our house! It was a good way to spend 2 hours on Sunday! : )

Man they had a blast!

Only 2 this time! You know how I always say, they can stay the 1 night on the porch and then we release them back? Like in the pics of crawfish hunting we did a few month's back? Well, this time...since there was only 2. We released them back right away before we went home!

But we did let them take a pic of them holding them! Kobby had never caught crawfish before. He really loved it! : )

We had yakisoba for dinner Sunday night, which I made. See my nephews laughing face? He's been having such a good time with us!

My kids eating their yakisoba.

Noboru sits with him everyday to do his homework. He hates homework, lol. But we have been keeping on top of his. 2 pages everyday.

Oh yes, can't forget the pie. Here's the coconut cream filling underneath.

And the whip cream and toasted coconut on top! The whole family enjoyed this pie! We are just trying to have the best and most fun we can before he leaves us next Sunday. : ) Maybe one day, he'll be a grown man and he'll tell me, how he enjoyed his summer at our house. I can only hope! : ) Anyway....that was our Sunday in our neck of the woods! : )