Sunday, June 15, 2008

American Idol the big finale!!!! (season 7) : )

Wow, the finale just finished for us here, in Japan! It's all over folks! Phew! Now my family and friends and I can talk about it and it's no longer like the proverbial "elephant in the room" which we can't speak/talk about. Ha ha ha. So, now, I finally know and it's all over and done! My thoughts? What an absolutely fabulous finale!!! So worth the wait! And I am so happy it's over, it was a remarkable season, one that I thoroughly enjoyed! And I am such a huge fan of American Idol and I will be back watching next January, when the show starts all over again, with their new season!!! Yay!!!! : )

A few highlights for me from the show tonight was when Mike Myers did his little bit with the 2 David's! I like Mike Myers a whole lot, he's so talented and a real comedic genius! : ) Anyway, he's apparently peddling/trying to plug, his new movie, that's just about to come out, or perhaps it already came out, since I am in Japan and things are a bit delayed, ha ha. But it's called, "The Love Guru" Looks quite funny! Anyways, he was hilarious and poked fun at the 2 David's and it was a cute bit! I enjoyed that a lot! : )

Jason Castro sang Hallelujah! And the whole top 12, came back and sang and they were amazing! Also, the 2 David's each won an Escape Hybrid, so yup, they're keeping things green! LOL! : )

The top 6 ladies sang a Donna Summer mix of songs if you will and finally Donna Summer herself came out and that was awesome! She really was the queen of Disco, wasn't she! Ha ha ha! : )

David Cook, sang with ZZ Top, "Sharped Dress Man", that was cool! And the Jonas Brothers sang their smash hit, S. O. S. : )

As usual at the end of an American Idol finale, they reminded us, of the absolutely infamous and worst auditions. Such as that rocker gal Alexis, with the crazy eye makeup that kept flipping the camera "the bird" and telling Simon a few curses here and there, yikes! Or the guy who sang nearly in tongues! He was so nice though, ha ha ha! And we can't forget Renaldo, the crazy dude, who wore all white and his hat was decorated with feathers. And yup, they actually brought Renaldo, back for the finale. He came onto the stage with his trademark white outfit. Feathered hat. And he started singing his song. "I am your brother" "Brother's forever" And suddenly a huge marching band came out, and even cheerleaders came out, as well. Paula and Randy joined the stage with Renaldo. It was crazy! : )

David Archuleta sang the song..."Apologize" And even last years winner, Jordin Sparks came back and sang one of her songs, while wearing a flashy gold colored dress! : )

Another funny comedic bit, that I truly loved, was they said, Gladis Knight and the Pips, they actually found out, she held auditions to auditions some "pips" And they sliced the old footage of her and put some new footage, (but it was supposed to be old footage yk). Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. were the quote unquote, pips from 1972. Of course it was all in good fun and not true, obviously. But it was hilarious! I loved that a lot!!! : )

The last performance of the night were the final 12, performing George Michael songs! The top 6 girls went first and they sang, "Faith", and then the top 6 guys came out and they sang, "Father Figure" (love that song btw), then all 12 together sang, "Freedom" and then, I think it was David Cook who said, and looked up at the stairs, "Mr. George Michael" I was just stunned! I love George Michael, I am such a fan! Had the biggest crush on him when I was in the 8th grade, I even recall having a Wham poster on my bedroom wall!!! *heart flutters* : ) Yes, now for ages, he's been out of the closet, whatever, I don't mind a bit! I still find him fantastic and fabulous and I am still such a huge fan! So, I was just sitting in my living room, going..."wow", "wow" What a great finale! I was truly awed with this finale! Then it went to commercial and they announced the winner! David Cook! The announcement part, was so quick, went so fast!

I think, I was still feeling my George Michael, buzz! And no, I wasn't crushed, when I heard the results. Granted, I think David Archuleta should have won and I certainly will make no apologies about that! However, I think they will both end up with fantastic singing careers. : ) And since the show ended, I went and googled David Archuleta and I found out, he has already signed a record deal! So, I'm happy! They both were 2 talented guys, so it's most certainly, all good in the end! : )

*Alrighty then* (hopefully, that didn't sound too Church lady-esque, lol, if you know old SNL, you're probably laughing) anyways, let's bring on the next season of American Idol!!! I can barely wait until next January! : ) Oyasumi everyone! Good night! : )