Saturday, October 27, 2007

Typhoon Saturday and a very thoughtful friend! : )

Saturday all morning and all evening, hmm basically all of Saturday it rained where we lived. From what the news says, Tokyo was hit with yet another typhoon. We were lucky not to be near the eye of the storm this time, but we got a nice rainy day, all day and it lasted until about 8:00 pm around here. But again, no real big gusts of wind around here, but again we were not really in the eye of the storm. I hope you Tokyo girls, thinking about you Heidi, were okay. Meanwhile we had planned to just hang home all weekend long, same ol' same ol' basically. We were really glad we went to the grocery store the day before and bought about 4 days worth of food because with all that pouring rain, we really didn't want to be outside. We had the great big 2 patio window blinds open so we could watch the rain. It was nice to watch through the window. Ha ha ha. We lazed around all day and in the evening, I made a simple meal of chicken teriyaki and veggie, rice and a simple/plain salad with goma dressing, the usual dressing of choice. That was it basically. We enjoyed dinner.

By now it had grown dark outside and we had closed the blinds for privacy. We ate, talked, ate some more. Pretty uneventful, ha ha ha. But nice.

Noboru likes to sprinkle that Japanese chili powder stuff on his chicken.

After dinner, we all showered and bathed. I showered with Noah first and then we soaked in the tub. And then Branden and Noboru came in. You know, the Japanese communal, type way, he he. And they showered and soaped up, while Noah and I soaked. It was still raining in bits outside. And so we popped some popcorn and watched a DVD. A very nice night.

Also, on Saturday, I received a nice letter from my dear friend Tigermama. I hope you are not blushing too much Tigermama. I wanted to email you right away. But then I had decided to shout it from the roof tops instead. I wanted to let you and everyone know, what a wonderful person you are. You guys, Tigermama, sent me some coupons for free ice-cream. Haagan Dazs, even, yumm! She said it was a belated thank you for something. But you know what, you guys. I think, she is just thoughtful plain and simple. People rarely give me anything. They figure, she probably doesn't need it, she travels too much what could she possibly need, lol... whatever and it's sad. But, it still feels good to be thought of and people rarely do that to me. And I haven't been thought of by a friend is so long and I wanted to say, thank you for being the thoughtful, caring considerate person, we all know you are! She's a good person and an A#1 heart! Thank you Tigermama, for being my friend. I really value our friendship! I will remember this 10 years from now even!Acts of kindness are never forgotten by me. : ) A very good Saturday at our house, thanks to a nice night at home and a stellar good friend!