Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or treat, it's in the bag! : )

So today after B was sent to school, I started to get 7 Halloween goody bags all filled, for Branden's closest friends from yochien.

Aha, yes that is the main reason for all the Halloween candy collecting I've been doing, ha ha ha. I knew I was going to do something special for the friends of my son.

Each bag was filled and stuffed with an assortment of some of the best American Halloween goodies around! Each bag has, 1 mini peanut M&M's, 1 Rice Krispie treat, Reese's peanut butter cup, Milk duds, Twizzler licorice, Almond Joy and Raisinets. I bet the kids are going to absolutely *love* getting these as a Halloween treat surprise, tomorrow.

And there they are all stuffed and ready and rarin' to go! I wish you could see the detail on these treat bags, it's fabulous. The string on the witches hair, with the big nose to boot, the candy corns on the ghost bag, etc. They are such cute bags, I was really happy and lucky to find these bags at the 100 yen shop! Talk about a super find! Best deal ever, because they are really nice and the details on them are perfect! Oh, the kids will love getting them, as much as B will enjoy giving them! : ) And yes, my son is going to give them out discreetly at the end of the day. Halloween day, they have a field trip, and so all us parents will be at the school to pick up our kids. And so he can just run them to each of the kids/friends parents car after class privately, with Noah and I. But, I did want to give Halloween goody bags to the kids that are closest with my son though. Just trying to spread some Halloween treats and good cheer, around is all! : )