Sunday, October 28, 2007

Puppy love or just super good friends, who knows with kids! : )

If you have or have had a kid in yochien in Japan, your child has probably received many notes and pictures/drawing from their fellow friends. Branden gets at least one a week. Cool, boy drawings from his guy friends. And cute little girlie pictures drawn by his female classmates. All in good fun and all because they consider each other friends. We don't do stuff like this in the US. But I'm used to it now. Branden reciprocates and draws pictures to people as well. Anyway, there has been a little girl that had a crush on B before. She liked him, but he didn't like her. : (He was only 5, ha ha ha. Now it's this new girl, she likes to play all the games Branden does, running and jumping and the monkey bars. And so they pal around together a lot. He likes her, no not like mushy gushy type love. And I assume she has no mushy gushy type love for B either. They are just we little kids still. More along the lines of the movie...."My Girl", where they were just young and pals. But yes, Branden talks non stop about her! For days, he talks about her. She must feel the same way, because come Monday afternoon, this was sitting inside his backpack. She wrote him a letter, err, they are so young, so she drew him a picture rather. I covered her address with my finger, not sure why she put her address on there, how cute! She's only a wee 6 six year old, so maybe she didn't know. : )

Branden was so happy, he was beaming from ear to ear. He said, "look mommy, didn't she make a good picture", I said...."wow, she is *quite* the artist, honey" He he. And she even drew them holding hands! How adorable! And since this is Japan you know...she even drew herself giving the peace sign! Ha ha ha! : )

Her name is Suzuka-chan. I don't mind sharing her first name, because I've never mentioned the city I live in and all anybody really knows is, I live in Chiba (a huge area btw) and somewhere near Narita but geeze, that could be absolutely anywhere. So, I think me sharing her first name only, is fine. And no, I would never share any one's last name, not even our own. But anyways, according to Branden, she's just the bees knees! How cute and lovely and truly innocent children are, aren't they! : )