Sunday, October 28, 2007

A perfect split, ha ha ha! : )

I know, I know, I blogged about it before, but I really think those roux (sp?) blocks are so helpful to mom's like me. Somedays if we just want cream stew, yes that's easier. But on an off chance, Noboru or I are tired of cream stew and are wanting curry instead, those roux's the way they are sealed in those 2 separate parts of the packs, make it easy for us to make 2 meals outta one. Ha ha ha. Since it' s cream stew, obviously I had to use chicken. So it would be chicken curry, as well then. I just fried up my chicken first. When it was cooked, I added my onions, when they got soft, I added, the rest of my veggies. And stir fried them.

I only used a half pack of the curry and a half of the cream stew. Three cheers for the roux's, boy they help out mom's with youngsters where the curry would otherwise be too spicy and hot.

Since the chicken was 100% done and the veggies were soft and stir fried already, I set my timer for 25 minutes, boiled it on high and covered with a lid. And in 25 minutes, I took the lid off, snapped this pic. And then I separated the boiled chicken and veggies, half and half. 4 cups for each. I think the curry called for an extra cup, so I added an extra cup of water to the broth once it was split in 2 pans. And boiled for 5 minutes. Turned off the heat and melted the sauces in.

There you have it, a meal for all 4 of us. And it came from just one meal to begin with. Easy peasy and I was happy I didn't have to feel like a short order cook and make 2 separate meals. Ha ha ha. This really works well in our house with a young 2 year old. Branden is getting older, his first serving tonight was curry and his second serving was cream stew. Noah had 1 large helping of cream stew. And the hubby and I, enjoyed the curry.

A very relaxing Sunday, whole weekend actually. I washed and dried all of Branden's yochien things that he would need for the following day and week. But mostly we just lazed about and enjoyed our weekend! : )