Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, the day we went to go and buy our pumpkin!

So Monday morning, I rolled outta bed and got lunch for B ready and breakfast as well. Music courtesy of Gwen Stefani, ha ha ha! Very simple lunch this morning. A grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, steamed broccoli. Mikan, fall fruits are all out now in Japan. And 2 jelly's. Got Branden sent off to school this morning. My morning walks to the bus stop are growing a bit chilly these days, brrr! : )

This is the funny and yes the gross bit of my post. You know how when you are a mom, your kid will sometimes leave a half of his sandwich, and us mom's get used to eating all those leftovers. Yes, whatever they may be. Ha ha ha. In my 6 years of being a mom, I've eaten, all sorts of weird, funky leftovers. Ha ha ha. So, anyway, Noah had been munching on a few shredded wheat this morning in a tiny little bowl. No big deal. He was full, and so, as I just finished cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom and was now giving the living room a full cleaning, I picked up this tiny plastic bowl and proceeded 2 toss a leftover shredded wheat square into my mouth. Yumm, I thought. And tossed another square into my mouth as I walked the cup into the kitchen and about to put the mini bowl/cup into the dishwasher, I tossed the final mini shredded wheat into my mouth. And got a very rude awaking! It was wet and felt like mush. I immediately spit it out and put it back into the bowl. I turned to a giggling Noah, and I asked him. "Did you suck on this?", he coyly replied....."ungh huh" I didn't say anything, I just gave him a pat on the head and shook mine. I just tossed that last one into the trash can. But sheesh! It was a total "eww" moment for me this morning!

After B went to yochien and came back from Kumon, we were off to go and get our pumpkin. Last year, and the years before that, since I've lived in Japan, I always got my Halloween pumpkin from Costco. Expensive yes, but what can you do. We live in Japan and that's the price. And I don't really wanna forget all holidays that I grew up with, ya know. I wanna pas them down to our sons, as much as Noboru passes down the Japanese traditions. So, last year, after we already had bought our pumpkin from Costco, a few days after, we saw them being sold, somewhat near where we live now. Which is much closer. Because Costco is an hour and a half drive each way. So forget that, we knew we would get our pumpkin here this year. This was a 25 minute drive, there and a 25 minute drive back, sorta far but *way* closer then Costco. And the price was cheaper here. So we actually got it cheaper and it was closer, so it was a win win. So, the 4 of us, looked and they had about 10 large pumpkins left. They had tons more earlier, the lady working there said. We looked at all the big ones and found the one we wanted to take home and make him into our very own jack-o- lantern! So, the 4 of us, plus one "Mr. Jack the Pumpkin Head" all drove home! Ha ha ha! : )

We have had our cool but fake lit up jack o- lanterns, nicely lit up since October 1st at our house. And they have illuminated nicely every night on our front porch. You know, how much our family likes the holidays around here! : )