Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween from our family to yours! : )

Just wanted to say, our family here in Chiba, Japan, is wishing all of you, our friends and family a very Happy Halloween! : )

The plug in pumpkin on the right and the real one on the left. And yes, my hubby messed up the eyes, I thought. I told him yesterday, the eyes are not the same. They look different to me. He said, "well they aren't supposed to be the same...he's a scary guy" Yup, that's his story/reasoning/excuse, he he. I think he goofed and so I didn't say anything. I just said..."yeah I think you are right honey" Ha ha ha! Oh well, I don't wanna hurt his feelings, he did try his best, you know! Anyways, Happy Halloween you guys!

A close-up of our Mr. Jack the Pumpkin head man! And just because it's Halloween, I keep telling my husband every 30 minutes or so.....Che che che, ah ah ah! You know the sound from Friday the 13th? Ha ha ha. I know it sounds stupid, so be it, but he finds it amusing, since he's seen the movie a bunch of times. And I find it funny to do that to him. And no I will spare you the story how Noboru jumped out of nowhere last night to scare me, when I walked out of the bathroom late last night. He found that hysterical, meanwhile he nearly gave me a heart attack! Smiles! Anyways our plan tonight is, we are watching a Charlie Brown Halloween DVD with the kids tonight and then as soon as the kids go to bed, we are throwing in the original Halloween with that freaking scary Michael Myers guy! Yikes! Anyways, have a wonderful night everyone and Happy Halloween! : )