Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy 6th birthday Branden! : )

Branden, I still remember when you were this little. Heck, I even remember when you were first born. Or the first time you crawled. The first food, you ever ate, rice cereal, by the way. First veggie you ever ate, mashed peas. Ha ha ha. The time we took you trick or treating in Denver and you ended up with so much candy and chocolates, I had to hide them in the cupboard so you would not ask for one. Ha ha ha. The first time you went to yochien. And you cried for a whole 9 days, every time I dropped you off, you would cry, run after me and cry through the gate, screaming "mommy come back". I didn't turn around to see your face, only because I was crying and I knew if I saw your little face, I would grab you and take you home with me. We dealt with it and you got the hang of it, me too. The first time you had your sleep over at the school/kindergarten. The otomarihoiku, I think is what it was called. I didn't get much sleep that night. I missed you so much! The first tooth you lost. When you first learned how to ride a bike without your training wheels, I think you were age 4, I blogged it, I'd have to check for sure. I could go on forever, because you are my son and obviously I love you. But I just want you to know, I love you, I love you, I love you. I became a mom the second you were born. And it has been my greatest joy. I love you honey! I really do! I see the boy you have grown to be. How you are so thoughtful of others. Always caring about your little brother or the younger kids at the yochien. How silly you can be. How smart you are, you are as smart as a whip. You are just a good well rounded boy. And we think the world of you. So, anyway, I just want you to know, happy birthday from us. Happy 6th birthday! : )

Besides video taping our pizza making and small family party this evening. I will blog about it here. Maybe someday when you grow up, you can come read these pages and find out what was on your dear mom's thoughts. Ha ha ha. We just got back from Guam last night, however we still wanted to do something special to mark your birthday, even in a small way. Sometimes less is more, you know. No great big party. I know every family is different but when my kids hit elementary age, they can have the party and invite friends etc. But at kindergarten age, he's a bit too young for a full blown party really. But again that's just how we do things at our house, I'm sure every other family does things differently and it's okay. But for us, while our kids are in kindergarten and younger, we keep parties limited to just family. Either a trip to Disneyland, or Guam. Or have a small thing at home. Very simple. So we decided to make it a nice family birthday and we picked up Branden's delicious birthday cake from Baskin Robbin's, a very yummy ice-cream cake! God those are good. And we made homemade pizza. So much fun to make, the whole family could get involved and help. Lot's of laughs making it. Everyone got a turn to pound the dough, it was fun! In the pic is our flour we used and the yeast.

50% of the time I make my own pizza sauce but 50% of the time, I use this. It's basil and tomato and really good. Doesn't taste fake or like it came from a bottle, even though it did, ha ha ha. It's good.

The birthday boy requested plain peperoni. Meanwhile Noboru and I wanted mushrooms and bell peppers. So we made it a half and half pizza. The pizza was large. I'd say it was the size of a large Pizza Hut pizza size. My pan is a freak and it's a Costco pizza size pan, lol. But the pizza was large.

Just a very few presents. No, he didn't get a tower of gifts, lol. Just 6 gifts is what he got. And they were small and something he would like. The pizzas flavor was awesome. Best dough ever! Noboru actually told me, this pizza was the best he's had since living in Japan. And he compared it with a restaurant who used to make the best pizza in Denver. He also asked me to make more pizza from now on. Ha ha ha. I said okay. Why not. : )

Besides our 6 small gifts we got for Branden. My mom also got him an electronic gift card for Old Navy for $100.00 US. Thanks mom, I know you are reading. B doesn't need clothes right this second, but we will hold onto it, for Spring clothes shopping in March. We will use it and love it, thanks. Grandma Mitsuko send him a card with 10,000 yen in it ($100.00US) and my dad bought Branden a gift already and has been requested to buy him the DVD Ratatouille, when it comes out in Guam. He he. It's a few weeks delayed from the US. So he's on stand by about the movie, lol. But the most important thing wasn't the gifts really at all (might sound hokey, I know). He spent time in Guam, got to swim, spend time with his grandpa, who he completely adores. He had a good Tony Romas pre-birthday meal. And now he got to spend his actual birthday with mommy, daddy and Noah making pizza together. Laugh together, share together, talk together. It was a really cool night. We all had so much fun! Sure grandma called him and he spoke with her. Sure grandpa called him too and he spoke with him on the phone as well. But it was just a small little family thing. No acrobats or giant marching band ha ha ha. Just a nice quiet birthday.

We didn't even have to pull out the fancy place mats. Ha ha ha. We could use the ones, when just our family is around and no one is looking. How relaxing, that was! And yumm, he got to eat the pizza he helped make! That was awesome!

Noah also got to eat the pizza he also helped make. It was cool! Really cool, actually.

Six birthday candles, for turning 6 years old! : )

Little brother looks on.

We all sang the happy birthday song to you. And then while video taping it, I said. "Make a wish, make a wish." And you closed your eyes and blew out your candles and made your wish. I wonder what you wished for? You never told us. Ha ha ha. But I do hope it comes true, whatever you wished for. : )

Two different kinds of cake inside and two different flavors of ice cream. This is our favorite ice cream cake. It's yummy. Anyway, that was how we spent your 6th birthday. Very low key, very simple. Just family, but really nice and super special! You had fun! And so did we, my sweet little man! Happy birthday Branden! : )