Tuesday, October 30, 2007

From a pumpkin to a jack o lantern! Ha ha ha! : )

Tonight right after dinner was when our family pumpkin carving was under way at our house! Since, I carved the one last year (that I blogged about last year) with the kids, we nominated daddy/dh to carve it this year! He was up for the challenge I must say!

Ewww, pumpkin guts! Ha ha ha! : )

Both of the boys cleaning out the pumpkin! They did a very good job, I must say, I only had to help a bit at the ends! : )

Some serious laughter coming from Branden in this picture! By looking at this picture it's obvious how much fun we had! We really had a good time carving this pumpkin! : )

Noah had a blast as well! : )

Eyes and nose carved... check! The mouth was coming up next.

Noboru drawing on the mouth before the big cut! Ha ha ha! : )

I thought the mouth came out really wicked! I told Noboru he did an excellent job! And what does the final pumpkin look like, with candle inside and all aglow? Well, you'll have to wait until Halloween and I'll post a pic up then. Ha ha ha! : )

And I rinsed all the pumpkin seeds out really well and roasted the seeds in the oven with a sprinkling of salt. Boy, did they come out nice! Branden and Noah and the hubby and I munched on them tonight. : )