Thursday, October 25, 2007

The day we arrived in Guam! : )

We arrived, and stayed at the Hilton like always. But as usual, it's only because of our discount we get. So it's cheaper for us to just stay there. I've showed what our room looks like many times before. And as you can tell, all the rooms pretty much look the same. Very clean, calming colors. Relaxing. When I took the pic, we didn't even get the chance to change our clothes yet. We had to switch to shorts immediately. But the boys were still wearing their pants in this pic, since we just got into the room. Huge bed, which was awesome! : )

Our bath tub. Noboru took nice long soaks in there every night. Because when we got to Guam, my husband started not feeling too good. He had a fever and sometimes he would get a real sudden chill, and horrible sinus pain. Which is odd, since my husband never gets sick.

Glass shower, these always remind me of the "great glass wonkivator" from the book and movie Willy Wonka.

Marble sink.

Gorgeous view from our lanai/balcony.

Big lanai. Grrr, my husband is back to smoking! I really worry about his health you know. : )

Trolley buses, the one in this pic is a double decker. Many tourists, who can't drive, take the trolley's. It's affordable, and they zip you to the Kmart, to the Micronesia Mall and the GPO/ Guam Premier Outlets. Walking to these 3 places from the main road where the hotels are, is darn near, impossible. It would take forever if you attempted to walk to the 2 malls. Walking to the Kmart is doable, I guess. But we always rent a car for $30.00 US a day and zip to wherever we want to go. Trolley buses are good, if you don't wanna drive. But they are time suckers. You have to make all stops and stop at each and every hotel. It can take a whole day, just to get to one place. Plus we also like to go places the trolleys don't go, like Pizza Hut, Blockbuster video to buy videos, etc etc. However if you prefer to take the trolley's, that's cool, I would suggest buying a week pass though, versus the one day *only* pass. Reason? The daily pass is like 5 bucks and is only good for 1 day. But the weekly pass is like 8 bucks. The weekly, means you can ride unlimited for a whole week. It's a better deal.

The Kmart we stopped off the first day we were there. Reason? Noboru had a really bad sinus headache and he wanted to buy himself some meds. So, we stopped in there. It was very well stocked. However I didn't really need anything. They had all the Halloween decorations out and the Christmas decorations out, as well. Many things. But, we just didn't need anything.

Here's a pic of another type of bus that cruises the tourists around. He he he : )

When we checked out of Kmart is was seriously, like $40.00 US. Again, we just didn't need anything. We bought the boys 1 extra bottle of shampoo, that was on sale for like 89 cents. a big bottle of Dove green tea body wash. Need this gentle body wash, now that winter is coming. Thank god my hubby told me, we were out of Tums, and so we just bought 1 bottle. And extra toothbrushes. Very tiny things bought considering. But again, we just didn't need anything. And we didn't wanna force ourselves to buy, if we didn't need anything.

2 bags for $5.00 US. Again really cheap. And with Halloween coming, we got a few extra bags.

And the final few doo dads, we got from Kmart. A hat for B. It's so cute, it's actually a pinch big and floppy, but it was so cheap. I was shocked to find this at Kmart. Because it's so cute. And swimming trunks for Noah, in his typical Noah fav color, ha ha ha. We just bought these 2 small clothing items. And they were really cheap. That's all we bought from Kmart, again we just didn't need too much. : )

We put our small 2 little plastic Kmart shopping bags into our trunk and headed to Pizza Hut for dinner. We wanted to do take-out of course. And eat and relax in the room.

We waited for about 15 minutes and then we drove our hot pizza home with us. Carried our two little bags from Kmart into our hotel room, pizza and we all unwinded in the room for the night.

Peperoni and mushroom pizza. We ordered just a medium. And an order of breadsticks. Boy were we ready to eat! Ha ha ha. : )

We bought our drinks at Kmart because they were cheaper to buy there. Fruit juice for the boys and we also had 2 bottles of Evian the hotel gave us for free. And other drinks also bought from Kmart. We kept them in the small little fridge in our hotel room.

And yet another family hotel bed picnic, ha ha ha. We watched all sorts of good TV shows. Man, was I starved! It's nice to relax and eat this way, especially with kids!

After dinner and right before Noboru's bath and the kids and my shower. We watched TV and after we were all cleaned up, we all watched TV again until we all fell asleep. It was a pretty good first day! : )